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Biggest fan of Wikipedia ever; also love Groundhopping, Church crawling and taking Geographs[1]
Bashereyre (talk) 21:22, 23 May 2012 (UTC)

Articles I started
1. Evelyn Charles Hodges 2. Robert Wyse Jackson 3. Donald Arthur Richard Caird 4. Bethlehem Nopece 5. Eric Pike 6. Bruce Read Evans 7. Harry Vere White 8. Raymond d’Audemar Orpen 9. Ebenezer St Mark Ntlali 10. David Hamilton Russell 11. Patrick Glover 12. Thomas Hill Lowe 13. William Brodrick, 7th Viscount Midleton 14. Henry Reginald Gamble 15. Thomas Arnold Scott 16. Charles Perry Scott 17. Kenneth Graham Bevan 18. Geoffrey Durnford Iliff 19. Francis Lushington Norris 20. William Wharton Cassels 21. Godfrey Fryar 22. Ronald Stone 23. George Hearn (bishop) 24. George Cardell Briggs 25. Ephraim Randrianovana 26. Bishop of Antananarivo 27. Remi Joseph Rabenirina 28. James Richard Wong Yin Song 29. French Kitchener Chang-Him 30. Bishop of Seychelles 31. Cornell Moss 32. Luc Rex Victor Donat 33. Ghislain Elwyn Emmanuel 34. Gerald James Ian Ernest 35. Vincent William Ryan 36. Henry Constantine Huxtable 37. Harold Edward Frankham 38. Ernest William Southcott 39. John Bernard Haldane 40. Henry Arthur Stanistreet 41. Samuel Greenfield Poyntz 42. Hedley Webster 43. Richard Gordon Perdue 44. Daniel Pereira dos Santos de Pina Cabral 45. Michael Bird (bishop) 46. Ralph Spence (bishop) 47. Walter Edward Bagnall 48. Walter Gordon Asbil 49. John Charles Bothwell 50. John Lyons (bishop) 51. James Augustus Watton 52. Lewis Samuel Garnsworthy 53. George Boyd Snell 54. Frederick Hugh Wilkinson 55. Alton Ray Beverley 56. Lewis Wilmot Bovell Broughall 57. Henry Edward Champneys Stapleton 58. John Howard Churchill 59. Lionel Meiring Spafford du Toit 60. William Cyril Mayne 61. William Barker (Dean) 62. Cecil Henry Hamilton Cooper 63. Henry Venn Stuart 64. George Daniel Browne 65. Robert Garshong Allotey Okine 66. Moses Nathanael Christopher Omobiala Scott 67. George William Wright 68. James Lawrence Cecil Horstead 69. Albert William Lee 70. Joseph Amritanand 71. Nirod Kumar Biswas 72. George Clay Hubback 73. John Matthias Turner 74. Robert Milman 75. Farnborough, Warwickshire 76. Edward Ralph Johnson 77. Albert Basil Orme Wilberforce 78. Donald Frederick Harker 79. Derek George Damant 80. William James Manning 81. John Godfrey FitzMaurice Day 82. John Gregg (bishop) 83. Robert Samuel Gregg 84. James McCann (archbishop) 85. Hubert Mitchell Rankin 86. Alexander Roy MacGregor Grier 87. William Scot Wilson 88. William Thomas Harrison 89. George Grub (priest) 90. Charles Edward Plumb 91. Archibald Ean Campbell 92. Morse Lamb Goodman 93. George Reginald Calvert 94. Snowflake, Manitoba 95. Walter Foster Barfoot 96. William Reid Clark 97. John Philip Du Moulin 98. Thomas Brock Fuller 99. Charles Hamilton (bishop) 100. William James Robinson 101. Walter Chambers 102. Francis Thomas MacDougall 103. Jabez Jabasir Gnanapragasam 104. Swithin Fernando 105. Alfred Edwin Monahan 106. Royston Clifford Wright 107. Derrick Childs 108. Richard Lewis (bishop of Llandaff) 109. Joshua Pritchard Hughes 110. Spencer Cecil Carpenter 111. Alexander Ross Wallace 112. Marcus Knight (priest) 113. Clifford Thomas Chapman 114. Richard Eyre (priest) 115. Ronald Claud Dudley Jasper 116. Hebert Newell Bate 117. Barry Hunter (bishop) 118. Bruce Clark (bishop) 119. Hector Robinson 120. Charles Murray (bishop) 121. Harry Goodhew 122. Donald Robinson (bishop) 123. Tony Hall-Matthews 124. Sylvester Romero Palma 125. Eldon Anthony Sylvester 126. Gerald Henry Brooks 127. Henry Redmayne Holme 128. George Albert Ormsby 129. Herbert Bury 130. Alexander Sargent 131. Thomas Karl Sopwith 132. Edward Hoare Hardcastle 133. Bernard Clinton Pawley 134. Laish Zane Boyd 135. Charles Caulfield 136. Addington Robert Peel Venables 137. David Vunagi 138. Amos Stanley Waiaru 139. Norman Kitchener Palmer 140. John Wallace Chisholm 141. Alfred Thomas Hill 142. Cecil John Wood 143. Kelvin Wright 144. George Howard Douglas Connor 145. Peter Woodley Mann 146. Ross Bay 147. Gordon Ferguson McPhate 148. Stephen Stewart Smalley 149. John Lionel Darby 150. Frank Selwyn Macaulay Bennett 151. William Shaw Kerr 152. Arthur Edwin Ross 153. Arthur Hamilton Butler 154. Thomas Sterling Berry 155. Donaghpatrick 156. Henry Edmund Patton 157. George Alexander Chadwick 158. Joseph Irvine Peacocke 159. Ronald Ferris 160. Leslie Ernest Peterson 161. Chris Gittins 162. Arnold Peters (actor) 163. Frank Foley Nock 164. William Lockridge Wright 165. Edward Sullivan (bishop) 166. Fredrick Dawson Fauqier 167. George Thorneloe 168. Rocksborough Remington Smith 169. George Frederick Kingston 170. Bob Arnold 171. Christopher Charles Dalliston 172. Nicholas Guy Coulton 173. Christopher Garnett Howsin Spafford 174. Conrad Clifton Wolters 175. George Edward Brigstocke 176. Louis Sherman (bishop) 177. Jervois Arthur Newnham 178. John McLean (bishop) 179. William Cyprian Pinkham 180. Harry Richard Ragg 181. Theodore David Butler Ragg 182. Carman John Queen 183. George Nasmith Luxton 184. David Williams (bishop) 185. Christopher John Skilton 186. Charles Pinder 187. Dick Bird 188. Thomas Brown (bishop) 189. Edward Kinsella Norman 190. Joshua Chiu Ban It 191. Cyril Kenneth Sansbury 192. Basil Colby Roberts 193. Francis William Banahene Thompson 194. Ishmael Samuel Mills Le-Marie 195. Reginald Richard Roseveare 196. David Gwynne Meara 197. Peter Anthony Delaney 198. Francis William Harvey 199. Sam Woodhouse 200. William Macdonald Sinclair 201. Edwin Hamilton Gifford 202. Ernest Edward Holmes 203. Ernest Newton Sharpe 204. Richard Warwick Hurford 205. Bruce Winston Wilson 206. Ernest Kenneth Leslie 207. Michael Hough (bishop) 208. David Silk (bishop) 209. John Hazlewood 210. Thomas Thornton Reed 211. Bryan Percival Robin 212. John Parkes 213. Paul Richardson (bishop) 214. Robert Beal 215. Max Thomas 216. Edward Wyndham Tufnell 217. Felix Arnott 218. Anglican Diocese of Ukhahlamba 219. Henry James Matthew 220. George Alfred Lefroy 221. John Arthur Guille 222. David Leaning 223. John Murray Irvine 224. John Francis Isaac Pratt 225. Hugh Christopher Lempriere Heywood 226. William James Conybeare 227. Norman Donald MacCallum 228. Roy Francis Ferguson Flatt 229. James Robert Alexander Chinnery-Haldane 230. Sidney Warren Lavis 231. Cecil Henry Rolt 232. Laurence Edmund Parsons 233. Victor George Shearburn 234. John Miller Strachan 235. George Frederick Hose 236. Robert Samuel James Houston McKelvey 237. George Baillie-Hamilton, 12th Earl of Haddington 238. John Lawrence White 239. Pascoe Grenfell, 2nd Baron Grenfell 240. John Annand Fraser 241. Neil Collings 242. Hilary Martin Connop Price 243. William Edward Reginald Morrow 244. Peter Hancock 245. William Hugh Alan Cooper 246. Adelakun Williamson Howells 247. Frank Melville Jones 248. Benjamin Hugh Lewers 249. Ronald Alfred Beddoes 250. Philip Arthur Micklem 251. Herbert Ham 252. Thomas David Somerville 253. Frederick Herbert Du Vernet 254. Douglas Walter Hambidge 255. William Robert Coleman 256. Frederick Patrick Clark 257. Philip Rodger Beattie 258. Alexander John Doull 259. John Timothy Frame 260. Godfrey Philip Gower 261. Ralph Stanley Dean 262. Frederic Stanford 263. Samuel Pollinger 264. George Anderson Wells 265. John Taylor Smith 266. Ernest Graham Ingham 267. Henry Cheetham 268. Leonard James Beecher 269. Reginald Percy Crabbe 270. Richard Stanley Heywood 271. William George Peel 272. Henry Perrott Parker 273. Ussagara 274. Hugh Vernon Stiff 275. Joseph Lofthouse, Sr. 276. Joseph Lofthouse, Jr. 277. Harry Ernest Hives 278. Alfred Daniel Alexander Dewdney 279. William Edward Jones 280. William Ungoed Jacob 281. Edward Albert Trevillian Roberts 282. Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn 283. John Orfeur Aglionby 284. Mowbray Stephen O'Rorke 285. William Jameson Thompson 286. James Henry Linton 287. Charles Harvey Stileman 288. Douglas Ernest William Harrison 289. Alfred Hounsell Horace Dammers 290. David Hoyle (priest) 291. Edward Hyndman Beckles 292. John Wills Weeks 293. Owen Emeric Vidal 294. Harold Lee Nutter 295. Alexander Henry O'Neil 296. William Henry Moorhead 297. John Andrew Richardson 298. The New Coalition Academy 299. Hollingworth Tully Kingdon 300. Good Easter 301. James Njegovan 302. Malcolm Alfred Warden Harding 303. John Fletcher Stout Conlin 304. Stoke Wake 305. Thomas Wilfrid Wilkinson 306. Ivor Arthur Norris 307. Wilfred William Henry Thomas 308. John Henry Drury 309. Cuthbert Aikman Simpson 310. John Christopher Richard Williams 311. Donald Ben Marsh 312. Andrew Atagotaaluk 313. Archibald Lang Fleming 314. John Reginald Sperry 315. Peter Chiswell 316. Ronald Clive Kerle 317. John Stoward Moyes 318. F•R•I•E•N•D•S 319. Wentworth Francis Wentworth-Sheilds 320. Donald Seymour Arden 321. Frank Oswald Thorne 322. Gerald Wybergh Douglas 323. Thomas Cathrew Fisher 324. Edward Steere 325. Charles Alan Smythies 326. Reginald Courtenay 327. Christopher Lipscomb 328. William Hart Coleridge 329. Edward Lewis Evans 330. John Mitchinson (bishop) 331. Daniel Gateward Davis 332. Herbert Mather 333. Charles James Branch 334. William Walrond Jackson 335. Richard Rawle 336. James Thomas Hayes 337. John Fitzmaurice Petty 338. Colin Douglas Semper 339. Richard Thomas Howard 340. Harold Claude Noel Wiliams 341. Cyril Evelyn Morton 342. David John Shearlock 343. John Curtis (bishop) 344. Herbert James Molony 345. Horace MacCartie Eyre Price 346. John Hind (missionary bishop) 347. Vivienne Frances Faull 348. Derek Norman Hole 349. Alan Christopher Warren 350. John Chester Hughes 351. Richard John Forrester Mayston 352. Frederick Brodie MacNutt 353. Herbert Arthur Jones 354. Kenneth Joseph Riley 355. Alfred Jowett 356. Robert Murray Waddington 357. Edward Craig Maclure 358. Garfield Hodder Williams 359. Joseph Gough McCormick 360. Patrick Harold Falkiner Barron 361. Herbert Linford Gwyer 362. Henry Bindley Sidwell 363. William Hardy Holmes 364. John Orr (bishop) 365. Charles Parsons Reichel 366. Expository Times 367. James Bennett Keene 368. Benjamin John Plunket 369. Aghade 370. Alfred Edwin Morris 371. Edward Latham Bevan 372. Edward William Williamson 373. John Stewart Davies 374. Charles Raymond Renowden 375. Harold John Charles 376. Vorley Spencer Ellis 377. John Clement Du Buisson 378. Llewelyn Wynne Jones 379. Shadrach Pryce 380. Russel Featherstone Brown 381. Philip Carrington 382. Lennox Waldron Williams 383. Andrew Hunter Dunn 384. John Hackenley 385. Frederick Courtney 386. Robert Thomas Hearn 387. William Edward Flewett 388. Charles Benjamin Dowse 389. Samuel Bennett Crooks 390. Cuthbert Irvine Peacocke 391. Robert McNeil Boyd 392. Richard Ellena 393. Derek Lionel Eaton 394. Christchurch College of Education 395. Douglas Maclean Cameron 396. Charles MacAlester Copland 397. Richard Knyvet Wimbush 398. George Kennedy Buchanan Henderson 399. Henry Donald Maurice Spence 400. Henry Gee (dean) 401. Harold Costley-White 402. Seiriol John Arthur Evans 403. Alfred Gilbert Goddard Thurlow 404. Michael John Nott 405. Eric Noel Porter Goff 406. Thomas Heywood Masters 407. John Albert Henry Waddington 408. Peter Eves Sutton 409. Francis Oag Hulme-Moir 410. Percival William Stephenson 411. William George Hilliard 412. William Charles Sadlier 413. Charles Oliver Mules 414. Andrew Burn Suter 415. Robert Anthony Wilkes 416. John Harold Richards 417. Harold George Michael Clarke 418. Peter Austin Berry 419. Edward Frederick Carpenter 420. Rhys Derrick Chamberlain Walters 421. Arun Midha 422. Audience Council Wales 423. Frederick William Dillistone 424. Frederick William Dwelly 425. Owen Dowling 426. Cecil Warren 427. Lewis Bostock Radford 428. Kenneth John Clements 429. William Henry Webster Stevenson 430. Christopher Evelyn Storrs 431. Donald Shearman 432. David McCall 433. Theodore McCall 434. Joseph Charles Hoare 435. Ronald Owen Hall 436. Charles Ridley Duppuy 437. Gerard Heath Lander 438. Charles Richard Alford 439. Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong 440. James Richard Lucas 441. William Day Reeve 442. William Archibald Geddes 443. Arthur Henry Sovereign 444. Robert Renison 445. John George Anderson 446. Edwin Frederick Robins 447. George Holmes (bishop) 448. Samuel Thornton (bishop) 449. Cecil Arthur Cherrington 450. John Charles Vockler 451. Leonard Stanley Kempthorne 452. Thomas Clayton Twitchell 453. John Tristram Holland 454. Walter Wade Robinson 455. Isaac Richards 456. William Alfred Robertson Fitchett 457. Allen Howard Johnston 458. Cyril Patrick Hankey 459. Henry Lawe Corry Vully de Candole 460. Harry William Blackburne 461. Lionel Edward Blackburne 462. David Rice (bishop) 463. John William Bluck 464. Murray John Mills 465. Peter Geoffrey Atkins 466. George Craig Cruickshank 467. George Vincent Gerard 468. Herbert William Williams 469. Charles Leonard Thornton-Duesbury 470. Denton Thompson 471. Vernon Sampson Nicholls 472. Robert Bickersteth (bishop) 473. Clifford Martin 474. Francis Chavasse 475. Nicholas Reade 476. David John Cashman 477. Henry Hodgson 478. Walter Whittingham 479. Jabez Cornelius Whitley 480. George Noel Lankester Hall 481. Kenneth William Stewart Kennedy 482. Alex Wood (bishop) 483. Bishop of Chota Nagpur 484. Eyre Chatterton 485. Alexander Ogilvy Hardy 486. Henry Cecil Read 487. Arthur William Luther 488. Walter John Trower 489. David John Coles 490. Henry John Chitty Harper 491. William Allan Pyatt 492. Maurice John Goodall 493. Frederic Arthur Cockin 494. Oliver Stratford Tomkins 495. John David Treadgold 496. Robert Tinsley Holtby 497. Arthur Stuart Duncan Jones 498. John Julius Hannah 499. Richard William Randall 500. Francis Pigou 501. John Watts Ditchfield 502. Henry Wilson (bishop) 503. Hamish Jamieson 504. Charles Waldegrave Sandford 505. William Edward Collins 506. Henry Joseph Corbett Knight 507. Archibald Rollo Graham Campbell 508. Rollestone Sterritt Fyffe 509. Arthur Mesac Knight 510. Harold Jocelyn Buxton 511. Cecil Douglas Horsley 512. Frederick William Thomas Craske 513. Allen Ernest Winter 514. David Hubert Warner Shand 515. Melville Charles James 516. Anglican Diocese of St Arnaud 517. Stanley Goldsworthy 518. Ralph Hawkins (bishop) 519. Donald Redding 520. Leslie Knight 521. Frederick Goldsmith 522. Ernest Eric Hawkey 523. Seering John Matthews 524. Wilfrid John Hudson 525. Waters Upton 526. Stephen Harris Davies 527. Montagu John Stone-Wigg 528. Henry Newton (bishop) 529. Gilbert White (bishop) 530. Anglican Diocese of Carpentaria 531. Richard Thomas (bishop) 532. Garry Weatherill 533. Bruce Rosier 534. Thomas Edward Jones 535. Adrian Newman (Dean) 536. Edward Frank Shotter 537. Peter Richard Baelz 538. Eric Graham 539. John Chappell Sprott 540. Lawrence Edward Luscombe 541. Ralph Vernon Matthews 542. Edward Craig Stuart 543. William Edmund Smyth 544. Humphry Beevor 545. Stanley Chapman Pickard 546. William Walmsley Sedgwick 547. Thomas George Vernon Inman 548. Michael Nuttall 549. Frederick Samuel Baines 550. Leonard Noel Fisher 551. Mark Rodolph Carpenter-Garnier 552. Ernest Arthur Copleston 553. Reginald Stephen Copleston 554. Hugh Willoughby Jermyn 555. Walter John Forbes Robberds 556. Michael Edward Tavinor 557. Peter Haynes (priest) 558. Norman Stanley Rathbone 559. Robert Peel Price 560. Hedley Robert Burrows 561. Reginald Waterfield 562. George Herbert (dean) 563. James Wentworth Leigh 564. Gregory Kerr-Wilson 565. Duncan Douglas Wallace 566. Eric Bays 567. George Clarence Fredric Jackson 568. Michael Edward Coleman 569. Edwin Hubert Knowles 570. Malcolm Taylor McAdam Harding 571. John Grisdale (bishop) 572. William John Burn 573. Adelbert John Robert Anson 574. Michael Hartley Eldon 575. Bernard Markham 576. Spence Burton 577. Francis Alexander Randal Cramer-Roberts 578. Edward Townson Churton 579. Henry Norris Churton 580. Roscow George Shedden 581. Wilfrid Bird Hornby 582. Bishop of Nassau 583. George Francis Graham Brown 584. George Francis Popham Blyth 585. Wilfrid Bernard Belcher 586. John Oliver Feetham 587. Brian George Farran 588. Josiah Brown Pearson 589. George Henry Stanton 590. Christopher George Barlow 591. Hurtle John Lewis 592. John Ashley Noble 593. Henry Cotterill 594. Nathaniel James Merriman 595. Charles Edward Cornish 596. Francis Robinson Phelps 597. Thomas Edward Wilkinson 598. Douglas MacKenzie 599. Henry Brougham Bousfield 600. Thomas Drury (bishop) 601. Thomas Jex-Blake 602. Christopher Woodforde 603. Irven David Edwards 604. Michael Furse 605. William Marlborough Carter 606. William John Denbigh Down 607. Christopher Charles Luxmoore 608. Harvey Goodwin 609. John Wareing Bardsley 610. John William Diggle 611. Henry Herbert Williams 612. John Storrs (dean) 613. Reginald Thomas Talbot 614. Gregory Edwin Thompson 615. Kenneth Mason (bishop) 616. Robert William Haines Moline 617. Geoffrey Sambell 618. Richard Franklin Appleby 619. Clyde Wood 620. George Horsfall Frodsham 621. Ian Shevill 622. James Housden 623. Jean Marcel 624. Thomas Richards Parfitt 625. Gerald Richard Vernon 626. Ronald Stanhope More O'Ferrall 627. George Kestell-Cornish 628. William Vincent Lucas (bishop) 629. Wilfrid Lewis Mark Way 630. George Lanchester King 631. Robert Gregory (dean) 632. Robert Kestell-Cornish 633. Bishop of Madagascar 634. Francis Ambrose Gregory 635. Bertram Lasbrey 636. Cecil John Patterson 637. Herbert Tugwell 638. Bishop on the Niger 639. Hugh Geoffrey Dickinson 640. Sydney Hall Evans 641. William Fenton Morley 642. William Page Roberts 643. Joseph Cockfield Dimsdale 644. John Wale Hicks 645. Peter Hatendi 646. George Wyndham Hamilton Knight-Bruce 647. Edmund Nathanael