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Andrew Z. Colvin

Andrew Z. Colvin[edit]

Name's Andy. I was born in the Valley of the Sun, grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and now live in Phoenix again. I am a student at Arizona State University studying biology, secondary education, and history. I am currently a High School biology student teacher. My greatest interests in biology are evolution, (particularly enthusiastic about speciation), biogeography, phylogenetics, ecology, zoology, and animal behavior. My major interests in history relate to the history of science, philosophy of science, environmental history, and the relationship between science, culture, and society. I also enjoy paleontology and research concerning the evolutionary history of life on Earth. My teaching philosophies are based on big-picture thinking about science; cross-cutting and interdisciplinary approaches to learning; and the importance of authentic, real life experiences with the natural world.

Here at Wikipedia, I try to improve and greatly expand articles that lack sufficient depth. I also create articles on vital, missing topics. The vast majority of my time developing Wikipedia is spent reviewing the scientific literature—as an avid supporter of citing sources. I also strive to create quality scientific diagrams to convey complex scientific concepts in an understandable way. My main goal here is to provide quality sourced content to the millions of readers who find themselves on Wikipedia everyday and to provide valuable resources for teachers and students. Ultimately, I want Wikipedia to be the most reliable and comprehensive encyclopedia in the world. Anything else you need or want to know you can ask me on my talk page.

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For publishers visiting here to contact me about any of the Earth's Location in the Universe diagrams, click below for links to the diagram and its full, editor-ready versions:

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Articles published in the WikiJournal of Science

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Diagrams needing creation[edit]

  • Galapagos colonization and speciation of fauna: finches, lizards, tortoises, hawk, and mockingbird.
  • Radiation diagrams of species on other islands (peripatric speciation article); see Whittaker et al. (2008) for overview of sources.
  • combination diagram of sequential speciation and colonization of Hawaiian endemics
  • Cynomys mexicanus geographic distribution map

Templates needing work\creation[edit]

  • Template:Speciation - needs to be filled with the "article tree"; better organization
  • Template:SpeciationSidebar - possible creation, modeled after the evolutionary biology template; if created, it needs inclusion on tons of speciation articles

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Science Barnstar Hires.png The Science Barnstar
I just reviewed the article you started on the History of speciation. I'm incredibly impressed with how thorough and well-cited the article is. And yet you claim to have "rushed to get this article out as soon as possible".

Well done - in this and your other work. Wikipedia is fortunate to have an editor like you. paul2520 (talk) 02:51, 25 January 2018 (UTC)