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Andrew Z. Colvin[edit]

Name's Andy. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, grew up in Colorado, and now live in Phoenix again (well, Mesa—it's outside of Phoenix). I am currently a student at Arizona State University studying biology, history, and secondary education (a triple major). My major interests in biology are evolution, speciation, phylogenetics and systematics, biogeography, ecology, zoology, and ethology. My major interests in history are the history and philosophy of science, the United States environmental history, and science's relationship with culture and society. I also enjoy dabbling in paleontology and research concerning the history of life on earth. Notably, speciation in the fossil record (which is red because I really need to write an article about it considering its curious absence).

Anything else you need or want to know you can ask me here on Wikipedia, or contact me here. For other questions or comments relating to Wikipedia please visit my talk page.

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Development page's:

Articles needing work or possible creation: Speciation

  • Speciation - Needs a HUGE overhaul; will be easier once I complete overhauls of the following articles:
  • Reproductive isolation - Good but needs some expansion and organization. The entire book Speciation focuses on all the many forms of reproductive isolation and here is not comprehensive
  • Peripatric speciation - Green tickY
  • Founder effect - Needs work; likely a re-write
  • Parapatric speciation - Green tickY
  • Allopatric speciation - In progress: Needs re-write, wealth of research, examples of each type; abundant references; incorporation of vicariance (see below)
  • Vicariance - incorporated into allopatric speciation article; need work, maybe AfD?
  • Sympatric speciation - Use similar model from previous articles; discuss temporal isolation (allochronic speciation)
  • Ecological speciation - Topic interconnected with all modes, most especially sympatry; difficult to create a coherent article; focus on sympatry but give weight as a non-geographic mode of speciation as per the literature
  • Reinforcement (speciation) - large enough concept on its own; it's discussed in numerous articles but needs article of its own (and corresponding incorporation as links within many speciation-related articles; this is priority
  • Parallel speciation - Interconnected with ecological speciation; might not need to be a separate article; needs research
  • Incipient speciation - Needs work; possibly merger or AfD
  • Hybrid speciation - Needs work;
  • Recombinational speciation - creation or incorporate elsewhere
  • Chromosomal speciation - Maybe needs creating; stasipatric speciation should be included (also discussed in parapatric speciation)
  • Speciation in the fossil record - needs creating and incorporating into main speciation article. See books: New Approaches to Speciation in the Fossil Record and Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record
  • Genic speciation - Needs possible creation
  • Centrifugal speciation Green tickY (within peripatric)
  • para-allopatric (in parapatric#), clinal (in parapatric#) Green tickY
  • Speciation in plants - Probably needed;
  • Speciation in birds - a wealth of literature; consider its own article (A whole book has been written on the matter; the history of speciation research focused heavily on birds)
  • Speciation in fish - a wealth of literature; probably not needed
  • Heteropatric speciation - No idea what to do here
  • Quantum speciation - So little literature; does not need creation but does need discussion in a parent article
  • Anagenesis - Needs work
  • Cladogenesis - Needs work
  • Ring species - Needs significant overhaul; incorporation of the many examples; clarification and due-weight of major examples discussed in most review literature on the subject
  • History of speciation - needed as a summary of the history of the field, its contributors, and the history of the research; no need to be large or overly detailed as much of the information is/will be contained in speciation-related articles
  • Vicariance biogeography

Articles needing work/creation: Evolution

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