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Hi, I'm Basalisk. I've been actively editing Wikipedia since September 2011. I've always gotten a kick out of fixing things, and this is reflected by the fact that most of my content work is gnomish, clean-up related stuff. I spend a lot of my time fixing references, removing eternal links from the bodies of articles, tidying up formatting issues, copyediting etc. This work is at its most plentiful on the new pages patrol, and working there means that I spend a good deal of my time reviewing CSD candidates. I also work at WP:SPI as a trainee clerk.

I'm usually a pleasant enough chap, but can occasionally be direct in conversation. Please excuse me; I never mean it to be taken personally. Another important note on my style of communication is that I prefer to use standardised Oxford English. This manifests itself in several ways; in particular I try to avoid the use of the singular they. If I know the subject is male, I will use "he", if I know the subject to be female, I will use "she" and if I don't know the gender of the subject I will use "he". I am not being sexist.

I passed my RfA on 23 November 2012. My biggest passion on the project is protecting it from low-grade content, advertisers and quacks.

To fellow administrators - if you feel I have taken an administrative action which was out of place, feel free to revert it. You do not need to seek my approval first.


I am a doctor and I work in an NHS hospital. I live in South Wales, but have spent a significant proportion of my life in the North West of England, and the area is close to my heart. I'm what would probably be considered young, but enjoy many things that would be considered the domain of the old. I love the beautiful game and the ugly game. I have a love of travelling, and think it is the best way to spend money. I believe that if it were mandatory for everyone to travel, a lot of our social problems would evaporate.

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