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A cartoonist and database application designer. Interested in old and foreign movies, chess, science, philosophy, politics, hockey, Apple computers and brainy women with nice legs.

I tend to focus on hockey and entertainment personalities of the past. I enjoy finding people who have so far been overlooked, but seem to have a compelling story to tell. This was certainly true of Hal Block and Don Gallinger. My strength is research, digging through online and library sources. I also monitor several articles without adding content.

Articles that I've created:

  • Richard H. Hoffmann (psychiatrist)
  • Nicole Germain
  • Artie Auerbach
  • Ted Reeve
  • James Simpkins
  • Ghislaine Alexander

Articles I've made substantial content or copyedit contributions:

  • Ted Kennedy (ice hockey)
  • Émile Bouchard
  • Hal Block
  • What's My Line?
  • Judit Polgar
  • Don Gallinger
  • Jacques Richard