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About Baldy Bill[edit]

"Baldy Bill" currently (2013) lives in South West England and was born during the 1970s. He currently works in a technical role for a FTSE-250 company. He will not be giving any other identifying private information but if you really think you know who he is, why not ask him the old-fashioned way? Can anyone reading this remember the days when we picked up a phone and actually spoke on it, or, worse still, contacted someone face-to-face?

  • He's a life-long car enthusiast so this is inevitable:
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  • ...and hates poor English usage...
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His username is formed from "Bill" which is a reference to his given name William and that he is one of 50% of men under 50 who is partially "Bald".

Articles created by me[edit]

I tend to be something of a WP:WikiGnome, but I do have my moments of larger creativity...



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Wikipedian milestones[edit]

Thankyou for your encouragement... I hope seeing this section here will remind the reader to encourage someone else by appreciating what they have done to improve Wikipedia!

Detail history: User:Baldy Bill/Awards

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Open projects[edit]

...which may or may not get done!

  • working through double-digit UK A-roads to improve quality
  • add images where missing to road articles
  • add infoboxes to road articles
  • add coords to A1## road articles
  • A167 road tidy up
  • A22 road tidy up
  • A258 road someone's unfinished project... Grrr, why not do it in your userspace then upload it!
  • A350 road tidy up
  • A405 road rewrite (unencyclopaedic)
  • A468 road needs infobox + more content
  • A48 road separate history and route sections
  • A614 road improve wikification & style
  • A647 road improve wikification & style
  • A836 road built in 2005 needs rewrite to standard of other roads articles