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I will not campaign for, nor will I accept, the position of admin (apologies to LBJ) - thank you for your support!

However, I shall be more than happy to accept barnstars if you like my work here at Wikipedia! About 16,000 edits, almost all on dialup, one edit at a time... since 2005. Discussions about anything I edited should be directed to my talk page. Many thanks for your understanding and your support. B.Wind (talk)

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For the huge effort on going over all the entries on the huge list of redirects here to nominate them for RFD and clean up the original list. Enric Naval (talk) 00:40, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
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Good job in catching this AfD. Keep up the good work! Malinaccier (talk) 02:09, 22 February 2009 (UTC)
Redirect Barnstar-E.svg The Redirect Barnstar
For all the work put in contributing at Redirects for Discussion, looking through redirects, and helping improve the navigational aids of the project. Quiet, background work, but it has a great effect on the end-users in the long term! Thanks for your work in the area, Taelus (talk) 23:19, 19 March 2010 (UTC)
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Help wanted - everybody's welcome to play in BW's sandbox!

Because of work (and other no-tech) requirements, I cannot participate as regularly in Wikipedia editing as I did in much of 2008 and earlier (thus the layovers). So I'm resurrecting my sandboxes for article incubation (over the last four years I've started articles on Florida State Roads, longest runs for American television series, records by The Four Seasons, American professional football leagues from the 1930s to about 1950, and - most recently - Frederick Ingersoll and Luna Parks.

In the incubator... (start with the references mentioned in the Luna Park article)

sandbox 1 - Riverside Amusement Park (Chicago)? (Wonderland Amusement Park (Indianapolis) and Electric Park are now in userspace;Luna Park, Chicago and Luna Park, Arlington are now in articlespace as stubs)
sandbox 2 - Electric Park, Oshkosh? (Luna Park, Cairo, Electric Park, Detroit, and Luna Park, Schenectady are now in articlespace as stubs)
sandbox 3 - Electric Park, Hancock (Luna Park, Tokyo is now a stub; Electric Park, Kansas City and List of cheese soups are now in article space)
sandbox 4 - Electric Park, Waterloo (White City (amusement park), Riverside Amusement Park (Indianapolis) and Rocky Glen Park are now in articlespace!)
sandbox 5 - Luna Park, Mansfield/Casino Park (Mansfield) (Luna Park, Johnstown and Luna Park, Olcott Beach stub are in article space)
sandbox 6 - Riverside Amusement Park (Estes Park) (Manhattan Beach (Denver) stub and White City (Indianapolis) and Electric Park (disambiguation) articles are up!)
sandbox 7 - Riverside Amusement Park (Medicine Hat) (Riverside Amusement Park (La Crosse) stub and Riverside Amusement Park dab page now in articlespace) sandbox 8 - Electric Park, Plainfield? (Luna Park, Osaka stub is in articlespace)

I hesitate to attempt the following badly-needed articles because I think others can do a better job with them:

Luna Park Glenelg (Australia)
Luna Park Redcliffe (Australia)
Luna Park, Scarborough (Australia)
Luna Park, Cairo (Egypt) - turned into an Australian hospital 1915-16, but what about afterward?
Luna Park Aidonaka/Ta Aidonaka (Greece) - is the latter actually a continuation of the former?
Luna Park, Mexico City and Luna Loca - two articles needed as the former was an Ingersoll park and the latter is currently operating on the same property(?)

Many thanks to all who help - references are hard to find but badly needed...

Sandboxes for new professional American football series

Announcement for new series
New York City list - raw list that needs to be converted into three articles: one dab, one for New York City, one for suburbs
Scratchpad for new series template - don't not move to template space until at least ten articles are created. In the long run, there will be about 30
Pro football sandbox - removed copied text once the article is posted
text for new "Category:Lists of professional American football teams by city" - structure of articles should be in talk page after the category is created. Three teams are needed for list articles with this title (use same title minus "List of" for redirects and articles for cities with only two entries; cities like Green Bay and Jacksonville with only one entry should have no such article and no such redirect)

BW's new rules for AfDs (to be added as they arrive to me)

Television programs

1. If the article of a TV program doesn't indicate where the show was/is broadcast (network, local channel, or syndicated), I shall immediately conclude that the article deserves deletion, regardless of notability of the program.

2. All series of over-the-air broadcast networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, DuMont, Fox, UPN, WB, i/Pax/ION, The CW, My Network TV, Univisión, Telemundo, Telefutura) should have articles, even if they were canceled before their second episode (e.g., Turn-On, Snip, Emily's Reasons Why Not, The Rich List), but the article must meet Wikipedia standards.

3. When a question arises about the notability of a program that originated outside of the United States, I tend to defer to an editor who is a resident of the country of origin of the program. If I hear no such feedback, I tend to default to "keep" for series; and in the case of individual episodes, if I find nothing relevant within a 10-minute search for the series, I'd lean toward a merge or deletion. Also, there are plenty of American TV series that don't deserve individual articles for individual episodes.

4. Local access TV and podcasts are inherently non-notable for the purposes of Wikipedia, unless they have a direct link to a notable event or person (and a person cannot become notable on the basis of his/her podcasts by themselves).

Musical groups

1. One (or two) sentence articles indicate lack of noteworthiness and should be deleted.

2. Articles of musical acts must include (at least a partial) lineup for legitimacy. No bandmembers' names mean no notoriety.

3. In almost every case, the notability of an up-and-coming group is greater than that of any member in it. The only exceptions are groups that are joined/formed by an established musician.

4. First-person articles are vanity; second-person articles are spam. Either way, they should be deleted.

5. There are two things you can do with a band article that is an orphan: you can "adopt it" by finding an appropriate article that can make a worthwhile Wikilink to it, or you can put it out of its misery. If a band's article is an orphan, think about why it is an orphan in the first place.

6. The harder a band member fights an AfD, the more likely the delete vote is the correct one. Notable musicians don't have the time to do the fighting.

7. Anybody using Wikipedia to promote an up-and-coming act is misusing Wikipedia. By the limited number of readers in a particular area of the world, Wikipedia cannot be an effective promotional tool for regional groups even if it were permitted in the first place. Wikipedia cannot establish notability for the act; instead, the act should work hard to establish its own notability sufficiently enough for inclusion of an article in Wikipedia... and then Wikipedia can reflect that notability.

8. Anybody who wants to convince me of an act's notability must put the appropriate evidence (and links) in the article itself. Anything presented solely in the deletion discussion will be discounted. The article must stand on its own... and so should its subject.

9. Articles that are supported only by links to YouTube (or similar sites) are not worth the paper they are printed on. The fact that the band exists is insufficient. Self-penned reviews printed in areas that the group has never played are worth just as much. A review in a reliable source that was written by someone who has actually attended (and not worked) a performance by the band is worth far much more.

10. Unlike many Wikipedia editors, I consider conflict of interest a disqualifying issue when it comes to biographical articles and band articles. Autobiographies are not permitted here. Don't waste your (and my) time trying to convince me otherwise.

Thoughts of the Moment

"I'm still alive! That's nice."

~~Spoken by Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece (Episode 52, Funimation dub version)

"I don't enforce the law. I regulate human behavior."

~~Spoken by Tony Scali (portrayed by Michael Chiklis) in The Commish, episode #2

"Captain! That huge ball of excrement is headed right for us!"

~~Spoken by one of the Barbar Pirates in One Piece (Episode 98, Funimation dub version)

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