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I like tigers and lady birds. I have such a love for them that I have pet lady birds and a complete tiger cage for my bed :)I have lots of special friends at my school and they help me to try and live my dream when im older which is to be Stephen Hawkin's liver. I also love singing and I do stand up comedy. I very much like dartboards and sausages aswell. I like carpets to! My carpet is blue like a smurf. I have giant posters all over my walls completely covering my walls of posters of chainsaws and leather face! I also adore chainsaws and leather face also the film Texas Chainsaw (2013) I love chocolate. It sometimes tastes like sick and poo. I watch salad fingers. By the way my friends are called Hubert Cumberdale, Jeremy Fisher and Majory. They really help with my life. I also invented the Hawkinator3000. And finally my ladybirds grow cocaine for me i just give them leaves, sugar and bamboo sticks.

I like dina bone!!Julia can help me to make voids. Julia likes carpets aswell as me. i like fluffy curtains and shoe shopping with julia. They are my BEST FRIENDS!!!(sarcasm)

Also I have a major crush on this guy called Brandan he is well fit (i want to go out with him) and knows alot about tekkit and minecraft he is such a babe! He is very sexy and his voice sounds deep and sexy. He is sweet (note to julia he actually is quite funny and sweet btw) I also like the way he moves. He is quite cute the things that he has done and he is sweet because he is gonna do something tomorrow which is incredibly sweet. I also like the person who's face is fat and is a twat etc.... I like eating mcdonalds chips. I can count to potatoe. I can do the a;phebet. I love marshamallows and tarTAR sauce. I drink tea of the inca people. oh also i love OBAMA!I like stealing phones and shoes from my friend and hiding shoes in the sandpit they find it funny. Wikipedia is a great time of use if i am bored or upset so i can express my feelings so now each day this is going to be my diary. But not everyday i will updat but i will definetly do my diary on some days i will also update my specal profile so it says things tht i like and can do. so i suppose this is it for today. 10/05/2013 21:55 10.06.2013 12:30 Hello again. Its been a long time since we have met. I would like to say that I love the lady who threw eggs at simon cowell also I hate exams. :) i am locked in a cupboard HELP ME mUmMy!!! Im ...'all by myself...dont wanna be