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Original Article[edit]

COPYVIO of this page:

Nomination Criteria[edit]

G1 Patent nonsense. Pages consisting purely of incoherent text or gibberish with no meaningful content or history. This does not include poor writing, partisan screeds, obscene remarks, vandalism, fictional material, material not in English, poorly translated material, implausible theories, or hoaxes; some of these, however, may be deleted as vandalism in blatant cases.

Deletion Options[edit]

Deletion Option
rationale Count Percent
Agree with ratioinale to speedy delete. 2 3.1
Disagree with rationale to speedy delete, but deletable by other criteria. 61 95.3
Disagree with rationale to speedy delete, but this is a case where IAR applies. 0 0
Disagree with speedy deletion (should be PRODDED, sent to AFD, or kept.) 1 1.6

Survey Comments[edit]

Deletion Option
Common rationale Count
G12 17
G11 3
  • Speedy delete. All other options are bureaucratic fiddle-faddle.
  • copyvio is a speedy deletion criteria - G11 or G12
  • G3 - no content other than an external linkNo, the page had the external link, I just didn't copy it.
  • Probably a newbie NPP'er found this but didn't use a G12 template. The history should be checked, and if this is true G12 used. Else, G3 can probably be used.
  • Alternatively, blank with appropriate tag awaiting rewrite/other advice from author
  • Assuming the en.wp page actually was the text on that URL, and not 'COPYVIO of this page...' delete as G12, if it actually read that way G1, A1 or A3 are all fine.
  • This question isn't clear. If the text is the text from the website mentioned, then G12 (copyvio) applies. If the text is literally what's given, then A1 or A3 might be applied.
  • Check page history: This may have replaced actual copyvio text, and if done recently, page may be under development. If old and no sane history, A3 applies. G12 or IAR may apply if no sane history as well.

Balloonman's analysis[edit]

Apparently there was some confusion about what was actually on the page. The page was the exact same as another page.

How it was deleted as G1, I don't know. I can only guess that the deleting admin didn't read the nomination statement where the original page was linked and only saw the ASCII art and assumed that ASCII art = gibberish? This should be deleted as G12, copyvio. Eventhough G11 might apply as well, G10 (Attack) and G12 (Copy vio) are treated differently than other types of CSD criteria.