Powell 648. Frederic Hicks Beaven 649. Newborough, Staffordshire 650. Robert Herbert Mize, Jr. 651. Arthur Chandler (bishop) 652. John Paul Burrough 653. John Dacre Vincent 654. Cecil William Alderson 655. Arthur Henry Howe-Browne 656. Frederick Andrew Amoore 657. William Orde-Powlett, 5th Baron Bolton 658. Thomas Morley (bishop) 659. Arthur Bulkeley 660. John Best (bishop) 661. John Rashdall Eyre 662. Mark Rylands 663. Richard Brook (bishop) 664. John Robert Arnold 665. Robert Townley Caldwell 666. Will Spens 667. John Gabriel Murray 668. Glencarse 669. Thomas Bloomer 670. John Ralph Strickland Taylor 671. William Stanton Jones 672. George Eric Gordon 673. John Russell Darbyshire 674. John Sheepshanks (bishop) 675. Bertram Pollock 676. Richard Ambrose Reeves 677. Geoffrey Hare Clayton 678. Frank Fairbairn Laming 679. Ernest Samuel Reed 680. Edwin Keith Lackey 681. John Charles Roper 682. Ernest John Tinsley 683. Wilfrid Parker 684. William Clement Hlanya Shaba 685. Archibald Howard Cullen 686. Gordon Leslie Tindall 687. Robert Selby Taylor 688. Jack Cunningham (bishop) 689. Anglican Diocese of Central Zambia 690. Philip Henry Loyd 691. Bishop of Nasik 692. Edmund Michael Hubert Capper 693. Robert William Pope 694. The Cooking Canon 695. George Kenneth Giggall 696. William Moore Richardson 697. Alston James Weller May 698. Sydney Russell-Wells 699. Samuel Sugden 700. Ernest Edwin Curtis 701. Samir Kafity 702. Mark Pae 703. John Richards (bishop) 704. Michael Houghton 705. St John Surridge Pike 706. Michael Leslie Yorke 707. Adrian John Dorber 708. Henry Edwin Savage 709. Frederic Athelwold Iremonger 710. Thomas Sherwood Jones 711. John Charles Hill 712. Kenneth Venner Ramsey 713. John Harley Lang 714. William Stuart MacPherson 715. Robert Mortimer 716. John Tiarks 717. George Appleton 718. James Francis Turner 719. William Collinson Sawyer 720. Henry Edward Cooper 721. Arthur Vincent Green 722. Bishop of Grafton and Armidale 723. William Johnson (bishop) 724. Graham Smith (priest) 725. Paul Burbridge 726. Frederic Wallis 727. Thomas Henry Sprott 728. Norman Hook 729. Herbert St Barbe Holland 730. Alan Winton 731. Alistair Magowan 732. Mark Sowerby 733. David Herbert Somerset Cranage 734. John Wakefield Willink 735. William Lefroy 736. Thomas Eric Evans 737. Alan Webster (priest) 738. Martin Gloster Sullivan 739. Walter Robert Matthews 740. Robert William Forrest 741. John Gott (bishop) 742. Joseph Wellington Hunkin 743. Peter Sorenson Royston 744. Reginald Herbert Owen 745. Alwyn Keith Warren 746. Arnold Brian Burrowes 747. Edward Thomas Scott Reid 748. Jeffrey Driver 749. Arthur Vivian Lucas Jones 750. Colin Davies Sheumack 751. Neville Chynoweth 752. Graham Richard Delbridge 753. David Arthur Garnsey 754. Edwin John Davidson 755. Donald Burns Blackwood 756. Arthur Wellesley Pain 757. George Harvard Cranswick 758. Robert Edward Davies 759. Geoffrey Franceys Cranswick 760. Robert Snowdon Hay 761. William George Tozer 762. John Cyril Emerson Swaby 763. Munro College, Jamaica 764. Percival William Gibson 765. Basil Montague Dale 766. George Frederick Cecil de Carteret 767. William George Hardie 768. Anglican Diocese of Jamaica 769. Arthur Henry Anstey 770. John Francis Welsh 771. Augustine Scriven 772. Charles de Veber Schofield 773. Harold Eustace Sexton 774. Harold Grant Pigott 775. Ronald Norman Shapley 776. Horace Norman Vincent Tonks 777. Vibert Jackson 778. George Cuthbert Manning Woodroffe 779. Anglican Diocese of the Windward Islands 780. Orland Ugham Lindsay 781. Donald Rowland Knowles 782. Nathaniel William Newnham Davis 783. George Sumner Hand 784. Robert Inskip, 2nd Viscount Caldecote 785. Walter Farrar 786. Edward Hutson 787. Alan John Knight 788. Herbert Bree 789. William Proctor Swaby 790. Peter Jerome Marshall 791. Robert Martin Colquhoun Jeffery 792. Thomas George Adames Baker 793. William Ernest Beck 794. William Moore Ede 795. Arthur Whitcliffe Davies 796. Peter Gordon Atkinson 797. Robert Leslie Pollington Milburn 798. Dean of Worcester 799. Lord Alwyne Compton (clergyman) 800. Edward Glyn 801. Spencer Leeson 802. Claude Blagden 803. Edward Lee Hicks 804. William Shuckburgh Swayne 805. William Wilson Cash 806. Lewis Charles-Edwards 807. John Harmer (bishop) 808. Edward Arthur Burroughs 809. Geoffrey Charles Lester Lunt 810. John Jamieson Willis 811. Cyril Edgar Stuart 812. Leslie Wilfrid Brown 813. Hugh Ashdown 814. Patrick Reynolds Mitchell 815. John Clarke (dean of Wells) 816. Dean of Wells 817. David Leake 818. Maurice Walter Sinclair 819. Patrick Burnet Harris 820. James Buchanan Seaton 821. Henry McGowan 822. Conrad John Eustace Meyer 823. David Goodwin Loveday 824. Peter Knight Walker 825. Edward Wynn 826. John Charles Halland How 827. Harry Seymour Reid 828. Kenneth Charles Harman Warner 829. James Francis Montgomery 830. William James Margetson 831. William Robert Rupert Mounsey 832. Ernest Denny Logie Danson 833. Ivor Erskine St Clair Ramsay 834. Richard Shuttleworth Wingfield-Digby 835. Noel Charles Christopherson 836. James Gilliland Simpson 837. Arnold Henry Page 838. William Hagger Barlow 839. William Clavell Ingram 840. Marsham Argles 841. John Arrowsmith Maund 842. John Latimer Fuller 843. Dennis Victor 844. Basil Peacey 845. William Arthur Holbech 846. Thomas Joseph Savage 847. Alphaeus Hamilton Zulu 848. Wilmot Lushington Vyvyan 849. Eric Trapp 850. Edwin Nixon 851. John Armstrong, Bishop of Bermuda 852. Patrick White (bishop) 853. Anthony Lewis Elliott Williams 854. John Arthur Jagoe 855. Norman Straton 856. Kirkby Wharfe 857. Leonard Jauncey White-Thomson 858. St John Basil Wynne Willson 859. Cyril Bardsley 860. Norman Lang (bishop) 861. Lewis Clayton 862. Francis Thicknesse 863. Sidney Gething Caulton 864. Wilfred Marcus Askwith 865. Hubert Burge 866. Samuel Heaslett 867. Augustus Legge 868. Arthur Stretton Reeve 869. Kenneth William Haworth 870. Henry Charles Robins 871. Peter Moore (priest) 872. Noel Martin Kennaby 873. Arthur Kenneth Mathews 874. Cuthbert Carroll Thicknesse 875. George Wilfrid Blenkin 876. Walter John Lawrance 877. Dean of St Albans 878. Edward Lowry Henderson 879. John Sutton Utterton 880. George Henry Sumner 881. John Hugh Granville Randolph 882. Andrew Ewbank Burn 883. Arthur Michael Hollis 884. Henry Whitehead (bishop) 885. Frederick Gell 886. Samuel Morley (bishop) 887. George Theodore Selwyn 888. Frederick James Western 889. Arthur Acheson Williams 890. Edward Harry Mansfield Waller 891. Bishop of Madras 892. Norman Henry Tubbs 893. Bishop of Tinnevelly 894. Michael McCausland Gibbs 895. George William Outram Addleshaw 896. Thomas Wood Ingram Cleasby 897. Robert Cyril Hamilton Glover Elliott 898. Charles King Irwin 899. Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe 900. Charles Thornton Primrose Grierson 901. Henry Robert Brett 902. Dean of Belfast 903. Thomas Gibson George Collins 904. William Mordaunt Furneaux 905. William Holden Hutton 906. Thomas Charles Fry 907. Edward Charles Wickham 908. Brandon Donald Jackson 909. Alex Scott (racehorse trainer) 910. Alexander Francis Knight 911. Oliver William Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes 912. Edward Gordon Selwyn 913. Oswin Harvard Gibbs-Smith 914. Michael Stancliffe 915. Trevor Randall Beeson 916. Michael Stanley Till 917. William Kingsmill (dean) 918. James Edgar Atwell 919. William Richard Wood Stephens 920. Dean of Winchester 921. Albert Victor Baillie 922. Philip Eliot 923. Ronald Bowlby 924. Robert Williamson (bishop) 925. Francis Featherstonehaugh Johnston 926. Geoffrey Francis Allen 927. Anglican Diocese of Egypt 928. Bishop of Egypt 929. Alfred Edward John Rawlinson 930. Edmund Courtenay Pearce 931. Cyril William Johnston Bowles 932. Peter Dawes 933. Mark Boyling 934. Michael Edgar Adie 935. David Allan Brown 936. John Harold Greig 937. Stanley Booth-Clibborn 938. Guy Warman 939. Winfrid Burrows 940. Roger Plumpton Wilson 941. Charles Ridgeway 942. Richard Durnford 943. William Richard Moore 944. Samuel Shone 945. Alfred George Elliott 946. Thomas Carson 947. John Richard Darley 948. Hamilton Verschoyle 949. Charles Leslie (bishop) 950. John Powell Leslie 951. John Coote Duggan 952. John Winthrop Crozier 953. Robert Alexander Warke 954. John Mason Harden 955. Charles John Tyndall 956. Frederick Julian Mitchell 957. Kenneth Herbert Clarke 958. Edward Flewett Darling 959. Michael Hugh Gunton Mayes 960. William Gilbert Wilson 961. Albert Edward Hughes 962. Edward Francis Butler Moore 963. Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh 964. Henry Bickersteth Durant 965. Sir Frederick Currie, 2nd Baronet 966. Sir Frederick Currie, 1st Baronet 967. Laurence Henry Woolmer 968. Bishop of Lahore 969. Henry Townsend Vodden 970. George Frederick Townley 971. Hubert Higgs 972. Geoffrey Paul 973. Francis Gurdon 974. John Augustine Kempthorne 975. Richard Augustus Lefevre Blunt 976. Robert Sylvester (Pursglove) 977. James William Roxburgh 978. James Adams (bishop) 979. Thomas Stevens (bishop) 980. James Inskip 981. Hugh Rowlands Gough 982. John Macmillan 983. Alfred Carey Wollaston Rose 984. Harold Ernest Bilbrough 985. Edward Parry (bishop) 986. Richard Rogers (bishop) 987. Richard Thornden 988. Richard Yngworth 989. Lewis Evan Meredith 990. Fabian Menteath Elliot Jackson 991. Anthony Paul Tremlett 992. Alexander Kenneth Hamilton 993. Mervyn Armstrong 994. John Alexander Ramsbotham 995. Ronald Erskine Ramsay 996. Frederick Stephen Temple 997. Clifford Leofric Purdy Bishop 998. Peter Mumford 999. Bruce Schultz 1000. John William Ashton 1001. Keith Francis Slater 1002. Robert Gordon Arthur 1003. Austin Pearce 1004. Kenneth Harold Pillar 1005. Alastair Redfern 1006. Dennis Gascoyne Hawker 1007. Anthony Otter 1008. Algernon Augustus Markham 1009. Welbore MacCarthy 1010. John Edward Hine 1011. Richard Fox Cartwright 1012. Wilfrid Guy Sanderson 1013. Norman Harry Clarke 1014. Francis Whitfield Daukes 1015. John Howard Bertram Masterman 1016. John Finney 1017. Decade of Evangelism 1018. Tony Robinson (bishop) 1019. David James (bishop) 1020. Rennie MacInnes 1021. Basil Tudor Guy 1022. Angus Campbell MacInnes 1023. Claud Thomas Thellusson Wood 1024. Alymer Skelton 1025. James Lumsden Barkway 1026. John Richardson (bishop) 1027. John Trillo 1028. Robert Claudius Billing 1029. John Hodgkins 1030. Alfred Blomfield 1031. Henry Frank Johnson 1032. Paul Williams (bishop) 1033. Robert Henry Whitcombe 1034. Thomas Alfred Chapman 1035. Charles Henry Ridsdale 1036. Frederick Dudley Vaughan Narborough 1037. John Sterne 1038. William More 1039. Thomas Herbert Cashmore 1040. David Rokeby Maddock 1041. William Johnston (bishop) 1042. Edmund Robert Morgan 1043. Kenneth Edward Norman Lamplugh 1044. John Kingsmill Cavell 1045. Edward David Cartwright 1046. Lewis Thomas (bishop) 1047. Sir Lovelace Stamer, 3rd Baronet 1048. George Edward Holderness 1049. Charles Keith Kipling Prosser 1050. Henry Henn 1051. Alfred Pearson 1052. David Hawkins (bishop) 1053. Arthur Greaves 1054. Kenneth Healey 1055. Ernest Blackie 1056. William Finch (bishop) 1057. Michael Doe 1058. William Surtees 1059. Robert Trefusis 1060. John Gaisford 1061. Robert Crosthwaite 1062. Martyn Jarrett 1063. John Goddard (bishop) 1064. Christopher Morgan (bishop) 1065. John Garton 1066. John Ford (bishop) 1067. John Neale (bishop) 1068. Peter Hullah 1069. Northampton Academy 1070. Stephen Conway 1071. Lee Rayfield 1072. Eric Wall 1073. Robert Martineau 1074. Andrew Graham (Bishop of Newcastle) 1075. John Salisbury (bishop) 1076. Dean of Norwich 1077. Arthur Lloyd (bishop) 1078. Charles Ellicott 1079. John Bowers (bishop) 1080. John Woodhouse 1081. Martin Leonard 1082. Peter Francis (priest) 1083. Hugh Blackburne 1084. Frederick Gartrell 1085. John Anderson (bishop) 1086. Hewlett Thompson 1087. Guy Smith (bishop) 1088. William Perrin (bishop) 1089. Michael Bourke 1090. Barry Rogerson 1091. Michael Marshall (bishop) 1092. Leslie Lang 1093. Francis Kilner 1094. John Bradley (bishop) 1095. David Hamid 1096. Keith Sinclair (bishop) 1097. Mark Green (bishop) 1098. Harold Darby 1099. John Austin (bishop) 1100. Christopher Mayfield 1101. Peter Firth (bishop) 1102. Alan Morgan (bishop) 1103. Thomas Hare (bishop) 1104. Gordon Roe 1105. Colin Scott (bishop) 1106. George Halford 1107. William Hardie (bishop) 1108. Fortesque Ash 1109. Nathaniel Dawes 1110. Philip Crick 1111. Cecil Norgate 1112. Atherton Rawstorne 1113. John Grindrod 1114. Reginald Halse 1115. Ronald Brown (bishop) 1116. Donald Snelgrove 1117. Richard Frith 1118. Christopher Foster (bishop) 1119. David Rossdale 1120. David Tustin 1121. John Perry (bishop) 1122. Geoff Pearson 1123. Ian Harland 1124. Benjamin Pollard 1125. George Wilkinson (bishop) 1126. Denis Bryant 1127. Cecil Muschamp 1128. William Elsey 1129. Cyril Golding-Bird 1130. Anglican Diocese of Kalgoorlie 1131. Hugh Van Lynden Otter-Barry 1132. Dennis Fountain Page 1133. Anthony Leigh Egerton Hoskyns-Abrahall 1134. Ernald Lane 1135. Robert William Stannard 1136. Thomas Crick 1137. Francis Underhill 1138. Geoffrey Pedley 1139. Eric William Bradley Cordingly 1140. Honorary Chaplain to the Queen 1141. Stanley Woodley Betts 1142. Michael Anthony Moxon 1143. Christopher George Hardwick 1144. Hill Croome 1145. Henry Morgan Lloyd 1146. Francis John Taylor 1147. Leslie Stannard Hunter 1148. Henry Kemble Southwell 1149. Chetton 1150. Herbert Edward Jones 1151. Wallace Benn 1152. Leonard Hedley Burrows 1153. James Herbert Lloyd Morrell 1154. Hugh Maudslay Hordern 1155. George Stephen Nason 1156. William Ashley-Brown 1157. Walter Kenrick Knight-Adkin 1158. Geoffrey Hodgson Warde 1159. James Cropper (priest) 1160. William Thomas Baring Hayter 1161. Decimus Storry Govett 1162. William Frederic Tucker 1163. Julius Lewis 1164. John Francis Stretch 1165. Bill Edebohls 1166. Gordon Reid (priest) 1167. Reginald John Simpson Mitchell-Innes 1168. Ambrose Walter Marcus Weekes 1169. Edward Holland (bishop) 1170. Eric Nash Devenport 1171. Victor Andrew Stock 1172. Anthony Cyprian Bridge 1173. Alexander Wedderspoon 1174. George William Clarkson 1175. Arthur Harold Morris 1176. John Richard Gordon Eastaugh 1177. Tom Longworth 1178. Campbell Richard Hone 1179. George James Cosmo Douglas 1180. Arthur John Maclean 1181. Piers Holt Wilson 1182. Randall George Lewis MacAlister 1183. Edinburgh Theological College 1184. Patrick Murray Smythe 1185. Alfred Ian Watt 1186. Vincent Lewis Rorison 1187. Graham John Thompson Forbes 1188. John Skinner Wilson (Provost) 1189. Hector Bransby Gooderham 1190. George Crosfield 1191. Robert Andrew Mitchell 1192. David Colin Dunlop 1193. Leslie Owen 1194. Philip John Pasterfield 1195. Peter Everard Coleman 1196. Alan Smithson 1197. Thomas Sparke (Bishop of Berwick) 1198. John Satterthwaite 1199. John Williams Hawkins Flagg 1200. George Ingle 1201. William Marshall Selwyn 1202. Basil Staunton Batty 1203. John Klyberg 1204. Brian Masters (bishop) 1205. Alan Francis Bright Rogers 1206. Michael Edwin Vickers 1207. Ronald Milner 1208. Mike Hill (bishop) 1209. Simon Burrows 1210. David Farmbrough 1211. Colin James (bishop) 1212. Michael Manktelow 1213. Hugo Ferdinand de Waal 1214. William George Henderson 1215. John Oakley (cleric) 1216. Dean of Carlisle 1217. George Hull Bowers 1218. William de Stanwey 1219. Roger de Wynkleigh 1220. Benjamin Morgan Cowie 1221. Cyril Jonathan Meyrick 1222. Serlo (dean) 1223. Bishop of Marlborough 1224. Alfred Earle (bishop) 1225. Henry Bowlby 1226. Charles Henry Turner (bishop) 1227. Bishop of Islington 1228. Laurie Green 1229. Derek Bond (bishop) 1230. Roger Sainsbury 1231. Robin Smith (bishop) 1232. Peter St George Vaughan 1233. Henry Mackenzie (bishop) 1234. Holy Trinity, Minories 1235. John Frank Ewan Bone 1236. Ronald Graham Gregory Foley 1237. Eric Wild 1238. Dominic Walker (bishop) 1239. Frederick Cyril Nugent Hicks 1240. Eric Henry Knell 1241. Arthur Groom Parham 1242. Mixbury 1243. James Leslie Randall 1244. Humphrey Southern 1245. David Hawtin 1246. Francis Henry Arthur Richmond 1247. Stephen Edmund Verney 1248. William Warren Hunt 1249. Charles Thomas Abraham 1250. Philip Selwyn Abraham 1251. Charles John Abraham 1252. Keith Jukes 1253. John Methuen 1254. Christopher Russell Campling 1255. Frederick Edwin Le Grice 1256. Frederick Llewelyn Hughes 1257. William Henry Fremantle (Dean) 1258. Charles Mansfield Owen 1259. William Stewart (bishop of Taunton) 1260. Peter Nott 1261. Andrew Radford 1262. Peter Maurice (bishop) 1263. Francis Horner West 1264. Mark Allin Hodson 1265. Harry Thomas (bishop) 1266. George Arthur Hollis 1267. Charles Fane de Salis 1268. Robert Atwell 1269. Geoffrey Turner (bishop) 1270. Rupert Gordon Strutt 1271. David Henry Saunders-Davies 1272. Frank Jackson Okell 1273. Bishop at Lambeth 1274. Frank Pilkington Sargeant 1275. Tony Foottit 1276. James Langstaff (bishop) 1277. David Bentley (bishop) 1278. William Aubrey Aitken 1279. William Somers Llewellyn 1280. David Walker (bishop of Dudley) 1281. Sparkwell 1282. Michael Ashley Mann 1283. Anthony Charles Dumper 1284. John Alexander Ellison 1285. Douglas Milmine 1286. Peter Bartlett (bishop) 1287. Peter Hall (bishop) 1288. Michael Whinney 1289. Geoffrey Lewis Tiarks 1290. Andrew Watson (bishop) 1291. Rico Daniels 1292. Oat Lane 1293. St Augustine Papey 1294. St Audoen within Newgate 1295. St Nicholas Shambles 1296. Robert Leighton Hodson 1297. Eric Knightley Chetwode Hamilton 1298. Hallow, Worcestershire 1299. Arthur William Thomson Perowne 1300. Robert William Grimley 1301. Henry Wolfe Baines 1302. Henry Le Fanu 1303. David Daniel Bartlett 1304. Charles James Ferguson-Davie 1305. William Gordon Wheeler 1306. Hargreaves Parkinson 1307. Kenneth Cragg 1308. Colin Buchanan (bishop) 1309. John Baker (bishop) 1310. Charles Allen Seager 1311. Edward John Bidwell 1312. William Lennox Mills 1313. Edward Archibald Parry 1314. Emil George Henry Caswell 1315. Henry John May 1316. William Piercy Austin 1317. Francis Webster Austin 1318. John Kenneth Young 1319. Ronald Ragsdale Sargison 1320. George Bruce (bishop) 1321. Geoffrey Charles Cates 1322. Randolph Oswald George 1323. James Orlando Clement 1324. Derek Hugh Goodrich 1325. Oswald Fitz Burnell Trellis 1326. Terry Davis (cleric) 1327. Francis Paget 1328. Edward Francis Paget 1329. Anglican Diocese of Mashonaland 1330. Francis Oliver Green-Wilkinson 1331. Anglican Diocese of Lusaka 1332. Clive Orminston Abdulah 1333. Frank Noel Chamberlain 1334. David Williams Bentley 1335. Gay Lisle Griffith Mandeville 1336. Douglas John Wilson 1337. Edward Arthur Dunn 1338. Ernest Sloman 1339. Oswald Hutton Parry 1340. Anglican Diocese of Guyana 1341. Frank Thatcher 1342. William James Hughes 1343. Anglican Diocese of Belize 1344. Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago 1345. Kenneth John Fraser Skelton 1346. Robert Mercer 1347. Borrowdale, Harare 1348. Wilson Timothy Sitshebo 1349. Mark Wood (bishop) 1350. Diocese of Matabeleland 1351. Ian Griggs 1352. Michael Hooper 1353. John Bird (bishop) 1354. John Pulleine 1355. Bishop of Richmond (Anglican) 1356. Reginald Foskett 1357. Cyril Bulley (bishop) 1358. William Edward Augustus Pugh 1359. George Lanyon Hacker 1360. Herbert Victor Turner 1361. Grandage Edwards Powell 1362. James Newcome 1363. Colin Docker 1364. William Greer (bishop) 1365. Stuart Hetley Price 1366. Robert Crowther Abbott 1367. Gerald Burton Allen 1368. Weyhill 1369. Harold Nickinson Rodgers 1370. John Kirkham (bishop) 1371. Churchill, North Devon 1372. East Down, Devon 1373. William Michael Dermot Persson 1374. Cyril Ashton 1375. Michael Gear (bishop) 1376. Alfred Cecil Cooper 1377. Mark Napier Trollope 1378. Arthur Beresford Turner 1379. Charles John Corfe 1380. Roderic Coote 1381. Bishop in Korea 1382. Anglican Diocese of Gambia and the Rio Pongas 1383. Richard Charles Challinor Watson 1384. George Christopher Cutts Pepys 1385. Neville Welch 1386. Fred Jones (footballer born 1938) 1387. Dennis Hawkins 1388. Kenny Simpkins 1389. Peter Price (footballer born 1949) 1390. Kenneth Albert Newing 1391. Chilmark, Wiltshire 1392. Eric Mercer 1393. John Hare (bishop) 1394. William Frank Percival Chadwick 1395. David Brownfield Porter 1396. Edgar Priestley Swain 1397. Arthur Llewellyn Preston 1398. William Woodcock Hough 1399. Hampreston 1400. John Cox Leeke 1401. Cecil Hook 1402. Samuel Mumford Taylor 1403. William Percy Gilpin 1404. Richard Cheetham 1405. Frederick Ochterloney Taylor Hawkes 1406. William Alonzo Parker 1407. Francis William Cocks 1408. Leslie Lloyd Rees 1409. John Dudley Davies 1410. David Hallatt 1411. Alan Smith (bishop) 1412. St Leonard, Eastcheap 1413. George Noakes 1414. St Laurence Pountney 1415. St Margaret, New Fish Street 1416. St Mary Woolchurch Haw 1417. St Martin Pomary 1418. St Pancras, Soper Lane 1419. St Martin Vintry 1420. St Michael-le-Querne 1421. David Atkinson (bishop) 1422. Wilfrid Arthur Edmund Westall 1423. Leslie Edward Stradling 1424. Anglican Diocese of Masasi 1425. Anglican Diocese of South-West Tanganyika 1426. John Nathaniel Quirk 1427. George Nickson 1428. Samuel Kirshbaum Knight 1429. Peter Ball 1430. Thomas William Cook 1431. William Champion Streatfeild 1432. Victor Joseph Pike 1433. John Key (bishop) 1434. Tim Thornton (bishop) 1435. Saunders Davies 1436. Anthony Crockett 1437. Arthur Heber Browne 1438. Ewen Ratteray 1439. Anselm Genders 1440. Anglican Church of Bermuda 1441. Bishop of Bermuda 1442. John Flack 1443. David Thomson (bishop) 1444. Howell Arthur John Witt 1445. Gerald Bruce Muston 1446. John Frewer 1447. Gerard Trower 1448. Arnold Lomas Wylde 1449. Horace Crotty 1450. Bengeworth 1451. Samuel Edward Marsden 1452. Charles Edward Camidge 1453. Francis de Witt Batty 1454. Reginald Stephen 1455. John Edward Mercer 1456. Daniel Fox Sandford 1457. Philip Newell 1458. John Harrower 1459. Henry Hutchinson Montgomery 1460. Henry Russell Wakefield 1461. Herbert Sidney Pelham 1462. Henry Ware (Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness) 1463. Campbell West-Watson 1464. David Smith (bishop) 1465. Robert Hardy (bishop) 1466. Gavin Hunter Reid 1467. Peter Guy Ottewill 1468. Richard Henry McPhail Third 1469. Gregory Venables 1470. Richard Llewellin 1471. Reginald Fisher (bishop) 1472. Roy Koerner 1473. Richard Rutt 1474. Anglican Bishop of Taejon 1475. John Rundle Cornish 1476. Roy Screech 1477. Frank White (bishop) 1478. Paul Barber (bishop) 1479. Frank Russell Barry 1480. Gordon David Savage 1481. Robert Milton Hay 1482. Philip Herbert Eliot 1483. Edward Domett Shaw 1484. Nelson Gabriel 1485. George Rodney Eden 1486. Clement Mallory Ricketts 1487. Maxwell Homfray Maxwell-Gumbleton 1488. Keith Appleby Arnold 1489. Clive Gregory 1490. Christopher Chessun 1491. Ross Sydney Hook 1492. Kenneth Riches 1493. Gerald Fitzmaurice Colin 1494. Alfred Clifford 1495. George Herbert Westcott 1496. Foss Westcott 1497. Charles John Godfrey Saunders 1498. Sydney Alfred Bill 1499. Charles James Gossage Robinson 1500. Bishop of Lucknow 1501. William Quinlan Lash 1502. Edwin James Palmer 1503. Bishop of Mauritius 1504. Walter Ruthven Pym 1505. William Walsh (Bishop of Meath) 1506. Henry Alexander Douglas 1507. Thomas Carr (bishop) 1508. John Harding (bishop) 1509. Louis George Mylne 1510. James Macarthur 1511. Bishop of Bombay 1512. Arthur Lyttelton 1513. George Carnac Fisher 1514. Mettingham College 1515. Thomas Manning (bishop) 1516. Bishop of Ipswich 1517. Hugh James Foss 1518. John Ynaide 1519. Jacob Toru Uno 1520. Bishop of Osaka 1521. Henry St. George Tucker (bishop) 1522. William Awdry 1523. Light Maekawa 1524. Edward Bickersteth (1850–1897) 1525. Cecil Henry Boutflower 1526. Bishop of South Tokyo 1527. Kenneth Dawson Evans 1528. David Wilcox (bishop) 1529. Ian Brackley 1530. Tim Ellis (bishop) 1531. Bishop of Wolverhampton 1532. Bishop of Stockport 1533. Bishop of St Germans 1534. Bishop of Repton 1535. Bishop of Plymouth (Anglican) 1536. Bishop of Penrith 1537. Nyewood 1538. Bishop of Lynn 1539. Bishop of Ludlow 1540. Bishop of Huntingdon 1541. Bishop of Grantham 1542. Bishop of Dorking 1543. Bishop of Colchester 1544. Bishop of Burnley 1545. Bishop of Brixworth 1546. Bishop of Bradwell 1547. Bishop of Birkenhead 1548. Bishop of Aston 1549. Dumpford 1550. David Bartleet 1551. Brian Smith (bishop) 1552. Brian Castle 1553. Philip Goodrich 1554. Russell Berridge White 1555. Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars 1556. 1976 US Open – Women's Doubles 1557. Linky Boshoff 1558. Newton hearing 1559. St Nicholas Olave 1560. St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street 1561. St Peter, Westcheap 1562. St Peter, Paul's Wharf 1563. St Mary Mounthaw 1564. John Skypp 1565. St Margaret Moses 1566. St John the Baptist upon Walbrook 1567. St Gregory by St Paul's 1568. St John the Evangelist Friday Street 1569. Frederick Edward Ridgeway 1570. John Primatt Maud 1571. Bertram Simpson 1572. Henry Wylie Moore 1573. Leonard James Ashton 1574. Edward Roberts (bishop) 1575. Ivor Watkins 1576. Bishop of Swindon 1577. Ronald Cedric Osbourne Goodchild 1578. Mark Santer 1579. John George Hughes 1580. Godfrey William Ernest Candler Ashby 1581. Mlibo Mteteleli Ngewu 1582. Geoffrey Francis Davies 1583. Anglican Diocese of Umzimvubu 1584. Anglican Diocese of Zululand 1585. Sitembele Tobela Mzamane 1586. Anglican Diocese of Mthatha 1587. David Johnson (racehorse owner) 1588. Comply or Die 1589. Jacob Zambuhle Bhekuyise Dlamini 1590. James Leo Schuster 1591. Henry St John Tomlinson Evans 1592. Edward Harold Etheridge 1593. Joseph Watkin Williams 1594. David George Galliford 1595. David Gillett 1596. David Bonser 1597. John Campbell Paterson 1598. Bruce Carlyle Gilberd 1599. Eric Austin Gowing 1600. William John Simkin 1601. Alfred Walter Averill 1602. Owen Thomas Lloyd Crossley 1603. Moore Richard Neligan 1604. Chris Edmondson 1605. Bishop of Bolton 1606. Mark Davies (bishop of Middleton) 1607. Itumeleng Baldwin Moseki 1608. Oswald Swartz 1609. George Alfred Swartz 1610. John Boys (bishop) 1611. John Hunter (bishop) 1612. Brough Scott 1613. Humphrey Taylor 1614. Douglas Noel Sargent 1615. Carey Frederick Knyvett 1616. Bransby Lewis Key 1617. David Stewart Cross 1618. Bishop of Doncaster 1619. Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson 1620. Theodore Sumner Gibson 1621. Bishop of St John's 1622. Wilfrid Gore Browne 1623. Robert Ladds 1624. Gordon Bates 1625. George D'Oyly Snow 1626. Clarence Edward Crowther 1627. Philip William Wheeldon 1628. Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman 1629. Harold Evelyn Hubbard 1630. Cyril Easthaugh 1631. Colin Blant 1632. Clifford Conder Barker 1633. Martin Wallace (bishop) 1634. Henry St John Stirling Woollcombe 1635. Gordon Mursell 1636. John Waller (bishop) 1637. Richard George Clitherow 1638. Lemprière Durell Hammond 1639. Lionel Payne Crawfurd 1640. Kenneth Woollcombe 1641. Edward Ash Were 1642. John Yates (bishop) 1643. Sybil Colefax 1644. Bishop of Stafford 1645. Douglas Crick 1646. Robert Hamilton Moberly 1647. Henry Mosley (bishop) 1648. Charles Edward Curzon 1649. Luke Paget 1650. Francis Evered Lunt 1651. George Forrest Browne 1652. Stephen Oliver (bishop) 1653. Jim Thompson (bishop) 1654. Droxford railway station 1655. West Meon railway station 1656. Michael Henshall 1657. Charles Robert Claxton 1658. Herbert Gresford Jones 1659. Edwin Hone Kempson 1660. Bishop of Warrington 1661. Carl Aarvold 1662. Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf 1663. Byward Street 1664. Thomas Arthur Cooke 1665. Henry Roxby Benson 1666. Keith Rayner 1667. Maria Colwell 1668. Robert Dann 1669. David Penman 1670. Philip Freier 1671. Joseph John Booth 1672. Donald Tytler 1673. Edward Ralph Wickham 1674. Robert Nelson (bishop) 1675. Frank Weston 1676. Oliver Claude Allison 1677. John Oliver (bishop) 1678. David Jennings (bishop) 1679. John Stroyan 1680. Clive Handford 1681. John Edward Brown 1682. Translation (ecclesiastical) 1683. Edward Worsfold Mowll 1684. Cecil Wilfred Wilson 1685. Arthur Fawssett Alston 1686. Frank Woods (archbishop) 1687. Farringdon Platform railway station 1688. A Bunch of Fives 1689. George Reindorp 1690. Joseph Fison 1691. Richard Parsons (bishop) 1692. Linton Smith 1693. Ernest Harold Pearce 1694. Arthur Carlisle 1695. Reginald Hollis 1696. Robert Kenneth Maguire 1697. Edward Sydney Woods 1698. Henry Horace Pereira 1699. James Carmichael (bishop) 1700. John Harkness Dixon 1701. Barry Bryan Clarke 1702. John Cragg Farthing 1703. Lionel Ford 1704. Arthur Purey-Cust 1705. List of Anglican Bishops of Montreal 1706. Charles Carre 1707. William Foxley Norris 1708. Albert Road Bridge Halt railway station 1709. Jessie Road Bridge Halt railway station 1710. John Bateman-Champain (bishop) 1711. Paul de Labilliere 1712. Lucius Smith 1713. St Agatha's, Landport 1714. James Bell (bishop) 1715. Malcolm Menin 1716. Frank Weston (bishop of Knaresborough) 1717. Paulsgrove Halt railway station 1718. John Dennis (bishop) 1719. Ralph Emmerson 1720. John Howard Cruse 1721. Henry Handley Vully de Candole 1722. John Went 1723. Jeremy Walsh (bishop) 1724. Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs 1725. Kevin Russell (footballer) 1726. Robert Deakin 1727. Augustine John Hodson 1728. Bishop of Knaresborough 1729. Forbes Trevor Horan 1730. Bishop of Tewkesbury 1731. Billy Wilson (English footballer) 1732. Billy Wilson (American soccer) 1733. Privett railway station 1734. St Gabriel Fenchurch 1735. Phil Roberts 1736. Mervyn Haigh 1737. Neville Gorton 1738. John Milkins 1739. Nicky Jennings 1740. Richie Reynolds 1741. David Munks 1742. Peter Mellor 1743. St Botolph Billingsgate 1744. Holy Trinity the Less 1745. St Ann Blackfriars 1746. St Andrew Hubbard 1747. St James Duke's Place 1748. John Gibbs (bishop) 1749. Mark Delaney (boxer) 1750. Malcolm Manley 1751. Paul Went 1752. Mick Mellows 1753. Joe Laidlaw 1754. Norman Piper 1755. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 1756. Ramones – Around the World 1757. St Peter le Poer 1758. The Nelson Monument, Portsdown Hill 1759. Lerose, Kentucky 1760. William Byngham 1761. Neston South railway station 1762. Parkgate railway station 1763. Thurstaston railway station 1764. Jane and Prudence 1765. Holy Trinity Gough Square 1766. Union of Benefices Act 1860 1767. All-Hallows-the-Less 1768. St Faith under St Paul's 1769. Mark Wallington 1770. Mark Wallington (writer) 1771. Mark Wallington (footballer) 1772. Paddy Haycocks 1773. Steve Earle (footballer) 1774. Alan Woollett 1775. Lenny Glover 1776. Hole railway station 1777. Halwill Junction railway station 1778. Hatherleigh railway station 1779. Hayling Island railway station 1780. Sarisbury 1781. Park Gate 1782. St Mary Colechurch 1783. Meeth Halt railway station 1784. Torrington railway station 1785. Petrockstow railway station 1786. Petrockstowe 1787. Marland Works railway station 1788. Dunsbear Halt railway station 1789. Watergate Halt railway station 1790. Yarde Halt 1791. Bembridge railway station 1792. St Helens (Isle of Wight) railway station 1793. Whippingham railway station 1794. Cowes railway station 1795. Mill Hill (Isle of Wight) railway station 1796. Medina Wharf Halt railway station 1797. Cement Mills Halt 1798. Wroxall railway station 1799. Queen Victoria Street, London 1800. Foster Lane 1801. Carisbrooke railway station 1802. David French (charity administrator) 1803. Henry David Halsey 1804. Private railway station 1805. Henry Agar-Ellis, 3rd Viscount Clifden 1806. Watchingwell Halt (Isle of Wight) railway station 1807. Sir John Simeon, 4th Baronet 1808. List of private railway stations 1809. List of private railway stations in Great Britain 1810. Calbourne & Shalfleet railway station 1811. Ningwood (Isle of Wight) railway station 1812. Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) railway station 1813. Freshwater (Isle of Wight) railway station 1814. PCGM 1815. Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway 1816. Newport railway station (FY&NR Isle of Wight) 1817. Newport railway station (IoWCR Isle of Wight) 1818. Newport Pan Lane (Isle of Wight) railway station 1819. Shide (Isle of Wight) railway station 1820. Blackwater (Isle of Wight) railway station 1821. Merstone (Isle of Wight) railway station 1822. The Weekly News 1823. Dad's Army (stage show) 1824. Horringford (Isle of Wight) railway station 1825. Newchurch (Isle of Wight) railway station 1826. Heddon's Mouth 1827. Alverstone (Isle of Wight) railway station 1828. St Michael Wood Street 1829. Wootton railway station 1830. Havenstreet railway station 1831. Castle Baynard 1832. St Dionis Backchurch 1833. St Alphage London Wall 1834. Coleman Street 1835. List of former schools in the City of London 1836. All Hallows Honey Lane 1837. B8045 road 1838. Lime Street (ward) 1839. St. Michael, Crooked Lane 1840. St Katherine Coleman 1841. All Hallows Lombard Street 1842. Candlewick 1843. SS Peter and Andrew's Church, Old Windsor 1844. Dutch Church, Austin Friars 1845. Langbourn 1846. St Nicholas Acons 1847. Cheap (ward) 1848. Broad Street (ward) 1849. St Christopher le Stocks 1850. St Mildred, Poultry 1851. Cordwainer (ward) 1852. St Mildred, Bread Street 1853. St Swithin, London Stone 1854. List of churches rebuilt after the Great Fire of London but since demolished 1855. List of churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London and not rebuilt 1856. B2177 road 1857. Cloth Fair 1858. Lord North Street 1859. East Wittering 1860. Nossiter 1861. Scharf 1862. Ruth Kettlewell 1863. Codford railway station 1864. Denvilles 1865. Reginald William Skelton 1866. Warblington 1867. West Wittering 1868. Robert Neal Rudmose-Brown 1869. Michael Barne 1870. John Riddoch Rymill 1871. James Edward Butler Futtit Farrington 1872. Jane Francis 1873. Tavi Murray 1874. Ginny Fiennes 1875. Parish Pump (CGA series) 1876. John Taylor Hughes 1877. Cuthbert Bardsley 1878. William Louis Anderson 1879. Sidlesham 1880. Frank Partridge (bishop) 1881. Charles Silvester Horne 1882. Archibald Ronald McDonald Gordon 1883. Herbert Cozens-Hardy, 1st Baron Cozens-Hardy 1884. Launcelot Fleming 1885. Provincial Grand Master 1886. John Henry Lawrence Phillips 1887. Timothy John Bavin 1888. Frank Doel 1889. Brian McBride (director) 1890. Toytown (disambiguation) 1891. Puslinch (disambiguation) 1892. Puslinch, Devon 1893. The Roses of Eyam 1894. William Mompesson 1895. Mrs Fox 1896. INTECH 1897. John Trunley 1898. Prudence at Number 10 1899. Prunella Clough 1900. Toytown (horse) 1901. Toytown 1902. John Burton (political agent) 1903. Shirley Bowes 1904. Bill Badger and the Pirates 1905. Martin Waddell 1906. The Elms (Bedhampton) 1907. Citadel (U.S. Senate) 1908. The Mystery of Banshee Towers 1909. Tony Priscott 1910. Gordon Elliott (racehorse trainer) 1911. Robbie Power 1912. Brian Walsh (horseracing) 1913. Silver Birch (horse) 1914. Starling (disambiguation) 1915. John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood 1916. Alex Menzies 1917. Hookey Leonard 1918. Tewfik Abdullah 1919. Harting Old Club 1920. Bill Pointon 1921. Darren Collins 1922. Moor Copse Nature Reserve 1923. Kramer and Zondi 1924. Sloan and Crosby 1925. Lincoln biscuit 1926. Michael John Hurd 1927. Trevor the Weather 1928. Brechfa 1929. Paulsgrove Primary School 1930. Portsdown and Horndean Light Railway 1931. Dorothy Scharf 