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Hello all. Welcome to Wikipedia; I'm here to help.

I mainly monitor pages pertinent to underground music, albeit not exclusively so. I started editing Wikipedia in April 2007, retired in August 2013, and returned to regular activity in January 2018.

A few pointers for anyone interested: when adding new info, remember to source reliably and fact-check. If in a disagreement, civility is the best; drama is not. Lastly, if you want to learn about weird stuff you never thought existed, this list of unusual articles should help you in multitudes.


Year Date Event Additional notes
2007 April 13 Joined Wikipedia
April 13 Made first edit The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking
April 17 Created first article Age Eternal
August 19 Created first television-related article The Naked Archaeologist
August 29 Created first biographical article John Haughm
2008 January 13 Created first band/musical ensemble article Dreamscape (band)
January 20 Created first and, to date, only geographical article Espedal, Norway
April 18 Created first template Template:Vintersorg
May 29 Created Twilight of the Thunder God article Closely monitored and further developed/updated
July 12 Created Alison Haislip article Article mentioned in Askmen interview
July 21 Created Runhild Gammelsæter article
2009 August 8 Awarded first barnstar, the Tireless Contributor For efforts related to WikiProject Christian metal
December Achieved highest personal yearly edit count
2010 July Participated in first Backlog elimination drive Is my most active drive to date. Copyedited 20 pages including:
Achieved highest personal monthly edit count
August 1 Awarded Tireless Contributor Barnstar For efforts related to July 2010 backlog drive
September Participated in second Backlog elimination drive Copyedited three articles including Miracles of Gautama Buddha and Raï
October Participated in October 2010 Wikification Drive Wikified 13 articles including GK Dürnrohr and Friedrich Wührer
October 3 Awarded the Modest Barnstar For efforts related to September 2010 backlog drive
November Participated in third Backlog elimination drive Copyedited six articles including Digital Underground and Mar de Copas
November 3 Awarded the Cleanup Barnstar Due to clerical error, I received the barnstar twice, but oh well.
December 3 Awarded the Minor Barnstar For efforts related to November 2010 racklog drive
2011 April 18 Awarded the What a Brilliant Idea Barnstar For sharing this idea in the edit summary.
September 17 Awarded the Original Barnstar For "helpful deeds and works" regarding pages created by Gazaneh (i.e. Arctic Plateau, Celestial Lineage, The Grey (Agalloch EP))
2012 February 6 Created Tragic Idol article
April Played role in permanently removing an especially serious genre vandal Was a serial IP hopper active on metal pages for 3+ years
July Participated in fourth Backlog elimination drive Copyedited five articles including Rainbow (South Korean band) and Helium (band)
August 11 Awarded the Minor Barnstar For efforts related to July 2012 backlog drive
2013 January 10 Changed username to Mungo Kitsch
August 19 Created last article before retirement Wounded (Landmine Marathon album)
August 31 Retired from Wikipedia
2018 January 19 Returned to Wikipedia
April 21 Added first sports-related statistics table Chuck Nevitt
August 29 Cleaned up, condensed Political life of Clint Eastwood Reduced repetition and redundancy
November 16 Created first article since return Anika Nilles
2019 March 11 Created first religion template; first template since return Template:Billy Graham
March 22 Awarded the LGBT barnstar; first barnstar since return For tactful and neutral approach regarding gender of Asia Kate Dillon
May 5 Created first film article The Firefly (2015 film)

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