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Andrew Z. Colvin[edit]

Name's Andy. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, grew up in Colorado, and now live in Phoenix again (well, Mesa—it's outside of Phoenix). I am currently a student at Arizona State University studying biology, history, and secondary education (a triple major). My major interests in biology are evolution, speciation, phylogenetics and systematics, biogeography, ecology, zoology, and ethology. My major interests in history are the history and philosophy of science, the United States environmental history, and science's relationship with culture and society. I also enjoy dabbling in paleontology and research concerning the history of life on earth. Notably, speciation in the fossil record (which is red because I really need to write an article about it considering its curious absence).

Anything else you need or want to know you can ask me here on Wikipedia, or contact me here. For other questions or comments relating to Wikipedia please visit my talk page.

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