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About me
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I am currently a resident of Wisconsin, and have also lived in New York and Minnesota. I have degrees in economics, classical music, and American law. I've been a Wikipedia administrator since August 10, 2005. I took an extended wikibreak from about early 2007 to late 2009, but have since returned to editing with gusto.
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Wikipedia Interests[edit]

My main passions at the moment:

  • WikiProject Wisconsin. I established this wikiproject in late July 2005 to improve articles on Wisconsin-related people, places and things.
  • Vandalism patrol

Deletion philosophy[edit]

If a non-business institution exists in the real world and is verifiable, it doesn't take much to convince me that Wikipedia should include some mention of it. For schools, I don't believe that notability needs to be established for secondary schools; that is, those which in the United States incorporate grades 9 or 10 through 12. If notability can be established, I would argue to keep articles on primary schools as well.

I have no patience for copyright violations; I would argue for a blank slate rather than attempting to rescue most articles, unless I have special knowledge of or interest in the topic.

When it comes to people, musical groups, websites, works of fiction, etc., I will often require a high bar of notability before I oppose deletion.

Featured articles[edit]

  • Porgy and Bess (On main page August 20, 2005). Sadly, the page was demoted in 2008 after it fell into disrepair during my extended wikibreak, and was not kept up-to-date with FA standards. I hope to improve it in the near future.

What others have said about me[edit]

So, Baron Barf (a jerk, liar and fakir) is a Wikipedia 'editor'? Oh, please, spare us all. We both know YOU know precisely, exactly what went on here. Wikipedia is overflowing with spontaneous, amateur, fun, 'non-encyclopedic' grade material...that is at the base of its charm and success. It is an 'everyman's' encyclopedia, it is not reserved for effete snobs.
In 22 years of professional journalism, I have come to despise pooping as one of the most gruesome of human failings. Baron Barf - part of the petite family of fascist censors - continues to lie...not little lies but big, brassy bath house lies.
Viscious, greed-driven, megalomaniacal fascist thugs and censors will not go unchallenged. The EXACT same kind of maggots fed off Mario and his talent in life, and this current coterie of diseased, limp-wristed parasites are doing the exact same thing today. They are but gay dogs scurrying about urinating their pathetic liquid egos, conceit and arrogance on all things Lanza. [1]

From a debate on the Mario Lanza article. For context, see Talk:Mario Lanza. I'm unsure of why the editor thinks I am a "gay dog"

1) BartLauf – He has made ZERO factual contributions to the article, because, as he admits, he knows absolutely nothing about Jeb Bush. But, BartLauf, according to his user page info, is just your typical gay male. . . whose “passion” is to delete the accomplishments of Republicans like Jeb Bush from an encyclopedia. . . . Bartlauf’s only “contribution” if you can call it that, was harassing SummerFR off the site, the one person who knew historical facts about Jeb Bush and who obtained legal permission for a photo illegally used by Wikipedia for months. And, to harass SummerFR off the site before she could contribute accomplishments of Jeb Bush’s record as governor. Great work, Bartlauf! That anti-Jeb bias you seem to have is truly something you can be proud of . . .!” [2]

From the Jeb Bush discussion page, posted by (an anonymous IP used by SummerFR).

you don't edit pages according with my agenda, then you shall be blocked from wikipedia! Be forewarned, I have a severe Napoleonic Complex and a small penis. I'm a homosexual misanthrope with deep-seeded and repressed feelings of aggresion towards my mother (who was a one-legged hooker during the war). Do not put it past me to behave in a manner that is both immature and pathetic, for those are the two adjectives that best desscribe my character (or lack thereof). If I cared about the common good, I would commit suicide. However, these emotional issues I deal with (along with these annoying voices in my head) won't let me. I must behave in a manner that is childish and boorish. Someone please kill me and spare humanity more suffering!

From The May 6, 2006 vandalism of my user page by Hobson's Second Choice

BaronLarf is a dumbf--k

From Edit summary by F1eetCaptian

Camp NCN attempted to hold a swingers party at a motel in [a town in] Wisconsin and the Mayor... and the Police Chief... said it would never happen. When I added what was occurred... [another admin] kept deleting my posts and I kept reinserting them... then BaronLeaf comes in and says that if I continue to post biased material, even thou everything I posted was from newspapers and television stations I would have my posting privileges in Wikipedia revoked. The man is both a censor and a bully.

From one of the Feb. 28, 2010 vandalisms of my user page by Dann Dobson (edited to remove possibly libelous statements. See Talk:Stevens Point, Wisconsin for context.)