1932. Wilfred Brown 1933. Ham Island 1934. Anne Brewis 1935. Keydell House 1936. Pointless (book) 1937. Jack McGurk 1938. Mr Olim 1939. East Marden 1940. Jim Starling 1941. Forton Creek 1942. Martin Snape 1943. Drury Curzon Drury-Lowe 1944. Wolfgang von Leyden 1945. Daniel Corrie 1946. George John Trevor Spencer 1947. Thomas Dealtry 1948. John Aung Hla 1949. Francis Ah Mya 1950. Santosh Marray 1951. Peter Somerset Margesson Judd 1952. Richard William Herrick 1953. Christopher John Armstrong 1954. David Frayne 1955. Norman Robinson (Provost) 1956. Lawrence Jackson (Provost) 1957. William Kay (Provost) 1958. John Sinker 1959. Philip James Huggins 1960. Cecil Henry Druitt 1961. Anthony Howard Nichols 1962. Fraser Lawton 1963. John Robert Clarke 1964. Gary Frederick Woolsey 1965. Frederick Hugh Wright Crabb 1966. Reginald James Pierce 1967. David Ashdown 1968. Gordon Beardy 1969. Thomas Collings 1970. James Allan (bishop) 1971. Michael Russell (Anglican bishop) 1972. Gregor Duthie Duncan 1973. Harry Tevi 1974. John Mitchell Taylor 1975. Derek Rawcliffe 1976. Frederick Goldie 1977. Francis Moncreiff (bishop) 1978. Daniel Davies (bishop) 1979. David Edwardes Davies 1980. John Charles Jones 1981. John Cledan Mears 1982. John David Edward Davies 1983. AnthonyEdward Pierce 1984. Dewi Morris Bridges 1985. John James Absalom Thomas 1986. Llancaiach 1987. James Paterson (Dean) 1988. Samuel Hood (priest) 1989. Robert Jackson MacGeorge 1990. Reginald John Mapleton 1991. Frederick Robert Halsey Herbert Noyes 1992. James Courtney Bevin 1993. Alexander Stewart MacInnes 1994. Charles Whitworth Robert Lloyd 1995. Charles Pressley Smith 1996. Ian George MacQueen Wilson 1997. Duncan MacInnes 1998. John Henry James MacLeay 1999. Richard Crosbie Aitken Henderson 2000. Charles Brodrick Bernard 2001. James O'Sullivan 2002. David John Ison 2003. Christopher David Hancock 2004. John Stephen Richardson 2005. Johannes Thomas Seoka 2006. Richard Austin Kraft 2001 Ford Tichborne 2002. JohnPercy Phair 2003. William Edward Meade 2004. Robert Bonsall Pike 2005. William John McCappin 2006. Anthony Lindsay Nind 2007. Brian William Horlock 2008. Daniel John Rowlands 2009. John Kenneth Robinson 2010. John Allan Barnes Paddock 2011. Alan Geoffrey Woods 2012. Arthur Siddall 2013. Michael John Chandler 2014. Michael John Higgins 2015. William James Patterson 2016. Charles Allan Shaw 2017. Christopher Butson 2017. Stephen Creagh Sandes 2018. Michael Sausmarez Carey 2019. Ludlow Tonson, 3rd Baron Riversdale 2020. Edwin Owen 2021. William Bennett Chester 2022. Frederick Richards Wynne 2023. Mervyn Archdall (bishop) 2024. John Holland Chapman 2025. John Arthur Baycroft 2026. Mesac Thomas 2027. William Chalmers (bishop) 2028. Barry Craig Bates Hollowell 2029. John Barry Curtis 2030. Derek Balfour Erskine Hoskin 2031. Thomas Elrington 2032. Samuel Kyle (bishop) 2033. James Wilson (bishop) 2034. Robert Fowler (bishop) 2035. William Pakenham Walsh 2036. Eric Matthias Roberts 2037. Uzmaston 2038. John Ivor Rees 2039. Bruce Herbert Warren Howe 2040. Robert Franklin Bennett 2041. Derwyn Dixon Jones 2042. Percival Richard O'Driscoll 2043. Tom Corston 2044. Caleb James Lawrence 2045. Cuthbert Cooper Robinson 2046. William Christie (dean) 2047. John Ferguson (dean) 2048. John Archibald 2049. William Hay Wilson 2050. Leofric Matthew Hay-Dinwoody 2051. Walter Jenks 2052. North Molton 2053. Charles Robert Robertson 2054. Clarence Albert Edward Wolfe 2055. William Connell Gow 2056. Iain William Thomson Duff McHardy 2057. Rishworth 2058. Cyril Arthur Barnes 2059. Stewart Adam Thomson Mallin 2060. John Douglas Paul 2061. Robin Whyte Forrest 2062. Clifford John Piper 2063. Leonard Albert Black 2064. Michael Francis Hickford 2065. Alan Avery Allen Horsley 2066. Malcolm Etheridge Grant 2067.Cyrus Clement James Pitman 2068.Donald Frederick Harvey 2069.Martin Mate 2070.William Higgin 2071.Kenneth Raymond Good 2072.James Mehaffey 2073.Gordon McMullan 2074.George Alderson Quin 2075.Tzu Kao Shen 2076.Kwang-Hsu Michael Chang 2077.Philip Lindel Tsen 2078.Ch’eng-Tsi Song 2079.Newton Liu 2080.Percy Stevens 2081.Daniel Trumbull Huntington 2082.William Banister 2083.John Wellington 2084.William Charles White (missionary bishop) 2085.Frank Houghton 2086.Alun John Hawkins 2087.Dwygyfylchi 2088.Trevor Owen Evans 2089.Trefdraeth 2090.Thomas Erwyd Pryse Edwards 2091.Gwynfryn Richards 2092.Hezekiah Ademola Oluwafemi 2093.Michael Oladimeji Faborode 2094.Hywel Islwyn Davies 2095.John Thomas Davies (dean) 2096.Thomas Alfred Williams 2097.Griffith Roberts 2098.John Richards Richards 2099.Walter Worboys 2100.Calvin Wendell Bess 2101.Rawle Ernest Douglin 2102.Alfred Charles Reid 2103.Neville Wordsworth De Souza 2104.Herbert Da Costa Edmondson 2105.Calvert Leopold Friday 2106.Sehon Sylvester Goodridge 2107.Philip Edward Randolph Elder 2108.John Walder Dunlop Holder 2109.Rufus Theophilus Brome 2110.Leroy Errol Brooks 2111.David Charles Brindley 2112.Bernard Williams (provost) 2113.William Henry Taylor (priest) 2114.George Peter Nairn-Briggs 2115.Jonathan Desmond Francis Greener 2116.William Arthur MacLeod 2117.Noel Thomas Hopkins 2118.Philip Norris Pare 2119.John Field Lister 2120.John Edward Allen 2121.List of Provosts/Deans of Wakefield Cathedral 2122.Michael Hawkins (bishop) 2123.Anthony John Burton 2124.David Irving (bishop) 2125.Rodney Osborne Andrews 2126.Thomas Oliver Morgan 2127.Hedley Vicars Roycroft Short 2128.William Henry Howes Crump 2129.Roland Arthur Wood 2130.Douglas Albert Ford 2131.Stanley Charles Steer 2132.Henry David Martin 2133.Walter Burd 2134.Wilfred Eastland Fuller 2135.William Thomas Thompson Hallam 2136.Al Stewart (bishop) 2137.Peter Hayward 2138.Reg Piper 2139.Peter Tasker 2140.Ray Smith (bishop) 2141.John Reid (bishop) 2142.Donald Cameron (bishop) 2143.Glenn Davies 2144.Brian King 2145.Ken Short 2146.Ivan Yin Lee 2147.Arthur William Goodwin Hudson 2148.Herbert Gordon Smirnoff Begbie 2149.Arthur John Dain 2150.Charles Venn Pilcher 2151.Gerald Addington Darcy-Irvine 2152.Ian Gordon Combe George 2153.Charles Maurice Stack 2154.Maurice Day 2155.Richard Tyner 2156.Alan Alexander Buchanan 2157.Robert William Heavener 2158.Andrew Wallace Williamson 2159.Jasmine Hyde 2160.Eric Dodson 2161.Peter Whitaker 2162.David Squire 2163.Rowena Cooper 2164.Maureen Darbyshire 2165.Nicholas Gecks 2166.Christopher Milburn 2167.Denys Graham 2168.Norman Ettlinger 2169.Abigail McKern 2170.Rumpole and the Primrose Path 2171.Ian Gelder 2172.Marion Mathie 2173.Peggy Thorpe-Bates 2174.James Cameron Lees 2175.John Joseph Robinson 2176.Jack Shearer 2177.Robert Miller (bishop) 2178.Henry Stewart O'Hara 2179.Maurice FitzGerald Day 2180.Hugh Jackson Lawlor 2181.Charles Thomas Ovenden 2182.Dunluce, County Antrim 2183.John West (dean) 2184.Henry Jellett (junior) 2185.Henry Jellett (senior) 2186.David Frederick Ruddell Wilson 2187.Maurice Stewart 2188.William Cecil De Pauley 2189.Thomas James Welland 2190.William James Morris 2191.Robert Alexander Stewart Barbour 2192.Henry Charles Whitley 2193.Hugh Osborne Douglas 2194.James Boyd Longmuir 2195.John Marshall Lang 2196.Marshall Buchanan Lang 2197.Thomas Moffat Murchison 2198.Derek Macdonald Cooper 2199.Charles Laing Warr 2200.George Alexander Rix 2201.High Toynton 2202.Robert Sutton (Archdeacon of Lewes) 2203.Theodore Townson Churton 2204.Arthur William Upcott 2205.Benedict George Hoskyns 2206.Charles Philip Stewart Clarke 2207.Lancelot Mason 2208.Roger Matthew Combes 2209.William Charles Leonard Filby 2210.Frederick George Kerr-Dineen 2211.Nathaniel Alexander (bishop) 2212.Robert Ponsonby Tottenham Loftus 2213.Cornwallis Maude, 1st Viscount Hawarden 2214.Edmund Knox (Irish bishop) 2215.Thomas Bunbury (bishop) 2216.Terrence Owen Buckle 2217.Tom Greenwood 2218.Henry Hooper Marsh 2219.Norman Atkinson Russell 2220.David Nigel Griffiths 2221.William Raymond Birt 2222.Richard Wickham Legg 2223.William Methven Gordon Ducat 2224.Cecil Frederick Joseph Bourke 2225.John Anthony Morrison 2226.Edward Leighton Elwes 2227.Julian Richard Hawes Hubbard 2228.Thomas Henry Archer Houblon 2229.The eleven day weekend 2230.Alexander Gordon MacWilliam 2231.Lawrence Bowen 2232.Thomas Edward Jenkins 2233.Carlyle Witton-Davies 2234.Bertie Lewis (dean) 2235.Albert William Parry 2236.David Watcyn Morgan 2237.William Williams (dean) 2238.James Allan Smith 2239.David Howell (dean) 2240.Evan Owen Phillips 2241.James Allen (dean) 2242.Llewelyn Llewellin 2243.David Jonathan Rees Lean 2244.Christopher Nicholas Lynden Potter 2245.Thomas Richard Kerry Goulstone 2246.William Anderson, Bishop of Caledonia 2247.John Edward Hannen 2248.Eric George Munn 2249.Horace Godfrey Watts 2250.James Byers Gibson 2251.Edward Rushworth (politician) 2252.Edward Everard Rushworth 2253.Sir George Burrard, 3rd Baronet 2254.Barry Valentine 2255.Patrick Vaughan Lee 2256.Donald David Phillips 2257.Walter Heath Jones 2258.Kenneth Lyle Genge 2257.Edwin Kent Clarke 2258.John Arthur William Langstone 2259.William Gerald Burch 2260.Funtley Deviation 2261.Arthur Edward Burgett 2262.Henry Allen Gray 2263.Norman Banks (priest) 2264.Jonathan Baker (priest) 2265.Geraint Morgan Hugh Hughes 2266.Patrick Torry 2267.John Howe (bishop) 2268.Michael Hare-Duke 2269.Michael Henley 2270.Durley Halt railway station 2271.Bishops Waltham railway station 2272.Durley Mill 2273.Christopher Prior 2274.Norman Harry Crowder 2275.Ronald Victor Scruby 2276.Frederick Charles Carpenter 2277.Antony Hubert Michael Turner 2278.Kenneth Mervyn Lancelot Hadfield Banting 2279.Michael David Saville Peck 2280.Gavin Andrew Collins 2281.Trevor Alan John Reader 2282Christopher Lowson 2283.Charles Mongan Warburton 2284.Francis Marsh 2285.William Carmichael (archbishop) 2286.Arthur Smyth 2287.Robert Edward Fraser Berry 2288.David Crawley (bishop) 2289.John Elswood Privett 2290.Larry Robertson 2291.Arthur Gordon Peters 2292.Leonard Fraser Hatfield 2293.George Feversham Arnold 2294.William Wallace Davis 2295.Robert Harold Waterman 2296.William Knox (bishop) 2297.Charles Dalrymple Lyndsay 2298.George Lewis Jones 2299.Thomas Lewis O'Beirne 2300.Hugh Hamilton (bishop of Ossory) 2301.Thomas Stopford 2302.Thomas St Lawrence 2303.William Dickson (bishop) 2304.Richard Marlay 2305.Richard Bourke (bishop) 2306.Michael John Macdonald Paton 2307.Henry Arnold Favell 2308.John Edward Blakeney 2309.Hayman Johnson 2310.Martyn James Snow 2311.Victor Dobbin 2312.Charles Douglas Symons 2313.Peter Edward Bradley 2314.Wilfred Frank Curtis 2315.Ivan Delacherois Neill 2316.William Arthur Baker 2317.Ernest Hayford Thorold 2318.Alfred Charles Eustace Jarvis 2319.William Beaumont Busby 2320.Thomas Dale (dean) 2321.Robert Stevens (dean) 2322.Samuel Hole 2323.Alan Abernethy 2324.Jimmy Moore (bishop) 2325.George Hall (Irish bishop) 2326.James Saurin 2327.James Hawkins (bishop) 2328.William Bissett (bishop) 2329.Thomas Lloyd (bishop) 2330.John Lewis Edwards 2331.Richard Henry Owen 2332.Elwyn Bernard Thomas 2333.Richard Henry Roberts 2334.Charles Frederic Roberts 2335.David Evans (archdeacon) 2336.Selwyn Closs-Parry 2337.John Jenkin Jones 2338.William Hugh Rees 2339.Robert Taylor Halliday 2340.Neville Chamberlain (bishop) 2341.Thomas Hannay 2342.Kenneth Mackenzie (Bishop of Argyll and The Isles) 2343.Kenneth Mackenzie (Bishop of Brechin) 2344.Frederick Charles Moir 2345.Kenneth Malcolm Sutherland-Graeme 2346.George Walpole 2347.Kenneth Carey (bishop) 2348.Alastair Haggart 2349.Caroline Baston 2350.Alexander Cory 2351.Leonard Coulshaw 2352.Frederick Darrell Bunt 2353.Chandos Morgan 2354.Christian William Hampton Weekes 2355.Robert McKew 2356.Lewen Greenwood Tugwell 2357.George Lemmon 2358.Bill Hockin 2359.Sue Moxley (bishop) 2360.Claude Miller (bishop) 2361.Stewart Payne 2362.Leonard Whitten 2363.Percy Coffin 2364.Leightonstone 2365.James Jones (priest) 2366.Arthur Royle (priest) 2367.Hugh McCurdy 2368.Richard Sledge 2369.John Beer (priest) 2370.Jeffrey Watson (priest) 2371.David Walser 2372.John Long (priest) 2373.Herbert Kirkpatrick 2374.William MacKennal 2375.William Cunningham (priest) 2376.William Emery 2377.Glyndwr Rhys Renowden 2378.Herbert James Stuart 2379.John Hewitt Wilson 2390.Harry Dan Leigh Viener 2391.Robert Edward Vernon Hanson 2392.Sidney Lampard Clarke 2393.James Rowland Walkey 2394.Maurice Henry Edwards 2395.Leslie Wright (priest) 2396.Alan Stanley Giles 2397.Raymond Harcourt Roberts 2398.Thomas Ashworth Goss 2399.John Nicholas Shtetinin Seaford 2400.Basil Arthur O'Ferrall 2401.Kenneth Paul Mellor 2402.Frederick Marc Trickey 2403.Jeffery Robert Fenwick 2404.Rex Alan Howe 2405.Barry Dorn Till 2406.John William Foster (dean) 2407.Frederick Walter Cogman 2408.Edward Louis Frossard 2409.Agnew Walter Giles Giffard 2410.East Butterwick 2411.Douglas Falkland Carey 2412.John Brookes Vernon Penfold 2413.Thomas Bell (dean) 2414.Charles Dickenson 2415.Edward Stopford (bishop) 2416.Thomas Stewart Townsend 2417.James Henderson Singer 2418.Samuel Butcher (bishop) 2419.Samuel Butcher (Royal Navy officer) 2420.Hudd 2421.Manuhuia Augustus Bennett 2422.James Everard Home 2423.Wiremu Netana Panapa 2424.Frederick Augustus Bennett 2425.William Shaw Andrew 2426.Thomass Thurstan Irvine 2427.John Crook (bishop) 2428.Mark Strange (bishop) 2429.Colin Jones (priest) 2430.Rowan Smith 2431.Michael Weeder 2432.John Brooke (priest) 2433.William Newman (priest) 2434.Charles Barnett-Clarke 2435.Charles Headley 2436.Edward King (priest) 2437.Gregor MacGregor (bishop) 2438.George Sessford 2439.Gerald Vesey 2440.Thomas Hodgson (priest) 2441.Kenneth Knowles 2442.William Uthwatt 2443.Gordon John Steele 2444.Archdeacon of Oakham 2445.Kenneth Kay 2446.Sidney Edward Lowe 2447.Thomas John Williams 2448.Henry Lucas Cook 2449.James Francis Howson 2450.Frederick George Ackerley 2451.DavidNewman(archdeacon) 2452.Paul Hackwood 2453.Ian Stanes 2454.David Goldie (priest) 2455. Derek Eastman (priest) 2456.Hughie Jones 2457.Harold Lockley 2558.William John Lyon(archdeacon) 2559.William Philip Hurrell 2560.PercyHarrisBowers 2561.Charles Estcourt Boucher 2562.Ronald Berkeley Cole 2563.Cecil Lloyd Matthews 2564.ArthurKitching(bishop) 2565.Harold Hyde-Lees 2566.William Clements Gwyther 2567.James Walker Harper 2568.George Taylor Shillito Farquhar 2569.Bob Gillies 2570.John Terence Shone 2571.Charles Shipley Cockbill 2572.Cecil John Grimes 2573.Charles William Taylor 2574.Michael Bunker 2575.Randolph George Wise 2576.Christine Allsopp 2577.Paul Vernon Hughes 2578.Malcolm Leslie Lesiter 2579.Robert Saville Brown 2580.Frederick Bathurst 2581.Edward Alfred Livingstone Moore 2582.Charles Hope Gill 2583.Bernard Conyngham Corfield 2584.John Martindale Speechly 2585.Cherakarottu Korula Jacob 2586.Edward Noel Hodges 2587.Bishop of Travancore and Cochin 2588.Donald Bertram Harris 2589.William Aubrey Robins 2590.Arthur Henry Parnell 2591.Philip Bertram Davies 2592.Edward Matheson Norfolk 2593.Basil Clark Snell 2594.Archdeacon of Northolt 2595.Rachel Treweek 2596.Archdeacon of Hackney 2597.Reginald Prideaux Lightfoot 2598.Edward Marsham Moore 2599.David Scott Painter 2600.Bernard Fernyhough 2601.Wolstanton Grammar School 2602.Frank Noel Towndrow 2603.Ernest Norman Millard 2604.David John Lee 2605.Guy Alexander Wilkinson 2606.David Herbert Shreeve 2607.Alfred Maitland Wood 2608.Charles Maxwell Woosnam 2609.Ian Gregory Bishop 2610.Chadkirk 2611.Arthur Gore (archdeacon) 2612.Archdeacon of Macclesfield 2613.Barnabas John Hopkinson 2614.Stephen John Waine 2615.Alan Paul Jeans 2616.Ewecross 2617.Archdeacon of Craven 2618.Archdeacon of Sarum ‎ 2619.Archdeacon of Wiltshire 2620.Archdeacon of Dorset ‎ 2621.Mark Lawrence (actor) ‎ 2622.Dorcan 2623.Edwin James Greenfield Ward ‎ 2624.Paul Charles Wheatley 2625Paul Stanley Taylor ‎ 2626.Roger Ernest Dion Sharpley ‎ 2627.George Boorne Timms ‎ 2628.James Gow Mann ‎ 2629.Michael Minden Hodgins 2670.Lyle Dennen ‎ 2671.Edward Scott Shirras 2672.Roy Southwell 2673.Francis Lear 2674.Harry William Carpenter 2675a.Percy John Dale 2675b.Frank McGowan (archdeacon) 2676.Stephen Basil Wingfield Digby 2677.