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Hello, I'm the person who edited Konvict Muzik page. S the One, korean girls-band, have signed under this company for their american career (like JQT in the past). On Konvict Muzik website we can see that JQT were under the company, and if you read articles ( you can see that S the One have REALLY signed under the company.

Thank you.

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Don't do anything on Akon Page, I'm handling it and added so many details.

I am mainly into editing and formatting them to the accurate and correct info, removing nonsense pages. So, if you think there is something I should check out, tell me and I'll do my best to fix it right.


Music Interest[edit]

I enjoy all genres if music but I listen mostly to hip hop and rap. I also listen following them dancehall, R&B, soul, and some pop. In hip hop music, I usually look for beat and lyrics. I usually tend to listen posse cuts, because I like the idea of "passing down the mic."

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