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Not to be confused with Backwoods.
Hi. I am backvoods. I am too smart for some Wikipedians. Morons are always deleting my contributions. For example, I made a page for a historical Florissant, Missouri business. This page was deleted by Irishguy because he couldn't type the business' name into a Google search and find info on it. However, it was home to barrel racing championships and Saint Louis Hawks NBA Championship Winning team members had horses there. It is now just a landmark, but I think it is significant.

Also, I have made edits I should not have. Actually I was anon when I did that. Ha! But overall I am responsible on Wikipedia.

One final thing. If you are reading this, the page for push-up is listed under press-up. This is very ridiculous. More people say Push-up than say Press-up (UK). If you fight this, I will be with you all the way! we need a new vote to take it back for the real men who do push-ups. Press-up sounds weak, like an exercise you are barely doing.

Also, it is a bad habit, but I like to do what's up: while listening to Sublime, Cake, Necro, Primus, and Frank Sinatra to name a few.

Additionally, I feel like I should be an administrator on here so that I could block all of the different vandals who try to ruin wikipedia.

About me
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