‎Lancelot Addison (Archdeacon of Dorset) 2678.John Kewley 2679.Charles Vincent Stockwood 2670.Ernest Henry Stenning 2671.Edward Brown Glass 2672.Arthur Ashford Clague 2673Denis James ‎ 2674.Arthur Frederick Ward ‎ 2675.Ronald George Herniman ‎ 2676.Bertram Trevor Lloyd ‎ 2677.David Allan Gunn-Johnson ‎ 2678.Ambrose Lethbridge 2679.Algernon Giles Seymour 2680.John Burton (priest) ‎ 2681.Edward Bowles Knottesford Fortescue 2682.Kevin Gerhard Franz 2683.Hunter Buchanan Farquharson 2684.Wilfred Bennetto Currie 2685.Ernest Denis Tyndall 2686.Andrew Brown (priest) ‎ 2687.Brian Smith (priest) ‎ 2688.Brian Harold Partington 2689.David Albert Willoughby 2690.Archdeacon of Southwark ‎ 2691.Michael Ipgrave 2692.Ian Chandler (priest) ‎ 2693.Archdeacons of Plymouth ‎ 2694.John Rawlings (priest) ‎ 2695.Richard Gilpin (priest) 2696.Tony Tremlett ‎ 2697.John Michael Lucas 2698.Robert Newhouse (priest) ‎ 2699.John Stanley Hawkins ‎ 2700.Edgar Hall ‎ 2701.John Cobham (priest) ‎ 2702.Thomas Newton Leeke 2703.Arthur Simms 2704.Charles Thomas Wilkinson ‎ 2705.Penny Driver ‎ 2706.Albert Seymour 2707.Frank Emlyn Jones 2708.Edgar Hay ‎ 2709.77 (band) ‎ 2710.Edward Willoughby ‎ 2711.Thomas Hobbes (priest) ‎ 2712.Simon Haynes (priest) 2713.Gregory Dodds ‎ 2714.Stephen Townesend ‎ 2715.William Peterson (priest) ‎ 2716.Edward Young (priest) ‎ 2717.George Cary (priest) ‎ 2718.Richard Annesley, 3rd Baron Altham 2719.Edward Trelawney ‎ 2720.Alured Clarke (priest) 2721.William Holmes (priest) 2722.Jeremiah Milles 2723.Charles Talbot (priest) ‎ 2734.George Gordon (priest) 2735.Michael Scott (priest) 2736.John Noble (Dean of Exeter) ‎ 2737.John Pycot 2738.Andrew de Kilkenny ‎ 2739.Henry de Somerset ‎ 2740.Thomas de Lechlade ‎ 2741.Bartholomew de Sancto Laurentio ‎ 2742.Richard de Coleton ‎ 2743.Richard de Braylegh ‎ 2744.Reginald de Bugwell ‎ 2745.Robert Sumpter 2746.Thomas Walkyngton ‎ 2747.Ralph Tregrision ‎ 2748.Stephen Payn ‎ 2749.John Cobethorn ‎ 2750.John Hals ‎ 2751Henry Webber (Dean of Exeter) ‎ 2752.Roger de Toriz ‎ 2753.Herbert Barnes ‎ 2754.Henry Woolcombe ‎ 2755.William Hole (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2756.John Grant (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2757.Lewis Stephens (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2758.Thomas Lynford ‎ 2759.William Read (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2760.James Smith (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2761.Joshua Tucker ‎ 2762.Roger Massey ‎ 2763.John Andrew (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2764.Peregrine Ilbert ‎ 2765.Jonathan Parker Fisher ‎ 2766.Thomas Johns ‎ 2767.John Bartholomew (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2768.George Barnes (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2769.John Bull (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2770.Robert Lawe ‎ 2771.Henry Squire ‎ 2772.John Pollard (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2773.Thomas Brerwood ‎ 2774.Richard Tollett ‎ 2775.John Tyake ‎ 2776.John Young (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2777.Richard Norton (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 2778.William Elyot ‎ 2779.John Stubbes ‎ 2880.Roger Keys ‎ 2881.Richard Helyer ‎ 2882.John Waryn ‎ 2883.John Orum 2884.Richard Aldtyngton ‎ 2885.Robert Rygge 2886.Henry Whitefield 2887.John Downall 2888.Robert Froude 2889.Ralph Barnes ‎ 2890.Thomas Skynner ‎ 2891.George Baker (priest) 2892.Nicholas Kendall (priest) 2893.George Fleetwood (priest) 2894.George Snell (priest) ‎ 2895.Francis Fullwood ‎ 2896. Edward Cotton ‎ (Cotton) 2897.William Cotton (Archdeacon of Totnes) ‎ 2898.Jasper Swift 2899.William Parker (priest) ‎ 2900.Lewis Swete 2901.William Collumpton ‎ 2902.John Cole (priest) ‎ 2903.Oliver Whiddon 2904.Thomas Kent (priest) ‎ 2905.William Fawell ‎ 2906.Richard Sydnor ‎ 2907.John Fulford 2908.Ralph Heathcott ‎ 2909.Edmund Chaderton ‎ 2910.William Wagott 2911.Thomas Chippenham ‎ 2912.Thomas Manning (priest) ‎ 2913.John Burneby ‎ 2914.Alan Kirketon ‎ 2915.John Typhane ‎ 2916.William Barton (priest) ‎ 2917.William Hunden 2918.John Lydford ‎ 2919Hugh de Bridham ‎ 2920.Richard de Drax ‎ 2921.William Steele (priest) ‎ 2922.Peter de Gildesburgh ‎ 2923.John de Northwode ‎ 2924.Roger de Charlton ‎ 2925.William de Puntyngdon ‎ 2926.Roger le Rouse ‎ 2927.Thomas de Bodham 2928.Richard Blunt (priest) ‎ 2929.William de Pembroke 2930.Thomas Pincerna ‎ 2931.Geoffrey (Archdeacon of Totnes) ‎ 2932.John (Archdeacon of Totnes) ‎ 2933.Ysaac (Archdeacon of Totnes) ‎ 2934.Richard Cowe ‎ 2935.Thomas de Boues ‎ 2936.John de Bridport ‎ 2937.Gilbert Basset (priest) ‎ 2938.John Fitz-John 2939.Bernard (Archdeacon of Totnes) 2940.Robert (Archdeacon of Totnes) ‎ 2941.Ascelinus ‎ 2942.Hugh de Avigo ‎ 2943.John de Bradelgehe ‎ 2944.Patrick Haliburton ‎ 2945.Tony Davies (priest) 2946.Frederick Hazell ‎ 2947.Jesse Clayson 2948.Charles Tonks ‎ 2950.Andrew Nunn ‎ 2951.Laurence Brown ‎ 2952.William Hayman ‎ 2953.Ivor Davies (priest) ‎ 2954.Clifford Lacey ‎ 2955.Gordon Kuhrt 2956.Thomas Oatley ‎ 2957.Simon Climping ‎ 2958.John Plemth ‎ 2959.Lewis Coychurch ‎ 2960.John Brampton ‎ 2961.John Wendover ‎ 2962.Richard Stone (priest) ‎ 2963.Walter Forey ‎ 2964.John Courdray ‎ 2965.William de Loughteburgh ‎ 2966.Walter de Lyndrich ‎ 2967.Thomas de Codelowe ‎ 2968.John Geytentun ‎ 2969.Hamelin de Godele ‎ 2970.John de Godele ‎ 2971.Thomas de Berghstede ‎ 2972.Godfrey de Peckham ‎ 2973.Simon de Clympingham ‎ 2974.William de Lughteburg ‎ 2975.Reginald de Wintonia ‎ 2976.Eustachius de Leveland ‎ 2977.S. 2978.Joceline ‎ 2979.Peter (Archdeacon of Lewes) ‎ 2980.Daryl Jacob 2981.Edmund Weston ‎ 2882.Robert Taylor (priest) 2983.Edward More (archdeacon) ‎ 2984.Anthony Wayte ‎ 2985.Oliver Pole ‎ 2986.William Cradock ‎ 2987.James Webber 2988.Sydney Turner 2989.William Fremantle (uncle) ‎ 2990.Richard Atkinson (bishop) ‎ 2991.Edmund Weston ‎ 2992.Robert Taylor (priest) 2993.Edward More (archdeacon) ‎ 2994.Anthony Wayte ‎ 2995.Oliver Pole ‎ 2996.William Cradock ‎ 2997.James Webber 2998.Sydney Turner 2999.William Fremantle (uncle) ‎ 3000.Richard Atkinson (bishop) 3001.Max Godden 3002.David Booth (priest) 3003.William Otter (priest) 3004.Thomas Birch (priest) 3005.Edward Robert Raynes ‎ 3006.Matthias D'Oyly ‎ 3007.Thomas D'Oyly (priest) ‎ 3008.John Courtail ‎ 3009.Edmund Bateman ‎ 3010.James Williamson (priest) ‎ 3011.Richard Bowchier 3012.Joseph Sayer ‎ 3013.Toby Henshaw ‎ 3014.Philip King (priest) ‎ 3015.Thomas Hook(priest) ‎ 3016.William Hutchinson (priest) 3017.Richard Buckenham ‎ 3018.John Mattock ‎ 3019.William Coell ‎ 3020.Griff Dines 3021.Benjamen Wright ‎ 3022.David Bowden ‎ 3023.Ronald Richards ‎ 3024.Oliver Heyward 3025.Charles Lawrence Riley 3026.Henry Archdall Langley ‎ 3027.John Douse Langley 3028.George Frederick Bingley Morris 3029.Rex Armstrong ‎ 3030.Sir Arthur Frederick Blakiston, 7th Baronet ‎ 3031.Jeremy Janion ‎ 3032.Foster Cunliffe (rugby union) ‎ 3033David Booth (priest) ‎ 3034.Howel Brown ‎ 3035.Harold Mansbridge 3036.John McDowell (bishop) ‎ 3037.John Porter (bishop) ‎ 3038.Walter Cope (bishop) ‎ 3039.William Preston (bishop) ‎ 3040.William Pery, 1st Baron Glentworth ‎ 3041.John Oswald (bishop) ‎ 3042.Aberi Balya 3043.William Gore (bishop) ‎ 3044.Thomas Salmon (bishop) ‎ 3045.Samuel Hutchinson 3046.Charles Jackson (bishop) 3047.Thomas Fletcher (bishop) ‎ 3048.Henry Maule (bishop) ‎ 3049.Albert Chama ‎ 3050.Trevor Selwyn Musonda Mwamba 3051.Walter Paul Khotso Makhulu 3052.Thomas Thebaud ‎ 3053.Stephen Penpel 3053.John of Carleton ‎ 3054.Walter of London ‎ 3055.Wibert of Littleton ‎ 3056.John Godelee ‎ 3057.Henry Husee ‎ 3058.William Burnell ‎ 3059.Thomas Bytton ‎ 3060.Edward of Cnoll ‎ 3061.John Saracenus 3062.William of Merton 3063.Peter of Chichester ‎ 3064.Ralph of Lechlade ‎ 3065.Leonius (Dean of Wells) ‎ 3066.Alexander (Dean of Wells) ‎ 3067.Richard Lewis (priest) ‎ 3068.Ivo (Dean of Wells) 3069.George Fullard ‎ 3070.Thomas Musgrave (priest) 3071.John Wooley (priest) ‎ 3072.Thomas Smith (priest) ‎ 3073.Lancelot Salkeld ‎ 3074.Robert Hodgson (priest) ‎ 3075.Sir Alexander James Reid, 3rd Baronet ‎ 3076.Sir Edward James Reid, 2nd Baronet ‎ 3077.Sir James Reid, 1st Baronet ‎ 3078.Frances Ward (priest) ‎ 3079.John Orpen ‎ 3080.Godfrey Worsley 3081.William Pearce (priest) ‎ 3082.Mark Bonney ‎ 3083.Justly Hill ‎ 3084.Sir Francis Champneys, 1st Baronet 3085.William Champneys ‎ 3086.Edward Bickersteth 3087.Karen Gorham 3088.Harry Patrick Saunders ‎ 3099.Thomas Clarke (priest) ‎ 3100.John Tyler Whittle ‎ 3101.John Hornby Armitstead ‎ 3102.John Thorpe (priest) 3103.Francis Harry House 3104.Rennie Simpson ‎ 3105.Richard John Gillings 3106.Dermot Patrick Martin Dunne 3107.Robert Desmond Harman 3108.John Thomas Farquhar Paterson ‎ 3109.Thomas Noel Desmond Cornwall Salmon 3110.Norman David Emerson 3111.Herbert Brownlow Kennedy ‎ 3112.James Hornidge Walsh 3113.George Neville-Grenville 3114.Pete Wilcox 3115.William Baker (bishop of Zanzibar) ‎ 3116.Thomas Birley ‎ 3117.William Conyngham. Greene 3118.Ernest Lewis-Crosby 3119.Allan Ewing ‎ 3120.John Giffard Ward 3121.William Edward Colvile Barrett 3122.HMS Aboukir (1848) 3123.John Forest (priest) ‎ 3124.Nicholas Carent ‎ 3125.Walter Medeford 3126.Thomas Tuttebury 3127.Nicholas Slake 3128.Roger Charles Bush 3129.George Markham 3130.Augustus Duncombe 3131.Arthur Charles Williams ‎ 3132.William Henry Prior 3133.William Harrison Rigg 3134.Montague Blamire Williamson 3135.Reginald Hobhouse 3136.Henry Houssemayne Du Boulay 3137.George Lukin 3138.Lord Francis Seymour 3139.Samuel Creswicke 3140.Matthew Brailsford 3141.George Warburton (priest) ‎ 3142.Ralph Barlow (priest) ‎ 3143.Richard Meredith (priest) 3144.Benjamin Heydon 3145.John Herbert (priest) ‎ 3146.John Goodman (Dean of Wells) ‎ 3147.William Fitzjames 3148.Richard Woleman ‎ 3149.William Cosyn ‎ 3150.William Witham ‎ 3151.Edward Every ‎ 3152.John Wingfield (priest) 3153.William England (priest) ‎ 3154.Robert Bentley Buckle ‎ 3155.Thomas Sanctuary ‎ 3156.Eric Bodington ‎ 3157.Charles Dundas (priest) ‎ 3158.William Parish ‎ 3159.Edward Seagar (priest) ‎ 3160.Geoffrey Walton ‎ 3161.Richard Sharp (priest) ‎ 3162.Francis Sowter ‎ 3163.Henry William Watkins ‎ 3164.Egbert de Grey Lucas 3165.Derek Hodgson ‎ 3166.Old Palace, Canterbury ‎ 3167.North Dorset by-election, 1937 ‎ 3168.Angus Valdemar Hambro ‎ 3169.Douglas McKittrick ‎ 3170.Michael Brotherton (priest) ‎ 3171.Leslie Fisher ‎ 3172.Richard Burne ‎ 3173.Henry Haigh ‎ 3174.Samson Ricardo ‎ 3175.Francis Mount ‎ 3176.Redford, Dorset ‎ 3177.Cyril Tucker ‎ 3178.Norman de Jersey ‎ 3179.William Reynolds-Stephens 3180.Elmley Lovett ‎ 3181.Sir David Llewellyn, 1st Baronet 3182.Sir Rhys Llewellyn, 2nd Baronet ‎ 3183.John Crockford ‎ 3184.William Frederick John Kaye ‎ 3185.George Wynne Jeudwine ‎ 3186.Jane Sinclair 3187.Alexander Chisholm (priest) 3188.Charles Nurse ‎ 3189.David Turnbull (priest) 3190.Colin Stannard ‎ 3191.Richard Bradford (priest) ‎ 3192.Walter Ewbank 3193.Robert Benson Ewbank 3194.William Thomas Thornton 3195.Colin Hill (priest) 3196.Richard Pratt (priest) ‎ 3197.Kevin Roberts (priest) ‎ 3198.Justin Duckworth 3199.William Douglas (priest) ‎ 3200.William Macdonald (priest) 3201.Thomas Stanton (priest) ‎ 3202.Thomas Buchanan (priest) 3203.Ruth Worsley ‎ 3204.Christopher Henry Gould Butson ‎ 3205.John Thomas O'Neil 3206.Joseph Aldrich Bermingham 3207.Anthony La Touche Kirwan 3208.Maurice Talbot ‎ 3209.Thomas Aylmer Pearson Hackett 3210.Lucius Henry O'Brien ‎ 3211.James Fitzgerald Gregg ‎ 3212.George Lill Swain 3213.James MacCawell 3214.Henry Vesey-Fitgerald ‎ 3215.John Brandreth 3216.John Auchmuty (Dean) ‎ 3217.John Wetherby (Dean) 3218.John Averell 3219.Enoch Reader 3220.Richard Reader 3221. Edward Warren (Dean) 3222.John Stead (bishop) 3223.Thomas Smyth (bishop) ‎ 3224.Richard O'Ferrall ‎ 3225.Lysach O'Ferrall ‎ 3226.Patrick MacMahon ‎ 3227.Ulysses Burgh ‎ 3228.John O'More 3229.Daniel Witter ‎ 3230.William Steere 3231.Simon Digby (bishop) 3232.Henry Downes (bishop) ‎ 3233.James Vaughan (priest) 3234.John Stuart Cox ‎ 3235.Harry Douglas Barton 3236.David Jenkins (priest) ‎ 3237.Cecil Orr ‎ 3238.George Good ‎ 3239.Leslie Robert Lawrenson ‎ 3240.Richard Hayes (priest) ‎ 3241.George Galbraith (priest) 3242.John Gwynn (priest) ‎ 3243.Archibald Adair 3244.Thomas Singleton (Archdeacon) ‎ 3245.Robert Langley 3246.Peter John Alan Robinson 3247.Edward Thomas Bigge 3248.William Forbes Raymond 3249.George Bland 3250.William Jordison Thomas 3251.Peter Elliott (Archdeacon of Northumberland) 3252.Geoff Miller (priest) 3253.Charles Blackett-Ord 3254.James Henderson (priest) 3255.George Hans Hamilton 3256.Henry John Martin ‎ 3257.Leonard Stephen Hawkes 3258.Thomas Pears Gordon Forman 3259.Robert Rattray Mangin 3260.Wilfrid Denys Pawson 3261.William Pollock (priest) 3262.Edward Barber (priest) 3263.Peter Allerton Sutton 3264.Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight 3265.Paige Cox 3266.Michael Gilbertson 3267.Leslie Williams (priest) 3268.Christopher Hewetson (priest) ‎ 3269.John Newey ‎ 3270.Thomas Hayley 3271.Eric Rede Buckley 3272.Petersfield by-election 3273.Donald John Smith 3274.Hemming Robeson 3275.Ravenscroft Stewart ‎ 3276.Archdeacon of Malmesbury 3277.Archdeacon of North Wilts‎ 3278.James Tetley ‎ 3279.Charles Dickinson (priest) 3280.Charles Alford (priest) ‎ 3281.William Welchman ‎ 3282.Leslie Arthur Williams 3283.Percy Reddick ‎ 3284.Charles Hopton 3285.Francis Warman ‎ 3286.Weymouth College (public school) ‎ 3287.Maxwell Dunlop ‎ 3288.John Lewis (Archdeacon of Cheltenham) 3289.Henry Hayward 3290.John Sinclair (priest) 3291.Alan Cornwall (priest) 3292.George Hutchins ‎ 3293.Ronald Sutch 3294.Edmund Murray (priest) 3295.Frederick William Sears 3296.George Gardner (priest) ‎ 3297.Walter Hobhouse ‎ 3298.Edward Scobell 3299.Henry Law 3300.Little Rissington 3301.Great Rissington ‎ 3302.Edward Rice (priest) 3303.John Plumptre (priest) ‎ 3304.Mina Smallman ‎ 3305.Richard Francis Onslow 3306.‎Arthur Onslow (priest) 3307.Richard Brindley Hone 3308.Roger Morris (priest) 3309.Joy Tetley ‎ 3310.William Swaddon 3311.James Peile ‎ 3312.Eric Buchan ‎ 3313.Leonard Stanford ‎ 3314.Anthony Balmforth 3315.Grantham Yorke 3316.Thomas Wilson 3317.David Sharples 3318.John Pedder (priest) 3319.Norman Hodd ‎ 3320.Goodshaw ‎ 3321.Richard Newman (priest) ‎ 3322.Arnold Picton ‎ 3323.Clement Price Thomas ‎ 3324.Ken Gibbons ‎ 3325.Charles Lambert (priest) ‎ 3326.Geoffrey Gower-Jones ‎ 3327.Church House Publishing ‎ 3328.Reginald McCahearty ‎ 3329.Garth Norman ‎ 3330.Paul Wright (priest) ‎ 3331.Herbert Cragg ‎ 3332.David Stewart-Smith 3333.Norman Warren (priest) ‎ 3334.Simon Burton-Jones ‎ 3335.John Rushton (priest) ‎ 3336.Alan Wolstencroft ‎ 3337.Farnworth Grammar School ‎ 3338.Harold Fielding (priest) ‎ 3339.Edward Birch ‎ 3340.Ralph Skinner ‎ 3341.John Sudbury ‎ 3342.Henry Bland ‎ 3343.Stephen Sleech ‎ 3344.Bill Brison ‎ ( 3345.William Lake (priest) ‎ 3346.Robert Foley (priest) ‎ 3347.Thomas Dampier (priest) ‎ 3348.William Digby (priest) ‎ 3349.John Waugh (priest) ‎ 3350.Edmund Marten ‎ 3351.James Stillingfleet ‎ 3352.St Andrew St John (priest) ‎ 3353.James Hook (priest) ‎ 3354.Fred Hoyle (priest) ‎ 3355.Lorys Davies ‎ 3356.John Applegate ‎ 3357.David Bailey 3358.Cherry Vann ‎ 3359.Mark Ashcroft ‎ 3360.Mark Dalby ‎ 3361.Andrew Ballard ‎ 3362.Arthur Clarke (priest) ‎ 3363.Arthur Ballard ‎ 3364.Robert Master ‎ 3365.George Anson (priest) ‎ 3366.Foster Blackburne ‎ 3367.Noel Aspinall ‎ 3368.Robert Fletcher (priest) ‎ 3369.Edward Richardson (priest) ‎ 3370.Willoughby Allen ‎ 3371.John Marsh (priest) ‎ 3372.Robert Rawstorne ‎ 3373.Mark Gregory Burton ‎ 3374.Paul White 3375.Andreas Loewe 3376.James Alexander Grant 3377Tom William Thomas ‎ 3378.Archibald Wentworth Morton ‎ 3379.Lance Shilton ‎ 3380.Albert Edward Talbot 3381.Eric Arthur Pitt 3382.Stuart Barton Babbage ‎ 3383.George Aickin ‎ 3384.Henry Thomas Langley ‎ 3385.Roscoe Wilson ‎ 3386.George Vance ‎ 3387.Charles Godby ‎ 3388.William Burscough ‎ 3389.Ferran Glenfield ‎ 3390.Hugh Gore (bishop) 3391.Washington Cotes ‎ 3392.Barzillai Jones ‎ 3393.John Bayly (priest) ‎ 3394.Paul Draper (priest) ‎ 3395.James Healey (priest) ‎ 3396.Cecil Weekes ‎ 3397.Gilbert Mayes ‎ 3398.Henry Brougham (priest) 3399.Montague Browne 3400.William George Greene 3401.John Leslie (priest) ‎ 3402.Charles Geoffrey Nason Stanley ‎ 3403.Hosan Naoum ‎ 3404.Fred Trethewey ‎ 3405.John Gathercole ‎ 3406.Robin Bennett 3407.John Stocks (priest) 3408.Alfred Hurley ‎ 3409.Frank Guthrie Swindell ‎ 3410.Graham White (priest) ‎ 3411.Lau Teik Oon ‎ 3412.Devasahayam David Chelliah 3413.William Herbert Cecil Dunkerley ‎ 3414.Herbert Crawford Izard ‎ 3415.Nigel Edward Seely, 5th Baronet ‎ 3416.Sir Victor Seely, 4th Baronet ‎ 3417.Sydney James (priest) ‎ 3418.John Williams (Archdeacon of Worcester) ‎ 3419.Peter Eliot ‎ 3420.Thomas Wilson (Archdeacon of Worcester) ‎ 3421.Frank Bentley (priest) ‎ 3422. David Banfield (priest) ‎ 3423.Frank Utterton ‎ 3424.Peter Atkinson (Archdeacon of Surrey) ‎ 3425.John Sapte ‎ 3426.Frank Ford (priest) ‎ 3427.George Young (priest) ‎ 3428.Alexander Russell (priest) ‎ 3429.Charles Marryat ‎ 3430.Alexander Russell (priest) ‎ 3431.James Farrell (priest) ‎ 3432.Miriam Byrne ‎ 3433.Islwyn John 3434.Bertram Hughes 3435.David Jones (priest) ‎ 3436.John Pugh (priest) ‎ 3437.Richard Ward (priest) 3438.Thomas John Evans ‎ ( 3439.Eifion Evans 3440.Owen Jenkins ‎ 3441.Aldred Williams 3442.David Thomas (Archdeacon of Cardigan) ‎ 3443.David Williams (Archdeacon of Cardigan died 1936) ‎ 3444.David Williams (Archdeacon of Cardigan died 1929) ‎ 3445.Robert Beatty (priest) ‎ 3446.George Mayers ‎ 3447.Charles Gray-Stack 3448.George Power 3449.Charles Haines (priest) 3450.Robert Rowan 3451.Richard Elual Kerrin ‎ 3452.Edward Frederick Easson 3453.John Wattie 3454.Yonder Bognie ‎ 3455.Forgue ‎ 3456.Folla Rule 3457.Robert Mackay (priest) 3458.David Wilson (Dean of Aberdeen and Orkney) ‎ 3459.Alexander Harper (priest) 3460.Arthur Ranken 3461.William Webster (Dean of Aberdeen and Orkney) ‎ 3462.James Wiseman 3463.James Cowan (bishop) ‎ 3464.Barry Jenks ‎ 3465.Hywel Jones ‎ 3466.Geoffrey Marshall (priest) 3467.John Nicholson (priest) ‎ 3468.Evan Rogers (priest) ‎ 3469.John Brewis (priest) ‎ 3470.Peter Bostock ‎ 3471.Julius Kalu ‎ 3472.Peter Mwang'ombe ‎ 3473.Peter Bostock ‎ 3474.Folliott Sandford (priest) ‎ 3475.William Richards (Archdeacon of Berkshire) ‎ 3476.Alfred Pott ‎ 3477.John Ryves ‎ 3478.Edward Talbot (priest) ‎ 3479.John Spry ‎ 3480.Edward Berens ‎ 3481.John Fisher (priest) 3481. Peter Ralph Mason ‎ 3482. Allan Read ‎ 3483. Henry Hill (bishop) 3484. Reddendale ‎ 3485. Jack Creggan 3486. Michael Oulton ‎ 3487. George Hasted Dowker 3488. Diocese of Mackenzie River 3489. Holy Trinity Cathedral (New Westminster) 3490. James Russell Brown 3491. Kenneth Charles Evans ‎ 3492. Richard Stuart Dobbs Campbell 3493. Robert James Charters ‎ 3494. Thomas Victor Perry 3495. Thomas Andrew Noble Bredin 3496. John Alan Gardiner Barrett 3497. Drumgath 3498. Robert William Jones 3499. Andrew William Ussher Furlong 3500. Richard Stewart Craig 3501. Mary Irwin-Gibson 3502. Grahame Brinkworth Baker 3503. Richard Gordon Fleming 3504. Arthur Tindall Briarly Browne 3505. William Woodham Craig ‎ 3506. Charles Vignoles (priest) ‎ 3507. Richard