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'Welcome to my page!!'[edit]

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'Baby Dove' likes spiritual knowledge.[edit]

Are men just a fleeting instant in the life of an ordinary star?

Are men just a second in the life of mankind?

Is there any hope behind a man's life?

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”
- Shakespeare, "The Tempest"

However, there is some hope:

"Osiris shall open the six doors for the King, which hold the multitude back."
- Egyptian Pyramid Texts

So, I am interested in spiritual teachings, in Fourth Way schools through history, but mainly in the 'Present', in the development of similar civilizations centuries apart, in astronomical cycles, in the esotericism in general... that is how I once found a key I try to remember at every moment: "Remember yourself always and everywhere" (Gudjuvani)

For more personal information, I have been an economist, a journalist and a college teacher, and I currently spend part of my time doing translations. I have learnt the many tricks of those professions and now I am looking for the Truth. Of course, I hate lying as a method to make one's viewpoint prevail.

As an anecdote, you can contact me in English;
mi puoi anche contattare in italiano,

y pueden tomar contacto conmigo en español:-)

And over all, I welcome whoever is not expressing a negative emotion.