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BD2412 (global counteditcountblocksprotectsdeletesmoves) is an administrator on English Wikipedia (since December of 2005), and on English Wiktionary; and a bureaucrat on English Wikiquote.


London skyline logo.png This user attended Wikimania 2014 in London, United Kingdom.
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Wikithings To Do

At Wikimania 2014.
Wearing the t-shirt that I won for my work in the September 2014 disambiguation contest.
Wearing the t-shirt that I won for my work in the March 2015 disambiguation contest.

FA runs


Wikipedia:WikiProject United States courts and judges

  1. Fix (jurist) entries.
  2. List of United States federal judges by longevity of service
  3. Wikipedia:WikiProject United States courts and judges/Court evaluations
  4. Special:PrefixIndex/User:Polbot/scrap/
  5. John J. Gore
  6. Complete Courts of the United States (including info from User:Postdlf/courts).
  7. List of United States federal courthouses‎
  8. Wikipedia:WikiProject United States courts and judges/courthouses
    1. Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places/GSA federal building links
  9. Wikify biographies from List of Judges of the United States Tax Court.
  10. Category:Bot-created FJC subpages needing merge action
  11. Pages that link to "Template:Cleanup FJC Bio"
  12. Tidy Impeachment investigations of United States federal judges‎

Wikipedia:WikiProject Law and Wikipedia:WikiProject United States courts and judges

The work just keeps right on rolling along.

Under the banner of Wikipedia:WikiProject Law, we will make Wikipedia the world's most comprehensive internet source of free legal information.

  1. List of U.S. State constitutional provisions allowing self-representation in state courts.
  2. /Tax protesters - the role of courts.
  3. Make sure that all court cases have citations.
  4. Fill in Postdlf's court case infoboxes for all of my court cases (and then for everyone elses).
  5. Add Category:United States courts of appeals cases to all U.S. Court of Appeals cases.
  6. Fix errant links to Supreme court.
  7. Case articles to do:
  8. Fix up United States v. Curtiss-Wright.

Ongoing labors

Disambig.svg This user repairs links to disambiguation pages.

Pumping out the disambig fixes.
  1. Projects
    1. Recently added disambiguation pages with links
    2. Category:Articles with links needing disambiguation from June 2011
    3. Questionable redirects to disambiguation pages
    4. Incomplete dabs, Compound dab titles, Categories with dabs
    5. User:RussBot/Dablinks from taxobox articles/001 et seq
      (see List of zoologists by author abbreviation and List of botanists by author abbreviation; 1900 Entomologists; Harvard botanists)
    6. User:RussBot/Possible hatnote disambiguation links/001 et seq
    7. User:RussBot/Invalid redirect hatnotes, User:RussBot/Neighboring disambiguated links/001 et seq
      1. User:RussBot/Potentially intentional dablinks/001
    8. User:RussBot/Candidates for disambiguation by extending link
    9. User:RussBot/Disambiguation not needed/001 and User:RussBot/Disambiguation not needed/002
    10. User:RussBot/Foo of Bar dab pages/001
  2. Populate List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area
  3. Populate List of authors whose works are in the public domain
  4. Category:Copy to Wikiquote
  5. Chip away at Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links:
    1. Pages to de-disambiguate: CCTV International
    2. Long term disambig projects (need articles written): Capacity, Ward
    3. Disambig maintenance: Oscar, Phoenix, Ainu, Battery, Crest, Dean, Hart, Hui, Mohawk, Pantheon, Rancid, Sam, Vulcan, NASL.
      1. Non-disambig pages with frequent erroneous links: judgment, Supreme Court.
  6. Consider Fixed point.
  7. Keep an eye on new anonymous edits
  8. Condemn spamvertisers to Wiki-Hell.
  9. Keep an eye on this and various things from the list and the guide.
  10. Wikipedia:Village pump (policy)/Archive 100#Offering a prize for an editing contest.

Other specific tasks

CoEx animated.gif
  1. Provide articles for red links on the following pages:
    1. Most wanted law articles
    2. Notable terms at Wikipedia:Requested articles/list of missing legal terms (merge or redirect the rest to more appropriate places); I hammered through much of it while studying for the Bar exam.
    3. List of United States Supreme Court cases
    4. List of United States federal legislation
    5. List of law schools in the United States

Principles to live by

  1. Be aware of Google bias when testing for importance or existence: bear in mind that Google will be biased in favor of modern subjects of interest to people from developed countries with Internet access, so it should be used with some judgment.
  2. Wikipedia is not an experiment in democracy: its primary method of finding consensus is discussion, not voting. That is, majority opinion does not necessarily rule in Wikipedia. Various votes are regularly conducted, but their numerical results are usually only one of several means of making a decision. The discussions that accompany the voting processes are crucial means of reaching consensus.
  3. Wikipedia is not the edge of the world: if you really want to say something on the Internet, and it doesn't belong here, there are always alternatives.

& Ǚzerbǿxen

Please feel free to add to the collection here. Cheers!


Yes, I am a lawyer. No, I am not giving you legal advice.

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