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Back ache
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Born August 14, 1972
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I see Wikipedia as a garden and myself a gardener, finding interesting articles to plant, tending others and getting the satisfaction of watching them grow and bloom.

The most poisonous thing in the Wikipedia garden is a small minority of the admins that are quick to kill an imperfect article rather than help it along. It's the same thing that halted the momentum of H2G2 will people never learn from history?

Who am I?[edit]

  • I used to work for a large tech-firm (Oracle) a small startup.
  • I now work for a medium sized tech-firm
  • Previously I have worked in lighting automation, Stand-up comedy, audio/visual technology, and theatre
  • I have been writing Wikipedia type articles for over a decade
  • I am a cyclist and vegetarian and have an interest in green technology and in how technology can subtly improve society
  • I am a parent to two kids

Random thoughts[edit]

I can feel the heartbeat of the world gently drumming on my soul.

The past can be a weapon and whilst you treat it that way, to a happy future, never will we stray.

See it, do it, done it.


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