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I'm a technical trainer, writer and consultant who specializes in Database Management Systems (DBMS), especially Oracle.

I'm also interested in the following topics:

I live in Addison, TX (US), a suburb in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Unfortunately, I have limited time to invest in Wikipedia editing right now. As a result, I generally only correct typos and general structure in other articles as I encounter them. I'm also kinda slow, because I'm fitting my research and editing into available time.

I have no tasks in progress at the present time.

Feel free to leave a note on my Talk page.

My Sandbox is here.


Crystal Clear app Startup Wizard.png This user is a magician

Note on the exposure of magical secrets: I do not agree with the publication of magical secrets in Wikipedia. Others have argued that it does Wikipedia a disservice to omit methods, but I don't agree.

Wikipedia is a general encyclopaedia, not a magical one, and therefore it is inappropriate to its mission to describe the workings behind a given effect at a level of detail such that another could perform it.

Therefore, I will only contribute material on Magic that is related to the description of an effect (what the audience sees) or the history of that effect. If I see unsourced methods, I may remove them without copying them to the Talk page, per Project:Magic guidelines. I bow to the consensus of the Project:Magic editors, and will leave properly sourced methods alone.