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This was inspired by Rlevse's program (see Today and archive) which in turn was an adaptation of Phaedriel's program, (see Today and archive) While their programs are daily programs recognizing outstanding wikipedians, this one is a weekly program designed to recognize an area of the project that doesn't get much recognition---CSD.

I personally Hate CSD'ers who do sloppy or shoddy work, so I think it is important to recognize those who excel.

CSD'er of the Week is my way to recognize the excellent contributors who work in an area of the project that gets the most derision... it is also one of my ways to remember that not all CSD'ers are bad.

Please see this page's talk page for a summary of the review of each of the winners and why I selected them.

To add the CSD'er of the week to your user page use {{User:Balloonman/CSD award/userbox}}.

CSD'ers of the Week

Peace symbol.svg  Peruvianllama - Jan 20-26, 09 Peace symbol.svg  DGG - Jan 13-19, 09 Peace symbol.svg  Nancy - Jan 5-12, 09
Peace symbol.svg  Skier Dude - Dec 29, 08 - Jan 04, 09 Peace symbol.svg  Faithlessthewonderboy - Dec 22-28, 08 Peace symbol.svg  Discospinster - Dec 15-21, 08

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