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"An intellectual is a person whose mind watches itself." ~ Albert Camus
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Welcome to my user pages. If you want to leave me a message click here!

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WikiProject: Australian literature[edit]

a working page for the new project under development to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Australian literature. everyone welcome. be bold and contribute!

just a brief introduction[edit]

baby ifritah, 2005

i live in melbourne, australia, with my delicious six month old son, caspar. my academic background is in history and professional writing & editing. i have worked in a wide range of areas, from modeling and cocktail waitressing to bookkeeping and office management. my favourite job was as a librarian. i am currently working on a novel.

i like wikipedia because it appeals to me as an anarchist and as a obsessive compulsive cataloger. if this last bit makes me sound reliable, don't trust it: i'm more the absent-minded professor type.

subject areas i am interested in here are Australia, history, literature, and political philosophy. i'm sure this list could expand exponentially but i will try to retain some semblance of control. xx

please note, if you want to filch the coding for my navigation bar, it can be found here.