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If you are interested in Japanese art, architecture or history go ahead and do anything on the ToDo-list below. It would be great if you left a short note on my talk page in this case.


All National Treasures of Japan


Improve articles within the scope.


National Treasures of Japan is a featured topic now.

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Featured list Castles
Featured list Residences
Featured list Shrines
Featured list Temples
Featured list Ancient Documents
Featured list Archaeological Materials
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Featured list Paintings
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Buildings and structures[edit]

All National treasures of the building/structure category are contained in the following lists:

castle temple shrine residence miscellaneous structure

Fine Arts and Crafts[edit]

Lists of all national treasures in the category Fine and industrial art objects (美術工芸品?)

painting sculpture ancient  document archaeological material crafts writings

Ongoing effort[edit]

  1. ReijiYamashina is uploading pictures of National Treasures to commons
  2. 663highland is adding information from the national treasure lists to old and new articles of temples and shrines
  3. Bamse is writing occasionally articles on museums/temples/shrines that house National Treasures and is doing other small improvements to related articles
  4. Bamse is uploading images of National Treasure paintings from Emuseum and elsewhere
  5. Maculosae tegmine lyncis is uploading images of sculptures and other 3D objects from an old book
  6. User:Yunshui is among others very active in creating articles on National Treasures


  • Update National Treasure related articles (and those on Cultural Properties of Japan) with new (as of April 10) pamphlets found here
  • Improve existing articles on temples, shrines, museums,... with information from the National Treasure lists
  • Write new articles on National Treasures of Japan
  • Find even more pictures of National Treasures and upload them to commons:
    • take pictures yourself and upload them
    • pictures of old 2D objects (paintings, writings,...) can be uploaded under PD-Art license irrespective where they come from (even if the website or book or other source claims a copyright)!
    • check flickr for pictures with free licenses (see Upload work from Flickr for an explanation of suitable licenses and this page for links to common searches)
    • check old books for pictures (laws are complicated, ask Commons talk:Licensing whether it is ok to upload scans in individual cases, usually the book has to be at least 70 years old but additional conditions apply)


  • created lists of all National Treasures
  • created a National Treasures featured topic, i.e....
  • uploaded lots of pictures of National Treasures
  • added information on National Treasures to respective articles (more needs to be done)


Notes that might be useful[edit]