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                                        THE BADE & CHOTE OF INDIAN TELLY

  • The Characters : Like me and whole lot of others who have come to adore these guys the moment I turn on my Telly ever morning, Bade and Chote are the principal animated characters of the TV show ‘Bakwaas Bandh Kar’ which airs

on 9XM, the Indian Hindi music channel. 9XM is owned and run by 9X Media Pvt. Ltd. [1] music interspersed only with original animated shows; it’s devoid of any human presence aka video jockeys.Wooh What a relief!!

  • Some Characters!! : These characters are conceptualized as shapeless Alienesque creatures in a non-specific Indian city

who are friends. Bade [[[Hindi]] word for BIG] is the older one - stoic and slightly lethargic compared to his silver-tongued and quick-witted sidekick Chote [younger one]. Chote’s practical jokes and gags on Bade form the basis of ‘Bakwaas Bandh Kar’ and each show ends with Bade exploding into “Bakwaas Bandh Kar” at Chote which literally translates as “Stop the nonsense”. This is the leitmotif of the show and by extension the entire channel. “Can You Think like Chote” is an interactive comic strip on Bakwaas Bandh Kar and it will be on Facebook. The participants will be asked to think like Chote and complete the Bakwaas jokes. These strips created and uploaded by the team of 9XM will provide the fans a chance to win gift vouchers from Central Mall and also let them do their own Bakwaas joke with the characters. [2]

  • Their Existence : These characters debuted on the channel right from the channel’s launch in 2007. The thought behind

giving them a bizarre physical appearance was to keep in line with their brand of irreverent humour. [3]

They follow the classic comedy format of a double act often physically opposite of each other and representing starkly opposite traits, e.g. speedy vs. slow, witty vs. dull, serious vs. jokey etc. The stark character contrast contributes to overtly humorous situations that aim at entertaining audiences of all ages. They also help to underscore satire and social commentary if the topics of gags are social/political in nature. In fact, most legendary comic duos follow this pattern right from Tom and Jerry to Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, as well as more modern Hollywood renditions like Owen Wilson/Jackie Chan (Shanghai Noon/Shanghai Knights), Jack Lemmon/Walter Matthau, Harold & Kumar, Dumb & Dumber etc.

  • Why I Like them - Chote has formed the USP of 9XM and is the prime purveyor of the channel

premise of creating fun and bonding families via Bollywood trivia, jokes, current events etc. While most other Indian music channels like MTV, Channel V, Zoom and UTV Bindaas chose to focus on glamorous veejays and brand ambassadors to create channel loyalty and popularity, the folks at 9XM chose to use the animation route which cuts across age groups to create instant connection and endearment with viewers.

  • They are everywhere!! Their other extensions include merchandising in collaboration with Kids Media India. The websites also feature various episodes of BBK available for download along with wallpapers, ringtones, caller tunes and more including the live streaming TV option. [4]

These characters are ageless and can be adapted to retain relevance to changing audience. Me as well a lot of audiences who are so bored of the mundane Veejay talking on and on can vouch for that.

  • Demographics and contexts : Progression Over the Years

Over the years many thematic spoofs have been included on the show. One of their most popular spoofs was ‘Kaun Karega Bakwaas’ modeled after ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ – the popular Indian version of quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ with Bade posing as the quizmaster, and Chote donning the role of the contestant. Another highlight was the ICC World Cup 2011 where they had a mock cricket commentary box belting out cricket-related gags, and hilarious discussions based on the tournament events itself.

  • Digital Presence : Over the past few years, these characters have also established their digital presence via popular social

network platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. While on Facebook the characters give their humorous take on current Bollywood [5] gossip. On Twitter, they discuss trending topics on popular culture, entertainment and once again, Bollywood, which is the mainstay of 9XM’s content. Their Youtube channel features most of their videos from television including the aforementioned specials viz. Bakwaas Investigation Department, Do Pal Ka Interval etc. The daily turnover of consumer interaction on these platforms validates the popularity, relevance and uniqueness of these characters especially in the context of a Bollywood music channel. [6]