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The CSD criteria have been written to tightly define what does and does not qualify for speedy deletion. This is done to ensure that only those articles where clear consensus for deletion exists will be speedily deleted. The criteria are strict because careless or hasty speedy deleter's can do just as much, if not more damage to the project than vandals. Poor quality CSD'ers can chase off quality editors by inappropriately deleting their articles. This can be frustrating to a newbie editor and can tarnish Wikipedia's image. Per the policy, Where reasonable doubt exists, discussion using another method under the deletion policy should occur instead.


Pages that serve no purpose but to disparage or threaten their subject or some other entity (e.g., "John Q. Doe is an imbecile"). These are sometimes called "attack pages". This includes legal threats, and may also include a biography of a living person that is entirely negative in tone and unsourced, where there is no neutral version in the page history to revert to. Administrators deleting such pages should not quote the content of the page in the deletion summary, and if the page is an article about a living person it should not be restored or recreated by any editor until it meets biographical article standards.

NOTE: Due to the nature of these pages, the title won't be given.


Is gay??

Deletion Review - G10[edit]

Delete G10.


[name removed] is very weird and is obbsessed with baseball he is into homosexuality.

Deletion Review - G10[edit]



Jean [name removed] is a well known homosexual recruitment consultant.

Jean has been a respected member of the Sydney's fast paced IT&T Recruitment for several years.

He is also particularly well know for his misguided belief that a bigger brain actually makes you smarter

Until recently their has been a lot of speculation about Jean's sexual preferencees however to the delight of many other Gay male recruiters Jean recently announced his pride to be a member of the Doughnut Puncher's Network.

Deletion review - G10[edit]



(blank page---nominator blanked the page before being tagged)

Deletion review - A3[edit]

A3 blank page.


Jonny was a 15 year old ponce from Stocksfield. He was five foot eleven, incredibly handsome, but tragically died on the 11.12.08, at a Slipknot gig, where he was pummeled to death, and smashed in the facial region with a large cuboid of kiln-hardened clay. A brick. He was rushed to hospital, but the paramedics were unable to save him on the way.

Jonny was a kind friend, who was a notorious lady-lover, known for his gentle intimacy and bruising kisses. He was a friend of all, and was the reliable friend you could ever ask for. Normally you don't have to ask for a friend, but Jonny could never resist a new "buddy". He would satisfy your needs, whether male or female, and he certainly satisfied those of both genders (haemaphrodites).

Jonny contributed much to the world of synthesised music, such as his chart topper "Yet Another Rave" and also the not so famous, but far better "Cheese". In his time Jonny made many blunders, like falling up the stairs frequently, and also he was extremely inept at controlling CD players. He never felt pain, unless you hit his abnormally large and swollen... jonny.

He loved Harvey so much. Harvey was his best friend. He also loved Rachael dearly because she loved musicals. HAHA OBV(:

He dressed like a little Techno Kid, but listened to all forms of music, including Metal, Rock, Bhangra, Techno, Drum n Bass and even Country and Western. He had an inimitable love of all things music - they were incredibly, easy to disrespect. Jonny was known throughout the world as the "Techno Kid", and while not as famous as the "Milky Bar Kid", he did much more for the community of Stocksfield. He wasn't afraid of anything - the only time he was ever afraid, was during the time when he was whacked by that brick. He didn't cry though - he was unconcious.

This is poor Jonny's story. We hope it moves your hearts to give generously to Wikipedia - it was worth a laugh.

Deletion Review - G10[edit]



A Ho originated from the seaside town of Wallasey, United Kingdom. It relates to one specific female, who can be located near the Cliff Road area.

As well as Ho , she is often referred to as a 'worthless whore', 'dirty prosititute' or the more consistent 'tramp'. The recognizable traits of this whore can be spotted through her rabbit like features which sets her apart from any other female. Verbally, she can often be found using the words 'Koo' the meaning and explanation for which has not yet been determined but many believe it refers to some kind of whore mating call. Additionally, she will be using a strong chav accent which is quite disgusting and only add's to the natural hatred one has towards her.

She has a strong affiliation for a being called 'Roachy' and it is often said she craves to be 'Roached'. Do not approach this whore without caution, she may try and suck your penis on instant meeting or in some cases try and lick your face. To avoid the aforementioned, her weaknesses have been identified as 'the dark'. A very irritable individual, try to avoid talking to her for more than ten seconds otherwise you feel as if you want to die.

This is very much a skanky individual, a dross in society. How her parents did not simply murder this child upon birth is a mystery. Recent sightings have been in the Wallasey Village area in which she was seen with a 'Kanny', who seemed very uncomfortable in her presence and seemed as if he just wanted her to leave.

Deletion Review - G10[edit]



XXX is a slut. A whore. Anything even similar to that would explain her. She wears shirts cut down so low you can see her belly button! And how old is this hoe? 14 or 15! Go look at her facebook!