Bernard (Dean of Leighlin) 3508. William Smyth King ‎ 3509. James Lyster 3510. William Lauder (priest) ‎ 3511. Francis Watson (priest) ‎ 3512. John Finlay (Dean of Leighlin) ‎ 3513. Joseph Abbott (Irish priest) ‎ 3514. Frederick Rothwell Bolton ‎ 3515. Hubert Henry Ernest Peacock 3516. Cecil Faull ‎ 3517. Gordon Wynne ‎ 3518. Tom Gordon (priest) 3519.Frederick Holdship Cox 3520.Henry Bodley Bromby 3521.Charles Dundas (priest)|Charles Leslie Dundas 3522.Joseph Bertram Kite 3523.Arthur Richard Rivers 3524.Harold Percy Fewtrell 3525.Eric Michael Webber 3526.Harlin John Lascelles Butterley 3527.Jeffrey Michael Langdon Parsons 3528.Kenneth Nash Reardon 3529.Stuart Edward Blackler 3530.Lindsay Stoddart 3531.Richard Charles Humphrey 3532.Robert Breton ‎ 3533.James Jones (Archdeacon of Hereford) ‎ 3534.John Lilly (priest) ‎ 3535.Henry Wetherell 3536.Richard Lane Freer ‎ 3537.Frederick Fiennes, 16th Baron Saye and Sele ‎ 3538.Berkeley Scudamore-Stanhope 3539.Rowland Money-Kyrle ‎ 3540.Edward Winnington-Ingram ‎ 3541.Arthur Winnington-Ingram (priest) 3542.Christopher Cunliffe ‎ 3543.Robert Dell 3544.John Richardson (Archdeacon of Derby) 3545.Henry FitzHerbert (priest) ‎ 3546.Morris Gelsthorpe ‎ 3547.Mouneer Anis ‎ 3548.Ghais Abdel Malik ‎ 3549.Ishaq Musaad 3550.Remove (education) ‎ 3551.Abraham Dawson (Dean of Dromore) ‎ 3552.Theophilus Campbell ‎ 3553.St Aidan's College, Birkenhead 3554.Merrywood Grammar School 3555.Ernest Stroud ‎ 3556.Aubrey Cleall 3557.Edward Noakes 3558.Chris Edwards (priest) 3559.Mark Wilson (priest) ‎ 3560.Peter Hogben ‎ 3561.William Purcell (priest) ‎ 3562.Windsor Roberts ‎ 3563.Ronald Irwin ‎ 3564.Edward Newill 3565.Arthur Henry Stanton 3566.Archdeacon of Margam ‎ 3567.Paul Luty ‎ 3568.Alfred Willis ‎ 3569.Alan George Sumner Gibson ‎ 3570.William Evelyn (priest) ‎ 3571.Richard Moore (Dean) ‎ 3572.William Magenis ‎ 3573. Jeremiah Marsh 3574.Frederick John Rusk ‎ 3575.Lex Fair ‎ 3576.George Brian Moller ‎ 3577.John Bond (priest) ‎ 3578.Henry Leslie (priest) 3579.Arthur Henry Kenney ‎ 3580.James Langrishe ‎ 3581.James Hastings (priest) ‎ 3582.Theophilus Blakely ‎ 3583.Edward Hoare (priest) ‎ 3584.Usher Lee ‎ (Priest) 3585.William Cole (Dean of Waterford) ‎ 3586.John Morgan (priest) ‎ 3587.Henry Monck Mason Hackett ‎ 3588.Frederic Henry de Winton 3589.Francis Lorenz Beven ‎ 3590.Edward Francis Miller ‎ 3591.Harold de Soysa ‎ 3592.James Montgomery (priest) ‎ 3593.Leonard Moss ‎ 3594.Andrew Woodhouse ‎ 3595.Thomas Barfett 3596.John Lewis (Archdeacon of Hereford) ‎ 3597.Thomas Randolph (priest) ‎ 3598. Arthur Winnington-Ingram (priest) 3599.William Andrewes Fearon 3600.Alfred Daldy ‎ 3601.Mike Kavanagh ‎ 3602.William Noblett 3603.Percy Ashford ‎ 3604.Keith Pound ‎ 3605.Hugh Smith (priest) ‎ 3606.Jim Rone 3607.David Fleming (priest) ‎ 3608.George Fox (priest) ‎ 3609.George Ward (priest) 3610.James Srawley ‎ 3611.Colin Campbell (priest) 3611.Sir Edward Campbell, 2nd Baronet 3612.James Grimston, 5th Earl of Verulam 3613.Colin Williams (priest) 3614.Peter Ballard 3615.William Hornby (priest) 3616.William Bonsey ‎ 3617.Phipps Hornby (priest) 3618.Peter Rickmann 3619.Somerset Gough-Calthorpe, 7th Baron Calthorpe ‎ 3620.Jan Joustra 3621.Edward Johnston (priest) 3622.Clifford Palmer ‎ 3623.Graham Barnett (priest) ‎ 3624.David Chaplin (priest) 3625.Alfred Harrison (priest) 3626.Knolly Clarke 3627.Edward Holt (priest) 3628.Samuel Richards (priest) ‎ 3629.Colin Sampson ‎ 3630.Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Port of Spain 3631.Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain 3632.Edward Trotter (priest) 3633.Augustus Smith (priest) 3634Stephen Kenneth Cumberbatch 3634.Pembroke, Tobago 3635.Frederick Banks (priest) 3636.Stokely Doorly ‎ 3637.Wiltshire Doorly ‎ 3638.Philip Isaac ‎ 3639.Frederick Streetly ‎ 3640.Richard Jones (priest) 3641.John James (priest) ‎ 3642.David Davies (Archdeacon of Llandaff) 3643.Henry Lynch Blosse ‎ 3644.John Griffiths (Archdeacon of Llandaff) 3645.Frederick Edmondes 3646.Wilfrid Wills 3647.James Buckley (priest) ‎ 3648.Peggy Jackson 3649.Martin Williams (priest) ‎ 3650.Gordon James (priest) ‎ 3651.David Reece (priest) 3652.Lawrence Thomas (priest) 3653.Thomas Hughes (bishop) 3654.Albert Lewis (priest) 3655.Leslie Pennell ‎ 3656.Alexander MacKenzie (priest) 3657.Alex Gordon (priest) 3658.Paul Bryer 3659.Arthur Wheatley ‎3660.John Hodson 3661.Cadogan Keatinge 3662.Richard Bagwell (priest) 3663.Robert William Henry Maude ‎ 3664.Kenny Hall ‎ 3665.Raymond Thompson (priest) ‎ 3666.John McCarthy (priest) ‎ 3667.Nevil O'Neill ‎ 3668.John McNutt 3669.Frederick Larmour Munce 3670.Harold Good ‎ 3671.John Charles Robertson ‎ 3672.Thomas Clements 3673.Robert Mollan ‎ 3674.William Frederick Morris ‎ 3675.Robert McTighe ‎ 3676.Hugh MacManaway ‎ 3677.George Tottenham ‎ 3678.Alex Hughes (priest) ‎ 3679.Paul Moore (priest) ‎ 3680.Thomas Le Ban Kennedy ‎ 3681.Ogle Moore ‎ 3682.John Macdonnell 3683.Arthur Leech ‎ 3684.George McKinley 3685.St. John Drelincourt Seymour ‎ 3686.George Smith Hogg 3687.George Purcell White (Dean of Cashel) ‎ 3688.Joseph Talbot (priest) ‎ 3689.William Chadwick Bourchier ‎ 3690.George Laurence (priest) ‎ 3691.Mervyn Evers ‎ 3692.Edmund Warlow ‎ 3693.James Syme (priest) ‎ 3694.Hugh Wheeler (priest) ‎ 3695.Henry Carden ‎ 3696.Maurice William Day ‎ 3697.Robert Devenish (Archdeacon of Lahore) ‎ 3698.Robert Devenish (Dean of Cashel) 3699.Gerald Nicolls 3700.Henry Griffith (priest) ‎ 3701.Walter Tribe ‎ 3702.Roy Beynon 3703.Charles Gillmore 3704.John Francis Burnaby Lumley Lough 3705:George Tucker (priest) ‎ 3706:James Davidson (priest) ‎ 3707:Arnold Thaddeus Hollis ‎ 3708:Thomas Dyson ‎ 3709:Jack Cattell ‎ 3710:John Waters Stow ‎ 3711:Henry Marriott ‎ 3712:HMS Algiers (1854) ‎ 3713:HMS Vestal (1833) 3714:Robert Stephen Dehler ‎ 3715:Bernard James Murphy 3716:Brian Leo John Hennessy 3717:Andrew William Doughty ‎ 3718:Charles Robert Forder ‎ 3719:Charles Trevor Lawrence, 2nd Baron Trevethin ‎ 3720:Arthur Creyke England ‎ 3721:John Stokes (Archdeacon of York) ‎ 3722:Tony Sadler ‎ 3723:Chris Sims (priest) 3724:Richard Blund (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) ‎ 3725:Ralph II (Archdeacon of Barnstaple) 3726:Wolborough ‎ 3727:Shipwrights Way 3728:John Mee 3729:Malcolm Clark 3730:Robert Clark (priest) ‎ 3731:Ernest William Brady ‎ 3732:Brian Albert Hardy ‎ 3733:Timothy David Morris 3734:George Martineau ‎ 3735:Roderick Mackay 3736:William Perry (priest) ‎ 3737:Roderick Mackay ‎ 3738:Jim Mein ‎ 3739:Susan Macdonald ‎ 3740:William Irvine (bishop) ‎ 3741:David Ranken ‎ 3742:Andrew Cant (bishop) 3743:Michael Ward (bishop) 3744:George Wilde (bishop) ‎ 3745:Robert Mossom (bishop) ‎ 3746:Robert Mossom (priest) ‎ 3747:Robert Watts (priest) 3748:John Alcock (priest) 3749:Alexander Alcock ‎ 3750:Peter Browne (priest) 3751:Henry Newland ‎ 3752:John Dowse (priest) 3753:Charles Hind ‎ 3754:Nottinghamshire Guardian ‎ 3755:William Gibson (Dean of Ferns) 3756:Humphrey Ellison 3757:John Alexander (priest) 3758:Thomas Gibson (priest) ‎ 3759:Henry Lyster ‎ 3760:Alfred Forbes 3761:Leslie Forrest 3762:Paul Mooney 3763:Kuan Kim Seng 3764:Ernest Judd Barnett 3765:John Pearson (surgeon) 3766:Church Missionary Society College,Islington ‎ 3767:John Henry Gray 3768:Stephen Sidebotham 3769:Leonard Cornwell 3770:John Torry 3771:Norman Johnson (priest) 3772.David Davies (Dean of Wellington) ‎ 3773.George Reynolds (priest) ‎ 3774.Walter Hurst ‎ 3775.Frank Nelson (priest) ‎ 3776.Gary Nelson (bishop) ‎ 3777.Luke Heslop 3778.Pulter Forester ‎ 3779.John Gordon (priest) ‎ 3780.Charles Goddard (priest) ‎ 3781.John Pretyman ‎ 3782.Arthur Smith (priest) 3783.Hubert Larken 3784.Tim Barker (priest) 3785.Michael Brackenbury 3786.Thomas Wren (priest) 3787.Robert Eyton (priest) 3788.Henry Browne (Archdeacon of Ely) 3789.John Henry Browne (Archdeacon of Cambridge) ‎ 3790.Hugh Lacy (bishop) 3791.Archdeacon of Emly 3792.John Steere 3793.William Murray (bishop) ‎ 3794.William Beaw 3795.John Tyler (bishop) 3796.Edward Cresset ‎ 3797.Chris Smith (priest) 3798.David Yeoman 3799.Christian Glasgow 3800.Pruvin Phillips 3801.Harold Stead 3802.Roland Maxwell 3803.Horatio LaBorde 3804.Hoskins Huggins 3805.Thorndike Shaw 3806.St Boniface Missionary College, Warminster 3807.Herbert Walton (priest) ‎ 3808.Rowland Ingram-Johnson 3809.Francis William Russell 3810.Charles Webber (priest)‎ 3811.Thomas Taylor (priest) 3812.Charles Alcock (priest) 3813.Thomas Bayly (bishop) 3814.Thomas Bayly (priest) 3815.Henry Tilson ‎ 3816.Ardattin 3817.Scovil Neales ‎ 3818.Francis Partridge ‎ 3819.John Branthwaite 3820.Harold Norris ‎ 3821.Harold Purchas 3822.Ronald Plaistowe ‎ 3823.Walter Wootton Averill ‎ 3824.Walter Harper (priest) ‎ 3825.Awdry Julius 3826.Charles Carrington (priest) 3827.Octavius Mathias ‎ 3828.Archdeacon of Akaroa ‎ 3829.Archdeacon of Christchurch ‎ 3830.Archdeacon of Timaru ‎ 3831.Archdeacon of Sumner ‎ 3832.Samuel Woods (priest) 3833.Reg Williams (priest) 3834.Archdeacon of Rangiora ‎ 3835.Benjamin Dudley (Archdeacon of Rangiora) 3836.Benjamin Dudley (Archdeacon of Auckland) ‎ 3837.George Kissling 3838.Harold Steele ‎ 3839.Norman Winhall 3840.Archdeacon of Waitemata 3841.Pahautanui 3842.Percy Houghton 3843.Digby Wilkinson ‎ 3844.Douglas Sparks 3845.Kenneth Jennings (priest) ‎ 3846.Bishop’s College, Calcutta 3847.Nicholas Bury ‎ 3848.Jeff Cuttell ‎ 3849.John Guille ‎ 3850.Nigel Godfrey ‎ 3851.Catherine Ogle 3852.Jerry Lepine 3853.Nicholas Henshall ‎ 3854.David Monteith 3855.Alexis Barrault 3856.Jean-Marie-Victor Viel 3857.Anne Dawtry 3858.Toby Howarth 3859.William Donne (priest) 3860.Spencer Gray 3861.Rhodes Cooper 3862.Hugh Persevall 3863.Robert Sturton 3864.Christopher Peters (priest) 3865.Arthur Gordon (priest) 3866.Frederick Mervyn Kieran Johnston 3867.Dominick Patrick Sarsfield Wilson 3868.Kilgarriff, County Cork 3869.Archdeacon of Ross, Ireland 3870.James Henry Hingston 3871.Isaac Henry McConnell ‎ 3872.Frederick Mervyn Kieran Johnston 3873.Ernest George Daunt 3874.Edward Robert Emerson 3875.John Desmond Hutchinson 3876.Joseph Alfred Warner 3877.Robert Cooper Wills 3878.Robert Maunsell Evans 3879.Thomas Henry Foorde Russell Buckworth Royse ‎ 3880.Thomas Courtenay Abbott ‎ 3881.Samuel Hobart Taylor Dorman 3882.Arthur Charles Gill 3883.Adrian Wilkinson 3884.Patrick M'Carthy 3885.Colman O'Scannlain 3886.Archdeacon of Cloyne ‎ 3887.Thomas Wetherhead ‎ 3888.Angus O'Hernan ‎ 3889.Edward Hudson (priest) ‎ 3890.Patrick Rooke 3891.William de Chambre 3892.James Scott (priest) 3893.Robert Walsh (priest) 3894.Thomas Somerville Lindsay 3895.Raymond Gordon Finney Jenkins 3896.Edward Maurice 3897.David Pierpoint 3898.Torquil (priest) ‎ 3899.Theophilus Bolton 4000.Robert Dawson (bishop) 4001.James Howie (priest) ‎ 4002.Hervey de Montmorency, 4th Viscount Mountmorres 4003.Thomas Burgh (priest) 4004.William Fitzgerald (Bishop of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh) 4005.William Nightingale (MP) ‎ 4006.James Hamilton (priest) ‎ 4007.Horace Fleming 4008.William Wilson (Dean of Cloyne) 4009.Hugh Berry 4010.Phineas Bury 4011.John Barker (priest) 4012.George Hilliard (priest) 4013.Alan Marley (priest) 4014.Christine Wilson (priest) ‎ 4015.David Garnett (priest) 4016.Ringley ‎ 4017.Talbot Dilworth-Harrison 4018.HMS Canada (1881) ‎ 4019.HMS Swallow (1885) ‎ 4020.HMS Nymphe (1888) ‎ 4021.HMS Daphne (1888) 4022.Pamela Bowden 4023.Wilfred Turner ‎ 4024.Charles Booth (diplomat) ‎ (.) 4025.Stanley Duncan ‎ ([[]]) 4026.David Aiers ‎ (gap) 4027.Sir Bob Reid 4028.John Welsby 4029.Lister Tonge 4030.John Leoline Phillips 4031.Llanganten 4032.Joseph Davies (priest) ‎ 4033.William Fleming (priest) 4034.Donald Campbell (priest) ‎ 4035.Eustace Prescott ‎ 4036.William Phelps (priest) 4037.Samuel Boutflower 4038.Robert Williams (Archdeacon of Gower) 4039.Harold Williams (died 1954) ‎ 4040.Clement Venkataramiah 4041.Percy Emmet 4042.Puvvada John ‎ 4043.Nigel Williams (priest) ‎ 4034.Alan Johnson (priest) 4035.Harold Tate (priest) ‎ 4036.Francis Halliwell ‎ 4037.Alexander Goldwyer-Lewis 4038.Samuel Stead ‎ 4039.Francis Reynolds (priest) 4040.Lloyd Sharpin 4040.Henry Martindale (priest) ‎ 4041.Charles Johnston (priest) ‎ 4042.William Dickins ‎ 4043.Charles Barham (priest) ‎ 4044.Charles Blakeway 4045.Baptist Proby 4046.John Addenbrooke (priest) ‎ 4047.William de Manecestra 4048.Bill Hardie ‎ 4049.Burnham Hodgson ‎ 4050.Alan Davis (priest) 4051.John Macarthur 4052.Robert Taylor (Provost of Cumbrae) 4053.Thomas Ball (Provost of Cumbrae) ‎ 4054.Sidney Harvie-Clark 4055.Tom Walker (priest) 4056.Gordon Ogilvie (priest) 4057.Sarah Clark (priest) 4058.Richard Cumberland (priest) 4059.William Brown (priest) 4060.William Strong (Archdeacon of Northampton) 4061.Michael Chapman (priest) 4062.Richard Ormston 4063.Ralph Ironside 4064.Henry Tynchiner 4065.Maurice Sirr ‎ 4066.Victor Stacey ‎ 4067.Arthur St. George 4068.Valentine French 4069.Richard Griffith (priest) ‎ 4070.John Eveleigh (priest) 4071.John Chappel 4072.William Bolton (priest) 4073.Frank Jenkins (priest) 4074.Ellis Evans (priest) 4075.Francis David Claude Powell 4076.Alban Edward 4077.Frederick Guy Harrison 4078.Bishop's College, Cheshunt 4079.Philip Henry Cecil 4080.Gareth Lewis (priest) 4081.Jeremy Winston 4082.Eleanor Emery 4083.Peter Raftery 4084.Rupert John Molesworth Kindersley, 4th Baron Kindersley 4085.David Beaumont 4086.David Merry 4087.Wilfred Jones 4088.John Gandee 4089.Jennifer Anderson (diplomat) 4090.Alan Winstanley (bishop) 4091.George Howson (priest) 4092.Sope Johnson 4093.Festus Oluwole Segun ‎4094John Mort 4095.Cyril Twitchett 4096.Countisbury ‎ 4097.Robin King (priest) 4098.John Perumbalath 4099.Martin Webster (priest) 4100.Peter Taylor (priest) 4101.Michael Fox (priest) 4102.David Lowman (priest) 4103.Percy Bayne 4104.Algy Whitehead 4105.Alfred Fitchett 4106.Arthur Weston 4107.Lionel Renfrey 4108.Steven Ogden 4109.Prue O’Donovan 4110.Nowell Twopeny 4111.George Dove 4112.James Jolley (priest) ‎ 4113.Gordon Light 4114.John Snowden (bishop) ‎ 4115.Jim Cruickshank (bishop) 4116.Herb O'Driscoll 4117.Northcote Burke 4118.Arthur Palmer (priest) 4119.Samuel Middleton ‎ 4120.Cecil Swanson 4121.Alfred Hayes (priest) 4122.John Tims 4123.Alfred Cooper (priest) ‎ 4124.George Hogbin 4126.Francis Pollen 4127.James Swaby (priest) 4128.Robert Reid (railwayman) ‎ 4129.Archdeacon of Belize 4130.Sir Richard Eyre Cox, 4th Baronet 4131.Sir Richard Cox, 2nd Baronet 4132.Sir Michael Cox, 3rd Baronet 4133.Archdeacon of Cashel 4134.Henry Price (priest) 4135.William Mullart 4136.Henry Packenham ‎ 4137.Benjamin Clarke (priest) 4138.John Jones (Archdeacon of Liverpool) 4139.Jonathan Brooks (Archdeacon of Liverpool) ‎ 4140.Stanton Durant ‎ 4141.Ricky Panter 4142.Deytheur Grammar School ‎ 4143.Arthur White (priest) 4144.William Taylor (Archdeacon of Liverpool) 4145.Eric Evans (Archdeacon of Warrington) 4146.Bishop Wilson Theological College, Isle of Man 4147.Graeme Spiers ‎ 4148.John Lawton (priest) 4149.Church of England Men's Society 4150.David Woodhouse (priest) 4151.Peter Bradley (Archdeacon of Warrington) 4152.Percy Baker ‎ 4153.John Cooper (priest) 4154.William Sherwen 4155.John Hopkinson (priest) 4156.Harold Mulliner ‎4157.Henry Lafone ‎ 4158.Arthur Crosse ‎ 4159.Thompson Phillips 4160.Herbert Campbell (priest) ‎ 4161..Godfrey Smith (priest) 4162.David Jenkins (Archdeacon of Westmorland and Furness) ‎ 4163.Lawrie Peat 4164.Hubert Wilkinson ‎ 4165.The Orange Way ‎ 4166.Thomas Madden (priest) 4167.Hardwicke Spooner 4168.James Stopford (bishop) 4169.Theodore Maurice ‎ 4170.Edward Chichester (priest) 4171.John Woolhouse 4172.James Treanor ‎ 4173.William Morgan O'Connell 4174.George Robinson Nixon 4175.Francis Maurice Nash 4176.Rowland Blennerhassett (priest) 4177.Rupert Gustavus Musgrave Harris 4178.Gary Hastings 4179.John Cather 4180.Andrew Tait 4180Charles Warburton (priest) 4181.Anthony Previté 4182.Ian Corbett ‎ 4183.Alistair Grimason 4184.William Grant (priest) 4185.Florence Kelly 4186.Walter Spence (priest) 4187.James Wilson (Dean of Tuam) ‎ 4188.William Portman (priest) 4189.Erasmus Matthews 4190.Francis Clarke (priest) 4191.Alexander Major Kearney 4192.Henry Irwin (archdeacon) 4193.William Wolfe Wagner ‎ 4194.Archdeacon of Elphin 4195.Henry Irwin (priest) 4196.Edmund Donellan 4197.Thomas Wilson (archdeacon) ‎ 4198.Abel Ladaveze 4199.Don Young (bishop) 4200.Eddie Marsh (bishop) 4201.Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (Corner Brook) ‎ 4202.St. Martin's Cathedral (Gander) ‎ 4203.David Torraville ‎ 4204.Barbara Andrews (bishop) ‎ 4205.Mark Genge ‎ (CBS) 4206.Darren McCartney 4207.David Parsons (bishop) 4208.St. Alban's Cathedral (Kenora) ‎ 4209.Robert Jefferson (bishop) 4210.St. Michael and All Angels Cathedral (Kelowna) 4211.St Paul's Pro-Cathedral (Fort Chipewyan) 4212.Christ Church Cathedral (Whitehorse) ‎ 4213.Clarence Mitchell (bishop) ‎ 4214.St. Alban's Cathedral (Prince Albert) 4215.St. James' Cathedral (Peace River) 4216.St. Matthew's Cathedral (Timmins) ‎ 4217.St. Luke's Cathedral (Sault Ste. Marie) ‎ 4218.Terry Dance ‎ 4219.Peter Fenty 4220.Philip Poole (bishop) 4221.Linda Nicholls ‎ 4222.Patrick Yu (bishop) ‎ 4223.Allen Goodings ‎ 4224.Tim Matthews (bishop) 4225.Russ Hatton 4226.Ron Cutler 4227.Charles Carr (Bishop of Killaloe) ‎ 4228.Edward Walkington ‎ 4229.William Connell 4230.Template:Archdeacons of Ossory ‎ 4231.Thomas Hacket 4232.Dermot O’Meara ‎ 4233.James Dundas (bishop) 4234.John Todd (bishop) 4235.Robert Humpston (bishop) ‎ 4236.Edward Edgeworth 4237.Hugh Allen (bishop) ‎ 4238.John Merriman (bishop) ‎ 4239.John Tanner (bishop) 4240.Carew Reynell (bishop) 4241.James Traill ‎ 4242.Robert Downes 4243.John Pooley 4244.Robert Johnson (bishop) 4245.George Chinnery (bishop) 4246.Nicholas Synge 4247.William James Granger 4248.Thomas Leslie Weatherhead ‎ 4249.Frederick Eveleigh Ellis 4250.Eric George Jay ‎ 4251.Hannath Arnold Marshall 4252.Robert Cornthwaite Streatfeild 4253.Owen Cyril Dampier Bennett 4254.Bishop of Table Bay 4255.Garth Counsell ‎ 4256.Walter Wade (priest) 4257.Roy Walter Frederick Cowdry 4258.James Okey Nash 4259.Thomas Fothergill Lightfoot 4260.Oswald James Hogarth ‎ 4261.Richard Brooke (priest) ‎ 4262.Ken Light ‎ 4263.William Leslie Scott Harbour 4264.John Arthur Lush 4265.Horace Packe ‎ 4266.Harry Stocker ‎ 4267.Keith Gover ‎ 4268.John Delacourt Russell 4269.Henry George Gould ‎ 4270.Walter Southward ‎ 4271.Barron Pywell ‎ 4272.Liz Duggan ‎ 4273.Damon Plimmer 4274.Alfred Button 4275.Henry Lascelles Jenner 4276.Charles Edward Thomas Griffith ‎ 4277.Frederick Worsley ‎ 4278.Gordon Phillips (priest) ‎ 4279.Gerwyn Capon 4280.Llantrithyd 4281.William Bruce Knight 4282.John Evans (Archdeacon of Llandaff) 4283.John Porter (Archdeacon of Llandaff) ‎ 4284.John Probyn ‎ 4285.Bill Thomas (priest) 4286.David Lee (Archdeacon of Llandaff) ‎ 4287.John Rogers (Dean of Llandaff) ‎ 4288.Lewis Clarke (priest) ‎ 4289.Alun Davies (priest) ‎ 4290.John Williams (Dean of Llandaff) ‎ 4291.Advertising World 4292.William Frederick Fownes Tighe ‎ 4293.André Soares (bishop) ‎ 4294.Andrew Hunter (priest) ‎ 4295.John Stubbs (priest) 4296.Chich Hewitt 4297.Roy Barker (priest) ‎ 4298.Kenneth Bernard Hallowes ‎ 4299.Fred Roach ‎ 4300.Anthony Mdletshe 4301.Dino Gabriel ‎ 4302.James Nicolson (priest) 4303.James Crabb (priest) 4304.William Wade (dean) ‎ 4305.Alexander Henderson (priest) 4306.Richard Samuel Oldham ‎ 4307.John Moir (priest) ‎ 4308.Watson Reid 4309.Michael Hutchison (priest) 4310.Colin Campbell im Thurn 4311.Charles Beard (priest) 4312.Philip Lempriere 4313.William Haworth (priest) 4314.Eric Brereton 4315.Samuel Singer 4316.Ian Barcroft 4317.William Macrorie ‎ 4318.Xolani Dlwati 4319.Roy Beverley Randolph ‎ 4320.Maurice George Jesser Ponsonby ‎ 4321.Gonville ffrench-Beytagh ‎ 4322.Arthure Edward Stone ‎ 4323.William John Wickins ‎ 4324.Indian Ecclesiastical Establishment ‎ 4325.Brownlow Thomas Atlay 4326.William Arthur Grant Luckman ‎ 4327.Arthur Kitchin 4328.Francis Rodon Michell ‎ 4329.Joseph Baly 4330.Henry Lloyd Loring 4331.Archdeacon of Calcutta 4332.George Marlay ‎ 4333.Capel Wiseman 4334.Essex Digby 4335.Arthur Magennis ‎ 4336.Edward Young (bishop) ‎ 4337.Theophilus Buckworth ‎ 4338.Nicholas Kenan ‎ 4339.Hugh Brady (bishop) ‎ 4340.Roger Dod ‎ 4341.Anthony Martin (bishop) 4342.Ralph Lambert ‎ 4343.Arthur Waugh (priest) ‎ 4344.Paul Hooper ‎ 4345.John Oliver (Archdeacon of Leeds) ‎ 4346.Leslie Boreham 4347.Bungay Grammar School ‎ 4348.Alfred Page (priest) 4349.Tony Comber ‎ 4350.Lovell Clarke 4351.Donald Bartlett 4352.Patrick Adderley ‎ 4353.John Norris (priest) ‎ 4354.Thomas Thorp (priest) ‎ 4355.Henry Randall ‎ 4356.Isaac Munuswamy Poobalan ‎ 4357.Lewis Pryce ‎ 4358.William Fletcher (priest) ‎ 4359.Llewelyn Wynne Jones 4360.Fiona Windsor 4361.Martin Lloyd Williams 4362.Meurig Williams 4363.Talybolion 4364.Henry Morgan (priest) 4365.Richard Hughes (Archdeacon of Bangor) ‎ 4366.Ebenezer Tamunoteghe Dimieari ‎ 4367.Dandeson Crowther ‎ 4368.George Basden 4369.John Morgan (Archdeacon of Bangor) 4370.Bartholomew Vigors ‎ 4371.James Leslie (bishop) 4372.William Cotterell 4373.John Trench 4374.Nathanael Wilson 4375.George Sayer (priest) ‎ 4376.Samuel Dickens (priest) ‎ 4377.Richard Prosser (priest) 4378.Edward Prest 4379.John Cobham (Archdeacon of Durham) 4380.Michael Perry (priest) 4381.Bob Cryan 4382.Ian Jagger ‎ 4383.Hampshire Advertiser 4384.Joseph Farrall Wright ‎ 4385.Henry Erskine Hill 4386.George Jack Kinnell 4387.William Patrick Shannon 4388.Arthur Edward Hodgkinson 4389.[[Donald Howard (priest) 4390.William David Wightman 4391.Richard Eifl Kilgour 4392.Isaac Munuswamy Poobalan 4392.Gilbert Elliot (priest) 4393.Te Pura Panapa ‎ 4394.Jenny Dawson ‎ 4395.Monty Black ‎ 4396.Julie Rokotakala ‎ 4397.Stephen King (priest) 4398.Thomas Fancourt 4399.Charles Layard (priest) ‎ 4400.John Lamb (priest) 4401.Gilbert Elliot ‎ (Dean of Bristol) 4402.Norman Thicknesse ‎ 4403.Stephen Phillimore 4404.Anthony Morcom ‎ 4405.David Evans (bishop) 4406.Basil Brodribb Hall ‎ 4407.Derek Hayward (priest) ‎ 4408.John Perry (priest) 4409.The Old Palace, Worcester ‎ 4410.Timothy Raphael ‎ 4411.Stephan Welch ‎ 4412.Arthur Lloyd Hansell ‎ 4413.Eric Rich ‎ 4414.Allan Macdonald Johnson ‎ 4415.Malcolm Colmer ‎ 4416.John Tiller (priest) ‎ 4417.Paddy Benson 4418.Michael Westall ‎ 4419:Nick Mercer 4420:Regina Cobb 4421.Rosemary Lain-Priestley 4422.George Jubb 4423.Stephen Eaton (priest) ‎4424.John Sinclair (Archdeacon of Middlesex) ‎ 4425.Robinson Thornton 4426.John Gaskain ‎ 4427.Portsmouth City Police 4428.William Johnson (police officer) ‎ 4429.Trefor Morris 4430.Keith Povey ‎ 4431.Eric St Johnston 4432.Edward Dodd (police officer) 4433.John Woodcock (police officer) 4434.Richard Barrett (police officer) ‎ 4435.Lawrence Byford 4436.Horace Carpenter (priest) 4437.Egerton Hall, Manchester 4438.Sidney Austerberry 4439.George Frost (priest) ‎ 4440.Basil Stratton 4441.Richard Ninis ‎ 4442.Melville Scott ‎ 4443.Hugh Bright 4444.Henry Moore (priest) ‎ 4445.Robert Hodgson (Archdeacon of Stafford) 4446.Michael Kearney (priest) ‎ 4447.Laurence (Archdeacon of Raphoe) ‎ 4448.John Ussher (priest) 4449.David Huss 4450.John Molloy (priest) 4451.Louis Warden Crooks ‎ 4452.Matthew Scott Harte 4453.John Hamilton (priest) ‎ 4454.Thomas O'Nahan 4455.Archdeacon of Raphoe 4456.Liz Adekunle 4457.William Bingham (priest) ‎ 4458.Andrew Laing (police officer) ‎ 4459.Paddy Tomkins 4460.Andrew Gibson Brown ‎ 4461.Hugh Roy Graham Cameron ‎ 4462.Alec Sutherland 4463.Ken Murray (prison officer) 4464.William George MacKenzie Sutherland ‎ 4465.John MacInnes Boyd ‎ 4464.Albert Kennedy 4465.Malcolm Scholes 4466.Colin Sampson (police officer) 4467.Alexander Morrison (police officer) 4468.Edward Frizzell 4469.David Gray (police officer) ‎ 4470.Andrew Meldrum (police officer) 4471.Thomas Renfrew 4472.Sidney Anderson Kinnear ‎ 4473.Robert Maxwell Dudgeon 4474.David Monro (police officer) 4475.James Dalgleish Kellie-McCallum ‎ 4476.Portsmouth City Police 4467.HMS Fox (1829) 4468.Henry (Archdeacon of Lewes) 4469.Jordan de Melburne ‎ 4470.William de Estdene 4471.Thomas Hanwell (current) 4472.William Skylton 4473.Francis Smythe (priest) 4474.Ernest Reid 4475.Edward Dowler 4476.Philip Jones (priest) 4477.Hugh Glaisyer 4478.Thomas Johnes (priest) 4479.Drumragh, County Tyrone 4480.Richard Babington (Archdeacon of Exeter) 4481.Richard Babington (Dean of Cork) 4482.Mark Butchers ‎ 4483.Etalaneni 4484.Frederick Rushmore 4485.Holy Trinity Church, Eastbourne ‎ 4486.Arthur Tait‎ 4487.Walter John Macdonald Ross 4488.Gordon Guthrie Malcolm Bachelor 4489.Randolph Stewart, 9th Earl of Galloway 4490.Marmaduke Constable-Maxwell, 11th Lord Herries of Terregles 4491.Robert Francis Dudgeon 4492.Josiah Thomas (priest) ‎ 4493.Charles Moysey ‎ 4494.William Brymer 4495.William Gunning ‎ 4496.Robert Browne (priest) ‎ 4497.Hilton Bothamley 4498.Lancelot Fish ‎ 4499.Sydney Boyd ‎ 4500.Edwin Cook ‎ 4501.Arthur Hopley 4502.John Edward Burgess 4503.Andy Piggott 4504.Charles Christian Nicholson, 3rd Baronet ‎ 4505.Arthur Coham 4506.Charles Barclay-Maitland, 12th Earl of Lauderdale ‎ 4507.Sir Henry Onslow, 2nd Baronet 4508.Clare, Countess of Euston 4509.Sir Joshua Rowley, 7th Baronet 4510.John Major (17th-century English MP) 4511.Clive Mansell 4512.‎Richard Mason (priest) 4513.Chris Phillips (chief executive) 4514.Judith Rose 4514.Leonard Savill 4515.Maples Earle 4516.William Gray (priest) 4517.Stuart Bain 4518.Gerald Colville Seymour Curtis 4519.Alan James Vincent Arthur 4520.William Gregory (Lord Mayor) 4521.Siota 4522.Taranaki Cathedral 4523.Trevor James ‎ 4524.Jonathan Kirkpatrick ‎ 4525.Andrew Hedge 4526.Warren Limbrick ‎ 4527.Robert Mills (priest) ‎ 4528. Percival Ernest James 4529.Timothy John Raphael‎ 4530.Henry Nevill (priest) ‎ 4531.Arthur Moore (priest) ‎ 4532.Peter Dawson (priest) ‎ 4533.Louis Baggott ‎ 4534.David Hayden (priest) ‎ 4535.Sidney Pelham ‎ 4536.Frederick Westcott 4537.Robert Meiklejohn ‎ 4538.George MacDermott ‎ 4539.Thomas Perowne (died 1913) ‎ 4540.Thomas Perowne (died 1954) ‎ 4541.Michael Handley ‎ 4542.Clifford Offer 4543.Matthew Postlethwayte 4544.Maurice Benjamin Batho, 2nd Baronet ‎ 4545.Sir Charles Albert Batho, 1st Baronet 4546.Michael Bevan (lord lieutenant) 4547.Karen Hutchinson 4548.Christopher George (priest) ‎ 4549.Neil Robinson (priest) 4550.Geoffrey Arrand ‎ 4551.Judy Hunt 4552.Ian Morgan (priest) ‎ 4553.Terry Gibson (priest) ‎ 4554.Claud Scott ‎ 4555.Peter Hartley (priest) 4556.Charles Kempson Waller 4557.Benjamin Smith (priest) ‎ 4558.Henry Spooner (priest) ‎ 4559.William Spooner (priest) ‎ 4560.Thomas Prichard (priest) ‎ 4561.Niel Nye 4562.Michael Percival Smith ‎ 4563.Brian Russell (priest) 4564.John Barton (priest) ‎ 4565.Leonard Olyott ‎ 4566.Geoffrey Hilder ‎ 4567.Arnold Fitch ‎ 4568.Alexander Ainslie ‎ 4569.William Askwith 4570.Antony Stokes 4571.Robert Anthony Eagleson Gordon 4572.Mark Kent 4573.Colin Bailey (policeman) 4574.Algernon Ward ‎ 4575.Malcolm Parr 4576.Morris Rodham 4577.Michael Paget-Wilkes 4578.Hugh Back ‎ 4579.Edward Taylor (priest) 4580.Richard Gibson (priest) 4581.‎Joseph Woolley (Archdeacon of Suffolk) ‎ 4582. Charles Lawrence (priest) ‎ 4583.Renn Hampden (died 1852) ‎ 4584.William Everingham ‎ 4585.James Darling (priest) ‎ 4586.Thomas Wonnacott ‎ 4587.John Sheringham 4588.Weeke ‎ 4589.Walter Wardle ‎ 4590.Christopher Wagstaff ‎ 4591.Geoffrey Sidaway ‎ 4592.Jackie Searle (priest) ‎ 4593.Jackie Searle (priest) ‎ 4594.Richard Ibbetson ‎ 4595.Christopher Futcher ‎ 4596.Paul Gardner (priest) ‎ 4597.William Ady ‎ 4598.Charles Parr Burney ‎ 4599Helen Cunliffe ‎ 4600.Henry Sanders (priest) ‎ 4601.James Ibbetson ‎ 4602.Ernest Sandford ‎ 4603.Frederick Sanders (priest) ‎ 4604.Huxley Thompson 4605.John Moore-Stevens 4606.John Cleugh ‎ 4607.Vickie Sims 4608.Jonathan Boardman 4609.Thomas Le Mesurier (Archdeacon of Malta) ‎ 4610.Edward Eliot (priest) ‎ 4611.David Sutch (priest) 4612.Thomas Buckton ‎ 4613.Lonsdale Ragg ‎ 4614.Chipili 4615.Robin Ellis (priest) ‎ 4616.Frederick Matthews ‎ 4617.James Cartmell 4618.Thomas Jackson Calvert) (current) 4619.Henry Yorke (priest) ‎ 4620.Hedley Ringrose ‎ 4621.Phil Andrew ‎ 4622.Moira Astin ‎ 4623.Ian Russell (priest) 4624.Ian Watson (priest) 4625.John Sandford (Archdeacon of Coventry) 4626.Charles Holbech 4627.William Bree 4628.George Arbuthnot (priest) ‎ 4629.Sir William Waterlow, 1st Baronet 4630.Henry Berners 4631.Richard Newcombe (priest) 4632.Walker King (priest) 4633.Cecil Hall 4634.William Goodenough (priest) ‎ 4635.James Croft (priest) ‎ 4636.Thomas Bonney (priest) ‎ 4637.Anthony Denny (priest) ‎ 4638.William Hallaran ‎ 4639.Thomas Tuckey Hallaran ‎ 4640.William Malcolm Foley ‎ 4641.Templemichael, County Longford 4642.Florence (Archdeacon of Ardfert) 4643.John Smith (bishop of Killala and Achonry) ‎ 4644.Henry Hall (bishop) ‎ 4645.Owen O'Connor 4646.Thomas Bayly, Bishop of Killala and Achonry ‎ 4647.Tomas O'Mostead ‎ 4648.Roderic West 4649.Harry Graham (priest) 4650.John Turnbull (priest) ‎ 4651.Norman McDermid ‎ 4652.Ken Good (priest) ‎ 4653.Henry Yeoman 4654.William Hey (priest) 4655.Loversal ‎ 4656.Thomas Lindsay (priest) ‎ 4657.Basil Carter 4658.Edmund Hope ‎ 4659.William Palin 4660.Stanley Linsley ‎ 4661.Ron Woodley 4662.Chris Hawthorn 4663.Janet Maw 4664.William Hutchings (priest) ‎ 466.Anne Gell ‎ 4665.Bob Reiss (priest) ‎ 4666.John Evans (Archdeacon of Surrey) 4667.Augustine Studdert 4668.Rathmines School 4669.Geoffry Smith 4670.Andrew Ritchie (priest) ‎ 4671.Albert Robinson (priest) ‎ 4672.James Webster (priest) 4673.Timothy Stonhouse Vigor ‎ 4674.John Chappell Woodhouse ‎ 4675.John Allen (Archdeacon of Salop) ‎ 4676.Thomas Bucknall Lloyd ‎ 4677.Jerome Beale ‎ 4678.Sue Weller 4679.Richard Eustace Thornton ‎ 4680.John d'Henin Hamilton, 3rd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell 4681.John Delight ‎ 4682.Charles Borrett ‎ 4683.George Youell 4684.Hartley Victoria College ‎ 4685.Percy Hartill ‎ 4686.Malcolm Graham (priest) 4687.Herbert Crump ‎ 4688.Godfrey Stone ‎ 4689.Matthew Parker (priest) ‎ 4690.Paul Thomas (priest) 4691.Simon Baker (priest) ‎ 4692.Chris Liley ‎ 4693.George Hodson (priest) ‎ 4694.Newchurch, Powys ‎ 4695.Richard Venables (Archdeacon of Carmarthen) ‎ 4696.John Timbrill ‎ ‎4697.Anglican Diocese of Bo ‎ 4698.Michael Keili ‎ 4699.Samuel Gbonda ‎ 4701.Emmanuel Tucker ‎ 4702.Nathaniel Bland (priest) ‎ 4703.John William Forster ‎ 4704.George Robert Wynne ‎ 4705.Dionysius (Archdeacon of Aghadoe) 4706.Terry Scott (priest) ‎ 4707.Archdeacon of Armagh ‎ 4708.Charles King Irwin (father) ‎ 4709.Archdeacon of Aghadoe 4710.Robert Cashin (senior) ‎ 4711.Archdeacon of Limerick ‎ 4712.Robert Cashin (junior) 471.Thomas Bindon ‎ 4713.Charles Massy ‎ 4714.George Massy ‎ 4715.Edward Day (priest) ‎ 4716.Thomas Grace (priest) ‎ 4717.Coleraine by-election, 1862 ‎ 4718.Sir Hervey Bruce, 4th Baronet ‎ 4719.Sir Henry Hervey Aston Bruce, 1st Baronet 4720.Francis Rosslyn Courtenay Bruce ‎ 4721.Sir James Bruce, 2nd Baronet 4722.Francis Godolphin Henry Pelham, 7th Earl of Chichester ‎ 4723.Charles Colville, 2nd Viscount Colville of Culross ‎ 4724.Stuart Corbett ‎ 4725.Unwin Clarke 4726.Thomas Bevan (priest) ‎ 4727.Vincent Sowah Boi-Nai 4728.Daniel Torto 4729.James Johnston (priest ‎4730.Basil Ney 4731.Archdeacon for the Two Cities ‎ 4732.Robert Coogan (priest) 4733.Hubert Pink (priest) ‎ 4734.Fred Pickering (priest) ‎ 4735.Michael Lawson (archdeacon) ‎ 4736.John Hawkins (Archdeacon of Hampstead) 4737.Hubert Matthews 4738.Brook Deedes 4739.Bill Dudman 4740.Clifford Jarvis (priest) ‎4741.Lisle Marsden 4742.Nathaniel Railton 4743.Simon William Lucas, 3rd Baron Lucas of Chilworth ‎ 4744.Herbert Parry 4745.Roderick Wells 4746.David Scott (priest) 4747.Michael Roy Sinker 4748.Gavin Kirk (priest) 4749.Assheton Pownall (priest) 4750.Tim Stratford ‎ 4751.‎George Maddison (priest) ‎ 4752.‎Henry Bather ‎ 4753.‎Algernon Oldham 4754.‎Alfred Lilley 4755.Edwin Bartleet ‎ ‎ 4756.Henry Dixon (priest)‎ 4757.‎Edward William Whately ‎ 4758.‎John Gast (priest) 4759.Archdeacon of Glendalough 4760.Herbert Whately 4761.‎Hugh Bevan 4762.Sir William Paston, 1st Baronet 4763.Edward Herbert (priest) 4764.Robert Archibald Adderley 4765.John Pattison (priest) 4766.Abraham Isaac ‎ 4767.Thomas Moriarty ‎ 4768.John Godfrey Day ‎ 4769.Arthur Irwin (priest) 4770.Gilbert Holmes ‎ 4771.Amanda Elwes ‎ 4772.John Holliman (priest) 4773.Alan Dean (priest) ‎ 4774.Graham Roblin ‎ 4775.Tom Robinson (priest) 4776.Arthur Gilbertson 4777.Charles Peshall 4778.Charles Ingles ‎ 4779.Hugh Wood (priest) ‎ 4780.Stuart Harris (priest) 4781.John Berry (priest) 4782.John Cox-Edwards ‎ 4783.John Harbord ‎ 4784.John Cawston 4785.Raymond Richardson ‎ 4786.John Wilson (Chaplain of the Fleet) ‎ 4787.Michael Bucks ‎ 4788.Charles Stewart (minister) ‎ ( 4789.Neal Layton ‎ 4790.Peter Duplock 4791.John Lewis (Archdeacon of North-West Europe) ‎ ( 4792.Geoffrey Allen (priest) ‎ 4793.Paul Vrolijk ‎ 4794.Thomas Sleeman ‎ 4795.Dirk van Leeuwen ‎ 4796.John de Wit ‎ 4797.Eric McLellan 4798.Peter Sertin ‎ 4799.Brian Lea 4800.Martin Draper ‎ 4801.Anthony Wells (priest) 4802.Ken Letts 4803.Ian Naylor 4804.Peter Hawker (priest) 4805.John Williams (Archdeacon of Switzerland) ‎ 4806.Daniel Tatarsky ‎ 4807.Brian Halfpenny ‎ 4808.Robin Turner (priest) ‎ 4809.Ron Hesketh 4810.Thomas Quin 4811.David Ratcliff (priest) ‎ 4812.Gerald Brown (priest) 4813.Jonathan Lloyd (priest) ‎ 4814.Peter Potter 4815.John Livingstone (priest) ‎ 481.Brian Matthews (priest) ‎ 4816.Patrick Curran (priest) ‎ 4817.Stephen Skemp ‎ 4818.Geoffrey Evans (priest) ‎ 4819.George Westwell ‎ 4820.John Evans (Archdeacon of Italy) ‎ 4821.Douglas Wanstall ‎ 4822.George Church (priest) ‎ 4823.Ambrose Hardy ‎ 4824.Curates' Augmentation Fund ‎ 4825.Frederick Bailey (priest) 4826.Dorchester Missionary College ‎ 4827.Daniel Collyer 4828.John Sharp (priest) ‎ 4829.George Austin (priest) ‎ 4830.Richard Seed (priest) ‎ 4831.Ernest Philpott 4832.Arthur Cartwright ‎ 4833.Karen Lund ‎ 4834.Thomas Gybbon Monypenny 4835.Edward Barrett Curteis 4836.Rye by-election, 1847 4837.Herbert Barrett Curteis ‎ 4838.Dillon Ashe 4839.Reginald MacGilla Finin 4840.Brian John Harper 4841.Archdeacon of Clogher 4842.Tamás Kertész 4843.Fifield Allen 4844.Roger Altham ‎ 4845.John Sleech ‎ 4846.George Moore (priest) ‎ 4847.William Short (priest) ‎ 4848.William Phillpotts ‎ 4849.Raymond Ravenscroft ‎ 4850.Arnold Wood 4851.Peter Young (priest) ‎ 4852.Falmouth Grammar School 4853.Trevor McCabe 4854.Vyvyan Henry Donnithorne 4855.Bill Stuart-White 4856.Roger Acrode 4857.Joseph Sager ‎ 4858.Samuel Rolleston 4859.William Whitworth (priest) ‎ 4860.Liscombe Clarke 4861.Francis Lear (Dean of Salisbury) 4862.William Hony 4863.Venn Eyre ‎ 4864.William Jackson (Archdeacon of Carlisle) 4865.John Lynch (Archdeacon of Canterbury) ‎ 4866.Houstonne Radcliffe 4867.Désirée Stedman ‎ 4868.John Strutt Lauder ‎ 4869.Edgar Frank Salmon 4870.Jacob Anderson (priest) 4871.Frederick James Boyd 4872.Robert Elphinstone Park 4873.Daniel Thomas Parker ‎ 4874.Octave Fortin 4875.James Merrett 4876.Alfred Henchman Crowfoot ‎ 4877.Bruce Myers ‎ 4878Andrew Ross (minister) ‎ 4879.List of target seats in the United Kingdom general election, 2017 ‎ 4880.Ysgol Bro Pedr ‎ 4881.Jane Featherstone 4882.Katharine Poulton ‎ 4883.John Lewis (Dean of Ossory) ‎ 4884.Francis Molyneux Ommanney 4885.Mark Ireland (priest) 4886.Vanessa Herrick ‎ 4887.Charles