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About Username: BMan1113VR

uhh, me. . .[edit]

I am a native of Los Angeles and I am of the curious type. I can spend hours browsing Wikipedia trying to broaden my knowledge, and to avoid doing other things (See: procrastination). I am new to writing/editing Wikipedia articles, so my formatting skills are still developing.

Knowledge, if any . . .[edit]

I like to consider myself to be a person of broad general knowledge, but my metier is motorsports and land vehicles in general. Since childhood I have been involved with designing, building/fixing, and racing all forms of motorsport (from Gopeds to shifter karts to 600cc and vintage motorcycles, to cars (drag racing, SOLOII, SCCA road racing, etc.). I love anything with an engine and wheels (be it 2, 4, or whatever).

Special Knowledge[edit]

Cars/Motorcycles/Other Things that I would consider myself an expert on:



Other Things[edit]

My Photo's on Wikipedia[edit]

Work in Progress . . . 134 more pictures waiting to be uploaded (as of right now).


My cars/My Friend's Cars/My Family's Cars[edit]

European Porsche Trip Cars: Main[edit]


My Motorcycles[edit]



More to come . . .

Cellphone Picures[edit]

For temporary/last resort usage on wikipedia.

LA Autoshows[edit]

Pages That I Have Created/Complete Overhaul[edit]

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