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BHGbot is a bot owned by BrownHairedGirl (talk · contribs), who is an administrator on Wikipedia.

Stopping the bot[edit]



BHGbot currently has only one authorised task:

BHGbot's tasks do not require administrator status, and approval will be sought before any extension of BHGbot's role that requires admin privileges.

If you find that for some reason BHGbot is making inappropriate edits, please immediately stop the bot by posting a message to User talk:BHGbot. A brief "please stop" message will stop the bot; your longer explanation of the problem can follow once the bot is stopped.

Previous tasks[edit]

BHGbot was created in 2007 for a single purpose: to tag the talk pages of articles and categories with tags which identify the articles as being within the scope of a particular WikiProject. These tasks were discontinued in 2009.

However, BHGbot will only tag articles with the explicit consent of the WikiProject whose tags are being added, within the scope agreed on the talk page of that WikiProject.

BHGbot will not add an assessment value to the tags (either to the "class" or "importance" parameters) except for "class=category" for categories, and "class=stub" for articles in Category:Ireland stubs or its child categories. In all other cases, the result of BHGbot's work should tag articles as unassessed, to bring them to the attention of human assessors.


Job lists from 2008/09



Proposed but abandoned[edit]

There was no response from WikiProject Northern Ireland to these proposed jobs:


BHGbot uses AutoWikiBrowser

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