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"Bacon's the name, Wikipedia's my game!"

-Bacon-Cheddar Man 5000, Wikipedia.


Hey guys, I am a constant browser on this wiki, and I can't wait to start editing. As my code name states, I am a food-lover! I love cooking, and I love eating. I watch a lot of Food Network and Man Vs. Food. The shows are awesome! I mostly read this wiki to get info. on video games and other fun stuff I like. This page is so detailed and helpful, so IDK why we're not allowed to use it for research at my school.

Where else you can find me:[edit]

  • On DK Wiki as "PeanutPopgun998". (Autoconfirmed)
  • On SSB Wiki as "SmashBall104". (Standard User)
  • On Wikia as "Pastrami on Rye". (Autoconfirmed. Founded 2 wikis.)

My User Theme Song: "The 12 days of food festing"[edit]

Description: As I mentioned earlier, I am a food-lover. I came up with this song when I was hungry one day, and I also realized it was close to christmas. Remembering my codename on this wiki, I thought it would be nifty on my user page. If you like it, post me on User Talk:Bacon-Cheddar Man 5000.

Song Lyrics: (sing this as if you were singing "The 12 Days of Christmas" Note: Day 12 automatically ends the song. No singing backwards after saying Day 12.)

On of my eating-spree, my waitress gave to me:...

Day 1: A chicken brest wrapped in bacon.

Day 2: 2 cans of Red Bull.

Day 3: 3 giant meatballs.

Day 4: 4 bowls of gumbo.

Day 5: 5 hot buffalo wings.

Day 6: 6 sasparillas.

Day 7: 7 carbonaras.

Day 8: 8 chili-cheese dogs.

Day 9: 9 peking ducks.

Day 10: 10 shortbread cookies.

Day 11: 11 cookie-dough ice-creams.

Day 12: A KISS!!!

I don't have much to say here, but as mentioned above, you can post me on my talk page.

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