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The LEARN diet recommends 55% to 60% energy from carbohydrate and less than 10% energy from saturated fat. LEARN stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitudes, Relationships, and Nutrition.[1].

The LEARN diet is classified as a low-fat diet along with the Ornish diet. A comparison of Atkins diet, Zone diet, Ornish diet, and LEARN diet in premenopausal women found that after 12 months the Atkins diet participants lost the most weight (–4.7 kg) with no significant differences among the other three diets (Zone, –1.6 kg; LEARN, –2.6 kg; Ornish, –2.2 kg).[2] Other randomized controlled trials have found a similar effect from the LEARN diet and lifestyle program versus structured aerobic exercise[3] and benefit from adding the LEARN to sibutramine pharmacologic therapy.[4]


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