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Mahbub here, 18-25yrs old, from East London, England.

Did you know...

Hermann at the Council of Constance
Hermann at the Council of Constance
  • ... that Hermann II of Celje (pictured), viceroy of Croatia and heir to Bosnia, accused his daughter-in-law Veronika of witchcraft and had her drowned?
  • ... that the mining industry of Swaziland includes what may be the world's oldest iron mine?
  • ... that a reluctant John Wooden was convinced by assistant coach Jerry Norman to use a zone press, which became instrumental in the first two national titles won by the UCLA basketball program?
  • ... that the Flatiron Flyer bus rapid transit line is expected to carry 11,000 riders a day and be 10 to 15 minutes faster than the bus it replaces?
  • ... that Eritha, one of the most significant priestesses in Mycenaean Pylos in c. 1200 BC, was involved in a dispute over the legal status of her religious holdings?
  • ... that only six percent of the watershed of Beaver Run is on forested land?
  • ... that Tarik Badwan, the vocalist of LOOM, has been called "the angriest man to stalk a stage in ages"?
  • ... that Munk's devil ray sometimes performs vertical leaps, somersaults and other acrobatic manoeuvres?
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