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Marina of Burgazada, Istanbul, on a summer evening, as seen from the inner city ferries.
Suumertime in Kinaliada, Istanbul. I have been wondering ever since I took this picture if the sun was better on the cart than on the sidewalk...
The Turkish House on the Champs-Élysées, Paris
Ferries of Istanbul on a cloudy day
Omaha Beach and its environs, Normandy
Sunset on a cool spring day in St. Malo, France
Picture taken by a friend, of myself, during low tide between Granville and Mont Saint-Michel - the sea can ebb for up to 6 km in two hours. I have to reach my boat before the sea comes back!!
Entrance of the S. Antonio di Padova, Istanbul as seen from the İstiklâl Avenue
Sinclair Island in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle
Çiçek Pasaji (Cité de Pera) in the İstiklâl Avenue in Istanbul
Historic downtown of Rennes on a quite Sunday afternoon