Deletion Review - G10[edit]



Alfredo , MafiaBoss of the XXX crime family from Udine. One of the moste powerfull Cosa Nostra families in Italy who have direct connection with the Gambino crime family

XXX crime family

The XXX crime family is one of the "ten Families" that controls organized crime activities in Italy, within the nationwide criminal phenomenon known as the Mafia (or Cosa Nostra). The XXX crime family has been nicknamed the "Ivy League" and "Rolls Royce" of organized crime. They have generally maintained a varying degree of influence over many of the smaller mob families outside of Italy, including ties with the Patriarca crime family , the Buffalo crime family and the Philadelphia crime family. The XXX family manipulated members of the Philadelphia crime family into murdering one time Boss Angelo Bruno so that they could gain control of their territory in Atlantic City. The family stills appears to be more organized than most of the other crime families and has remained powerful Current Family Leader Alfredo XXX (Udine, 14 may 1948 i San Leonardo,Udine), better known as Al is a prominent mafioso Don of the XXX crime family

Deletion Review - G10[edit]



A greaseboard is NOT a whiteboard. See whiteboard in wikipedia. "Greaseboard" is a comment made by dillusional people who are confused with a "whiteboard." An example of one of these dillusional people is "[name removed]."

Deletion Review - G10[edit]



[name removed] is the most bad ass mother fucker this side of the Mississippi, If u don't believe me he'll come over there and cap your stupid monkey ass.

Deletion review - g10[edit]

G10 might be a stretch here, but I can live with it as if is calling the reader a stupid monkey ass.

Known example of an error[edit]

[name removed] (born 2 June, 1950) is a Rwandan politician. He is chiefly known for his alleged role in the Rwandan Genocide.

Born in Rwanda of Hutu ethnicity, Ntagerura pursued formal education in Québec, Canada. In the book Shake Hands with the Devil, author Roméo Dallaire, a Quebecer, observes that "[name removed] could swear better in Québécois than I could."

[name removed] held a number of portfolios in the government of Juvénal Habyarimana from 1977 to 1994. During the 1994 genocide, he was the Minister of Transport and Communications and a leading member of the MRND party which then held power. He is alleged to have coordinated the genocide conducted by Interahamwe militia through his party connections.

[name removed] was detained with Colonel Théoneste Bagosora, in Yaounde, Cameroon, and appeared before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

[name removed] was acquitted of all charges by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on 25 February 2004.

Deletion review - Edit[edit]

The article was deleted under the parameters of BLP. This article clearly needs sources. That is the first thing somebody should do, is check to see if sources exist, if they do, then add them. If you aren't going to add them, there is enough here that a valid article exists without allegations. In fact, all you have to do is remove the second sentence, and then move the the last sentence of the third paragraph, by putting it immediately before his acquittal, you would alleviate any BLP concerns. G10 isn't a license to delete articles because they have a BLP violation, the first call to action is to remove the BLP concern.

Another Known error of a mistake[edit]

[name removed] (born 1953 in Gitarama province) is a Rwandan politician.

[name removed], an ethnic Hutu and economist by education, was a general manager of a private printing company until November 1993. When the Rwandan Genocide occurred in 1994, [name removed] was a member of the moderate faction of the MDR political party. After his resignation as Prime Minister he was accused later of supporting the genocide, but he initially supported the Rwandese Patriotic Front when it overthrew the government and came to power.

[name removed] was the prime minister of Rwanda from August 31 1995 to February 28 2000. During his time in office as prime minister, a no confidence vote was brought against him over problems with educational funds when he was minister of education. According to the Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) on 23 December 1999, [name removed] survived the motion, leveled against him by a parliamentary commission of inquiry chaired by Member of Parliament Major Rose Kabuye, on a 34-27 vote. He had to help run the government's handling of the war in the Congo, and prosecution of the perpetrators and recovery from the genocide. Early in 2000, Rwigema announced his resignation. Shortly after he left office, the Hutu president Pasteur Bizimungu also resigned, and the departure of these two officials increased the dominance of the Tutsi vice-president Paul Kagame who became President. Saying that he was being persecuted by the Rwandan government, [name removed] fled to the United States via Germany. The Rwandan government accused him of distributing weapons and chairing a pro-genocide committee in 1994, and a warrant for his arrest was issued in 2001. In 2003, [name removed] won his case of political asylum in the United States Immigration Court with subsequent removal of the warrant arrest and all charges.

Deletion review - EDIT[edit]

G10 is not an invitation to delete valid articles. He was the prime minister of Rwanda, as a head of state, he is notable. There is nothing wrong with the first two paragraphs. The third one is problematic. I don't see it as an attack page, but I can see deleting most of the 3rd paragraph. The last three sentences, however, should stay.