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Go on, have a steak knife![edit]

Imagine that we are designing a restaurant. This restaurant will serve steak. Because we are going to be serving steak, we will have steak knives for the customers. Because the customers will have steak knives, they might stab each other. Therefore, we conclude, we need to put each table into separate metal cages, to prevent the possibility of people stabbing each other.

What would such an approach do to our civil society? What does it do to human kindness, benevolence, and a positive sense of community?

When we reject this design for restaurants, and then when, inevitably, someone does get stabbed in a restaurant (it does happen), do we write long editorials to the papers complaining that “The steakhouse is inviting it by not only allowing irresponsible vandals to stab anyone they please, but by also providing the weapons”?

No, instead we acknowledge that the verb “to allow” does not apply in such a situation. A restaurant is not allowing something just because they haven”t taken measures to forcibly prevent it a priori. It is surely against the rules of the restaurant, and of course against the laws of society. Just. Like. Libel. If someone starts doing bad things in a restaurant, they are forcibly kicked out and, if it”s particularly bad, the law can be called. Just. Like. Wikipedia. I do not accept the spin that Wikipedia “allows anyone to write anything” just because we do not metaphysically prevent it by putting authors in cages.

--Jimmy Wales


Diplomacy must be practiced at all times. As I define it, diplomacy is being truthful yet kind. One should not be one of those, "I call it how it is and if people can't handle the heat then they should get out of the kitchen" people, as they generally have a very difficult time working with other people. Likewise, one should not be a shrinking violet constantly hedging ones statements and refusing to give an honest opinion when one is asked for an honest (yet tactful) opinion. Page editing sometimes involves compromises. One should always be diplomatic in the editing process and remember that one cannot order poo in this restaurant just for the fun of it and (whatever one's food is), one may not fling it about.

Want some help?[edit]

If you're reading this and you decide that you need help, check out Where to ask a question, ask me on my talk page, or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and someone will show up shortly to answer your questions. Please remember to sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your name and the date. Below are some references that might facilitate your involvement. Happy Editing!"

My Subpages[edit]

I am a WikiGnome. I mainly work on reverting vandalism, but I also occasionally throw my hat into the ring and handle abuse reports, review articles, help people on IRC, answer {{help me}} requests, answer semi-protected edit requests... and sundry other things. I'm also one of the Wikipedia:Ambassadors. The time where I am right now is 12:01am 13 Jan 2019.

Am I more of an Eventualist than I am an Immediatist (unless it looks like self-serving non-notable spam or patent nonsense, which should be dealt with swiftly)? The answer is implicit in the question (namely, phrasing it as a question instead of a statement should emphasize that I favor eventualism over immediatism). This does presume that a person isn't working under a deadline. Those who are editing as part of a school class kind of have to be immediatists, their grade is assigned on how the article is "now", not on what it could be later.

I created several userboxes. Given SUL... many of the first created are on the verge of obsolescence, but I hope the latter-created userboxes will have more permanence.

I've created some music files.