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Andrew Z. Colvin[edit]

My name is Andy and I am a U.S. citizen, born in Phoenix, Arizona, lived in Colorado most of my life, and now live in Phoenix again. I am fascinated with science and am currently a student at Arizona State University working towards a degree in the biological sciences. I am working to become a post-secondary educator and dream of becoming a public science educator. My major interests in biology are evolutionary biology, zoology, biogeography, paleontology, ecology, and ethology.

Anything else you want to know you can ask me here on Wikipedia, or contact me below. For other questions or comments relating to Wikipedia please visit my talk page or use the link below.

I perform a wide range of edits and for the most part, I read articles for enjoyment. I often research material to cite sources in articles that are missing them as I believe that Wikipedia's foundation is built on reliable sources and credible research. I am a proponent of removing "unsourced" material especially that which holds a [citation needed] tag after some preliminary research when suitable. I am also proficient at graphic designing and have contributed to articles with schematics.

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