James Stranks ‎ 4888.Percy Derry ‎ 4889.Edwin Price (priest) ‎ 4890.Frederick Wigan, 1st Baronet ‎ 4891.Robert Long (priest) ‎ 4892.Granville Gibson (archdeacon) ‎ 4893.Nick Barker (priest) ‎ 4894.William Frederick Geikie-Cobb ‎ 4895.William Brereton (priest) ‎ 4896.John Carver (Archdeacon of Surrey) ‎ 4897.Matthew Woodford ‎ 4898.Thomas de Grey, 5th Baron Walsingham ‎ 4899.George de Grey, 3rd Baron Walsingham ‎ 4900.Thomas de Grey, 4th Baron Walsingham 4901.Gilbert Heathcote (priest) ‎ 4902.Augustus Legge (priest) ‎ 4903.Dorothy Gurney 4904.Peter Rouch 4905.Adrian Harbidge ‎ 4906.Alan Clarkson ‎ 4907.Duncan Alwyn Macfarlane ‎ 4908.Bryan Burton Buckley, 2nd Baron Wrenbury 4909.Martin Gray (priest) 4910.John Ashe (priest) ‎ 4911.Ken Unwin ‎ 4912.Edward Henderson (Archdeacon of Pontefract) ‎ 4913.Henry Walsham How 4914.Richard Phipps 4915.Sir Thomas Brooke, 1st Baronet 4916.Ingham Brooke 4917.Peter Townley ‎ 4918.Sir John Ralph Milbanke Huskisson, 8th Baronet 4919.George John Robert Gordon 4920.Edmund Haviland-Burke (Christchurch MP) ‎ 4921.John Edward Walcott ‎ 4922.Dominic Tirrey 4923.Roger Skiddy ‎ 4924.Richard Dixon (bishop) ‎ 4925.Matthew Sheyn ‎ 4926.Isaac Mann ‎ 4927.Dive Downes ‎ 4928.William Smyth (bishop) ‎ 4929.John Lancaster (bishop) ‎ 4930.Kenneth Samuel Wilkinson 4931.Paul Gerard Mooney ‎ 4932.Christopher Long (priest) ‎ 4933.Archdeacon of Ferns ‎ 4934.Bob Gray (priest) ‎ 4935.Thomas Dene 4936.John Elgee ‎ 4937.Henry Scott Stopford ‎ 4938.James Jameson (priest) ‎ 4939.Thomas Henry Hatchell ‎ 4940.John Richard Hedges Becher ‎ 4941.Alexander Colles Nevill 4942.Joseph Thacker 4943.Crinus Irwin ‎ 4944.Kilmocar ‎ 4945.William Gorman (priest) 4946.Waller de Montmorency ‎ 4947.Johannes, O.Cist, Bishop of Leighlin 4948.Archdeacon of Leighlin 4949.Desmond Hilton Patton ‎ 4950.Henry Rider ‎ 4951.Nicholas Forster ‎Godfrey Walter Phillimore, 2nd Baron Phillimore 4952.Joseph Story (bishop) 4953.Robert Berkeley (priest) 4954.Brian Woodhams 4955.John Hales (priest) 4956.David Picken 4957.Len Tyler 4958.Edgar Stephenson ‎ 4959.Albert Gaskell 4960.Thomas Sale (priest) 4961.Steve Wilcockson 4962.Leslie Hodson 4963.Bernard Holdridge ‎ 4964.Desmond Carnelley ‎ 4965.Andy Broom 4966.Simon Gates ‎ 4967.Martin Gorick ‎ 4968.Hugh Buckingham 4969.Peter Harrison (priest) 4970.Robert Maxwell (priest) 4971.Bernard (Archdeacon of Down) 4972.Archdeacon of Down ‎ 4973.Robert Maxwell (bishop) 4974.John Devereux (bishop) ‎ 4975.Daniel Cavanagh (priest) ‎ 4976.Thomas O'Fihelly ‎ 4977.Robert Travers (bishop) ‎ 4978.Conn O'Cahan 4979.Art O'Gallagher ‎ 4980.Johannes Wübbe ‎ 4981.Denis Campbell 4982.Eugene Magennis ‎ 4983.Tiberio Ugolino 4984.Robert Blyth (bishop) ‎ 4985.Jonas Wheeler (bishop) 4986.Richard Deane (bishop) ‎ 4987.John Horsfall (bishop) ‎ 4988.John Tonory ‎ 4989.Christopher Gaffney (bishop) ‎ 4990.Beverley Mason 4991.Antony MacRow-Wood ‎ 4992.Douglas Dettmer ‎ 4993.Roger Preece (priest) ‎ 4994.Paul Ayers 4995.Clive Hogger 4996.Fletchamstead ‎ 4997.Mike McGurk ‎ 4998.Julie Conalty 4999.Mike Lodge 5000.Michael Harley ‎ 5001.Richard Brand ‎ 5002.Trevor Nash 5003.Geoffrey Finch ‎ 5004.Richard Rudgard 5005.Anthony Chute (priest) ‎ 5006.John Turner (Archdeacon of Basingstoke) ‎ 5007.Fitzhardinge Portman ‎ 5008.Edwin Arthur Salmon ‎ 5009.Frederick Brymer ‎ 5010.Walter Farrer 5011.Harold Bryant Salmon ‎ 5012.John Lance ‎ 5013.Walter Norman Higgins 5014.Ted Thomas (priest) ‎ 5015.Richard Acworth ‎ 5016.Fledborough ‎ 5017.Augustus Otway Fitzgerald 5018.John Wynne Jones 5019.John Jones (Archdeacon of Bangor) ‎ 5020.Llechylched ‎ 5021.Geograph Deutschland ‎ 5022.Charles Roach (priest) ‎ 5023.Ernest Alfred Newton ‎ 5024.South Scarle ‎ 5025.James Walter Courtes Lavers 5026.John James (Archdeacon of the Seychelles) ‎ 5027.Henry Dison Buswell ‎ 5028.Stephen Hobbs (priest) ‎ 5029.Edward Sargent (bishop) ‎ 5030.Darren Miller (priest) 5031.Adrian Youings 5032.Sue Groom 5033.Andy Jolley 5034.Pete Spiers 5035.Ivor Milsom Yerbury 5036.George Clarke (priest) 5037.Robert Holbertson ‎ 5038.Philip Henry Cecil Hilborne ‎ 5039.John Frere Pilgrim ‎ 5040.Joseph Gabriel Lake Hennis ‎ 5041.Henry Tregenza Jullion 5042.Walter Clarence Watson ‎ 5043.Frederic Caunt ‎ 5044.Eyre Hutson (Archdeacon) ‎ 5045.George Meade Gibbs ‎ 5046.William Thomas Webb ‎ 5047.Alexander Davis Mathews 5048.Vernon Ross 5049.Maxwell Gregory 5050.David Rosenthall (priest) ‎ 5051.Thomas Meredith (priest) 5052.Lee Townend ‎ 5053.John Farler ‎ 5054.John Jukes (cartoonist) ‎ 5055.William Carnegie (priest) ‎ 5056.David Hutt ‎ 5057.John Jennings (priest) ‎ 5058.Charles Furse (priest) ‎ 5059.Henry Johnson (priest) ‎ 5060.Wigan Grammar School 5061.Malta Protestant College 5063.Geograph Channel Islands 5064.Abbeystrewry ‎ 5065.Robin Edward Bantry White ‎ 5066.Leslie Stevenson 5067.Alan Synnott ‎ 5068.Ricky Rountree ‎ 5069.Robert Miller (priest) ‎ 5070.Giolla Domhnaill O'Foramain ‎ 5071.Archdeacon of Derry ‎ 5072.Barry Dodds ‎ 5073.Archdeacon of Belfast ‎ 5074.George Davison (priest) ‎ 5075.Stephen Forde ‎ 5076.Archdeacon of Connor ‎ 5077.Eustacius ‎ 5078.Wayne Carney ‎ 5079.Craig McCauley 5080.Maelisa Mac Gillco Erain ‎ 5081.Octavian De Spinellis ‎ 5082.Archdeacon of Kilmore ‎ 5083.Isaac Hanna 5084.Andrew Orr ‎ 5085.Henry Egerton (priest) ‎ 5086.James Falconer (priest) ‎ 5087.Edmund Outram ‎ 5088.Sugley ‎ 5088.Christopher Unwin ‎ 5090.Joseph Jefferson (priest) ‎ 5091.Rising Sun (Cloth Fair) City of London 5092.Henry Frederick Barnes-Lawrence ‎ 5093.Isle of Wight Observer 5094.Association for the Protection of Sea-Birds ‎ 5095.Percy Charles Hugh Wyndham ‎ 5096.Denis O'Miachain 5097.Archdeacon of Achonry 5098.Archdeacon of Killala 5099.John Bell (Bishop of Mayo) ‎ 5100.Eochagan ‎ 5101.Diocese of Slane ‎ 5102.Moel Finian 5103.Bishop of Kells 5104.Tuathal Ua Connachtaig ‎ 5105.Cormac O'Ruadrach ‎ 5106a.Bishop of Fore ‎ 5106b.Milo Mac Thady O'Connor 5107.Archdeacon of Clonmacnoise ‎ 5108.Anthony MacGeoghegan ‎ 5109.Alexander Alcock (Archdeacon of Kilmacduagh) 5110.William O'Grady ‎ 5111.William Roe (priest) ‎ 5112.Florence M'Anoglaigh ‎ 5113.Archdeacon of Kilmacduagh 5114.Meiler De Burgo ‎ 5115.Henry Varian Daly ‎ 5116.Archdeacon of Clonfert ‎ 5117.James Adams (Archdeacon of Kildare) ‎ 5118.Cornelius M'Gelany 5119.Archdeacon of Kildare 5120.Charles (Archdeacon of Kilfenora) ‎ 5121.Archdeacon of Kilfenora ‎ 512.Conaing O'Carrail ‎ 5122.Henry Line 5123.Donat O'Kennedy ‎ 5124.Archdeacon of Killaloe ‎ 5125.O'Mullod ‎ 5126.Gerald Le Marescal 5127.Robert Burkitt ‎ 5128.Ambrose Power 5129.Alexander Alcock (junior) 5130.Archdeacon of Waterford 5131.Thomas Corrigan (priest) ‎ 5132.Garrett Nugent ‎ 513.Helias (Archdeacon of Meath) 5133.Archdeacon of Meath 5134.Edward Brien 5135.John Thomson (soldier) 5136.John White Bell 5137.Robert Cleary (priest) ‎ 5138.John O'Connor (Archdeacon of Emly) ‎ 5139.Robert Bell (priest) ‎ 5140.Tomás MacCearbhaill ‎ 5141.Howard Gregory 5142.Joseph Magodaig 5143.Archdeacon of Ardagh ‎ 5144.Charles Le Poer Trench 5145.John Murray (Archdeacon of Dublin) 5146.Andrew Forster 5147.Stephen McWhirter 5148.John Wardall 5149.Richard Roche 5150.John Tapton 5151.Fouke Salisbury ‎ 5152.William Spridlington 5153.William Herring ‎ 5154.William Powell (priest) ‎ 5155.John Chevallier ‎ 5156.John Newcome (academic) 5157.John Smith (Cambridge, 1766) 5158.William Powell (academic) 5159.Abel Ward 5160.George Taylor (priest) 5161.George Travis ‎ 5162.Thomas Breithweite ‎ 5163.Isaac Wood ‎ 5164.Derby Mercury ‎ 5165.Edward Woolnough 5166.Richard Greenall ‎ 5167.Michael Bowering ‎ 5168.George Glover (priest) 5169..John Gooch (priest) 5170.Frank Chapman (priest) 5171.George Hodges (priest) ‎ 5172.William Farmiloe ‎ 5173.Thomas Browne (archdeacon) ‎ 5174.Charles Hooper (priest) 5175.Chris Long (priest) 5175.Archdeacon of Cashel, Waterford and Lismore ‎ 5177.GeorgeTownshend (archdeacon) ‎ 5178.Cecil Burrows 5189.Richard Shannon (priest) 5180.Ernest Murray 5181.Archdeacon of Killaloe, Kilfenora, Clonfert and Kilmacduagh ‎ 5182.Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross ‎ 5183.Thomas Cole (dean) ‎ 5184.John Baron (priest) 5185.Thomas Bullock (priest) 5186.Edward Townshend ‎ 5187.Philip Lloyd (priest) ‎ 5188.James Jackson (priest) ‎ 5189.John Crooks (priest) ‎ 5190.Cork Grammar School 5191.Ashton School 5192.Henry Lillee 5193.Cathedral 5194.Ragnall Ua Flainn Chua 5195.St Mary's Cathedral, Elphin 5196.FitzGerald (priest) ‎ 5197.Robert Shaw-Hamilton ‎ 5198.Le Poer M’Clintock 5199.Lockett Ford ‎ 5200.Waller Hobson 5201.John Stokes (Archdeacon of Armagh) ‎ 5202.James Agar (priest) ‎ 5203.John Martin (priest) 5204.Walter O'Neale 5205.Ormsby 5206.Thomas Connor (priest) 5207.John Shepherd (priest) ‎ 5208.James Williams (Archdeacon of Ardfert) ‎ 5209.John Enraght 5210.Alexander Seton (priest) 5211.Hamilton Townsend 5212.Dugort 5213.St. Crumnathy's Cathedral, Achonry 5214.George Heather 5215Gordon Walker (priest) 5216.Horace Cox 5217.Thomas Allen (Dean of Achonry) ‎ 5218.Gille Na Naomh M'Arthur O'Bruin 5219.Siadhail 5220.Diocese of Roscommon 5221.Denis O'Mulkyran ‎ 5222.Beaidh ‎ 5223.Amlave O'Beollain ‎ 5224.Murchadh O'Beollain 5225.Aengus O'Hoengusa 5226.Flann O'Bacain ‎ 5227.Jack Doidge ‎ 5228.Paddy Sinnamon ‎ 5229.Kenneth Naylor (priest) ‎ 5230.John Almond (Archdeacon of Montreal) ‎ 5231.John Paterson Smyth 5232.Albert Gower-Rees 5233.John Morris (Archdeacon of St Andrews) 5234.Benjamin Thorpe (priest) 5235.Robert Overing 5236.John Ker (priest) ‎ 5237.Richard Lonsdell ‎ 5238.James MacLean 5239.Thomas Evans (Dean of Montreal) ‎ 5240.William Johnston (minister) ‎ 5241.Andrew Doig (minister) ‎ 5242.Peter Brodie (minister) 5243.Spennymoor Grammar School 5244.Title (Christianity) 5245.Peter Pike (priest) ‎ 5246.Denis Hall (bishop) ‎ 5247.John Lloyd (Archdeacon of Montgomery) ‎ 5248.Ellis Griffith (priest) 5249.David Griscome 5250.Stuart McGee ‎ 5251.George Bolton (priest) 5252.James Wilson (Dean of Elphin and Ardagh) ‎ 5253.John Beresford (priest) ‎ 5254.John Ardill ‎ 5255.Cecil Wyndham Browne 5256.William French (priest) 5257.Lilly Butler ‎ 5258.Richard Murray (priest) 5259.Robert Hort ‎ 5260.John Oliver (priest) ‎ 5261.Chambre Corker 5262.George Dames Burtchaell 5263.Robert Beatty (Archdeacon of Ardagh) ‎ 5264.Fitzmaurice Hunt 5265.Augustus West (priest) ‎ 5266.Alexander Orme ‎ 5267.Frederic Potterton 5268.Thomas Reilly (priest) ‎ 5269.Arfon Williams 5270.Emyr Rowlands ‎ 5271.Andrew Jones (priest) 5272.Malcolm Squires ‎ 5273.Bradshaw, Calderdale 5274.Shirley Griffiths (priest) ‎ 5275.Bob Griffiths (priest) 5276.Henry Church Jones 5277.Brian James (priest) ‎ 5278.Randolph Thomas ‎ 5279.John Lomas (priest) ‎ 5280.Mordaf 5281.Cebur ‎ 5282.Thomas Bird (bishop) 5283.Michael Deacon (bishop) ‎ 5284.Dafydd ab Owain (bishop) ‎ 5285.Edmund Birkhead ‎ 5286.John Blodwell 5287.Llywelyn ap Madog ‎ 5288.David Blodwell 5289.Daniel Price (priest) ‎ 5290.George Bright (priest) ‎ 5291.Andrew Morris (priest) 5292.Thomas Banks (priest) ‎ 5293.Hugh Evans (priest) 5294.Maurice Blayne ‎ 5295.Richard Puskyn 5296.Aubrey Provost Reeder ‎ 5297.Ronald Earl Moon 5298.Harold Alfred Douglas Graham ‎ 5299.St Columb's Hall, Wangaratta ‎ 5300.Graham Howard Walden ‎ 5301.Robert George Porter 5302.Frederick Hulton-Sams ‎ 5303.Charles Arkell ‎ 5304.John Alfred Swan 5305.Charles Hulley ‎ 5306.Robert Henry Moore ‎ 5307.Wilfred Dau ‎ 5308.Edward Schweiger ‎ 5309.Frederic Morgan-Payler ‎ 5310.Francis Webber 5311.William Leigh (Dean of Hereford) 5312.George Gretton (priest) 5313.Edward Mellish (priest) ‎ 5314.John Burnett (priest) 5315.Irvine Scott 5316.Henry Botting Haynes ‎ 5317.George Bishop (priest) 5318.John MacCullagh ‎ Richard Blennerhassett 5319.Nigel Herring 5320.Wilfred Percival 5321.Denis Barrett ‎ 5322.Harold Ault 5323.Frederick John Ford ‎ 5324.Donald Haultain 5325.Douglas Spencer (priest) ‎ 5326.James Jermyn ‎ 5327.Bateman Paul 5328.Peter Keith ‎ 5329.Malcolm Welch 5330.Paul Kirkham (priest) ‎ 5331.Bert Jameson ‎ 5332.Oliver Kimberley 5333.Thomas Grace (Archdeacon of Marlborough) ‎ 5334.Bishopdale College 5335.Thomas Smith (Archdeacon of Māwhera) ‎ 5336.John Dart (Archdeacon of Waimea) ‎ 5337.Pratt Kempthorne 5338.Walter Benet ‎ 5339.Henry Ball (priest) ‎ 5340.William Beeley 5341.Francis Ashenhurst 5342.Sue Field ‎ 5343.Alfred Wright ‎ 5344.Richard Thorpe (priest) ‎ 5345.Francis Flack ‎ 5346.Hugh Edwardes 5347.Theodore Wirgman ‎ 5348.William Llewellyn (priest) 5349.Thomas Powell (Archdeacon of Port Elizabeth) ‎ 5350.Walter Bunyan ‎ 5351.John Trathen 5352.Francis Synge ‎ 5353.Wilfrid Wellington ‎ 5354.St Saviour's Cathedral, Pietermaritzburg 5355.Joseph Barker (priest) 5356.Ernest Burges 5357.Richard Masemola ‎ 5358.Thomas Usherwood 5359.Hugh Jones (Archdeacon of Essex) ‎ 5360.Carew St John Mildmay ‎ 5361.Gaspard-le-Marchant Carey 5362.Rick Simpson (priest) ‎ 5363.Hopkins Badnall 5364.Walter Matthew 5365.Richard Utaegbulam ‎ 5366.Samuel Nkemena ‎ 5367.Benjamin Nwoso ‎ 5368.Thomas Dennis (priest) ‎ 5369.Adolphus Howells ‎ 5370.George Cameron (priest) ‎ 5371.Harold Sharpe 5372.Francis Balfour (bishop) ‎ 5373.John Gorton (priest) ‎ 5374.Vincent Shortland ‎ 5375.Frank Nuttall (priest) 5376.Herbert Edmonds ‎ 5377.Walter Crichton ‎ 5378.George Smith (priest) ‎ 5379.Lionel Cox (priest) 5380.Kimber Den ‎ 5381.Tsae-seng Sing ‎ 5382.Henry Hyde (priest) ‎ 5383.Maurice Clarke (priest) ‎ 5384.Eccles Establishment 5385.Jack White (priest) 5386.Charles Drury (priest) ‎ 5387.Edward Vaughan (priest) 5388.John Mousley ‎ 5389.Joseph Robinson (priest) 5390.Harold Anson ‎ 5391.Weston Elwes 5392.James Browne (priest) ‎ 5393.Thomas Dealtry (son) 5394.Jeremy James (bishop) ‎ 5395.Kate Wilmot 5396.Tom Wilmot 5397.St John's College, Morpeth ‎ 5398.Gerald Beaumont ‎ 5399.David Murray (bishop) ‎ 5400.Brian Kyme ‎ 5401.St Aidan's Theological College, Ballarat 5402.Michael Challen ‎ 5403.Brian Macdonald (bishop) ‎ 5404.Robert Freeth 5405.Henry Herbert, 2nd Baron Herbert of Chirbury 5406.Walter Offley 5407.Thomas Allen (Dean of Chester) ‎ 5408.Thomas Brooke (priest) 5409.George Cotton (priest) ‎ 5410.Wyndham School, Egremont 5411.Cumnock Academy ‎ 5412.Hugh Cholmondeley (priest) 5413.Peter Vaughan (priest) ‎ 5414.Lionel Parry ‎ 5415.William Doherty (priest) 5416.Gaden MacKenzie 5417.Charles Lefroy ‎ 5418.James Brown (Archdeacon of Perth) ‎ 5419.Glyn Watkins ‎ 5420.Henry Thornhill ‎ 5421.Cuthbert Hudleston ‎ 5422.Charles Knox (priest) 5423.William Sturrock 5424.John Freind (priest) 5425.Arthur Jacob (priest) 5426.Charles Congreve 5427.Richard Randall Hartford 5428.John Ernest Leonard Oulton 5429.Henry Jenney ‎ 5430.Henry Jenney (son) ‎ 5430.William Hamilton (priest) ‎ 5431.Andrew Hamilton (priest) 5432.Michael Heweton ‎ 5433.Cloghran (Castleknock) 5434.John Travers (priest) ‎ 5435.Edmund Arwaker 5436.William Smith (archdeacon) ‎ 5437.Thomas Vesey (priest) 5438.William Fullarton (priest) ‎ 5439.Luke Ussher 5440.Christopher Ussher ‎ 5441.Gerald Renaldi 5442.Cormac Roth 5443.James White (Archdeacon of Armagh) ‎ 5444.Thomas Waryn 5445.Christopher Dowdall ‎ 5446.John White (archdeacon) ‎ 5447.Richard Rowe (priest) ‎ 5448.William Somerville (priest) ‎ 5449.Roger Stedman ‎ 5450.William Pieroun 5451.Richard Moore (Archdeacon of Armagh) 5452.Maurice Sweetman 5453.Nicholas de Mellipont 5454.Bertram (Archdeacon of Armagh) ‎ 5455.Laurence (Archdeacon of Armagh) 5456.Benjamin Barrington 5457.Anthony Cope (Dean of Armagh) 5458.James Downhame 5459.Henry Rennison ‎ 5460.Thomas McEndoo ‎ 5461.Peter Wentworth (priest) ‎ 5462.James Frey (Dean of Armagh) ‎ 5463.George Makeston ‎ 5464.Edmund Nachamayl 5465.Donald Macrivayr 5466.Peter O’Mulmoy ‎ 5467.Owen Wood 5468.Tirlagh O'Donnell 5469.Roland Jorz 5470.Michael Mac Lochlainn 5471.Thomas Nachamayl ‎ 5472.Charles O'Niellan 5473.Denis O'Cullean 5474.Thomas O'Luceran 5475.John O'Goband ‎ 5476.Maurice O'Corry 5477.Odo Mecdanim ‎ 5478.Patrick O'Kerry ‎ 5479.Christopher O’Fearghila ‎ 5480.David O’Hiraghty 5481.Henry de Ardagh ‎ 5482.Dionysius (Dean of Armagh) 5483.Brice (Dean of Armagh) ‎ 5484.Joseph (Dean of Armagh) ‎ 5485.Richard (Dean of Armagh) ‎ 5486.Mauritius (Dean of Armagh) ‎ 5487.Thomas Lockwood (priest) ‎ 5488.Robert Paynswick ‎ 5489.Richard de St. Martin ‎ 5490.Richard Gardiner (priest) 5491.Adam de Kingston ‎ 5492.William de Bromley ‎ 5493.John Prene 5494.Nicholas Hill (priest) 5495.Philip Norris (priest) 5496.John Alleyne (priest) ‎ 5497.Thomas de Chaddesworth 5498.Geoffrey Fyche 5499.George Ley (priest) 5500.Charles Fairfax (priest) ‎ 5501.John Cranston (priest) ‎ 5502.John Jackson (Archdeacon of Clogher) ‎ 5503.John Maxwell (priest) 5504.Joseph Williams (priest) ‎ 5505.Richard Daniel (priest) 5506.William Gore (priest) ‎ 5507.William Langton (priest) ‎ 5508.John Copping ‎ 5509.Pascal Ducasse 5510.Thomas Sawbridge 5511.Thomas Ram (junior) 5512.Walter Turner (priest) 5513.William Campyon 5514.Anthony Columba McFeely 5515.George Webb (bishop) 5516.Francis Gough 5517.Bernard Adams ‎ 5518.Robert Draper (bishop) 5519.Thomas Moigne (bishop) 5520.Peter Killikelly 5521.Cornelius O'Dea 5522.Turlough O'Brien (bishop) 5523.Redmond O'Gallagher 5524.Richard Barrett (bishop) ‎ 5525.Raymond D'Mello 5526.Nicholas Stafford ‎ 5527.Henry Sutton (priest) 5528.Michael Wandesford 5529.George Andrews (bishop) 5530.Thomas Ram 5520.Robert Grave ‎ 5531.Conach O'Shiel ‎ 5532.Thomas Chester (bishop) 5533.John Lynch (bishop) 5534.Hugh O'Carolan 5535.William Miagh 5536.Daniel Neylan ‎ 5537.William Golborne ‎ 5538.Alexander Craike 5539.Thomas Leverous ‎ 5540.Edward Bassenet ‎ 5541.Benjamin Culme 5542.John Worth (priest) ‎ 5543.Michael Jephson ‎ 5544.Jerome Ryves ‎ 5545.Gabriel Maturin 5546.Francis Corbet 5547.James Verschoyle 5548.John Keatinge ‎ 5549.Henry Pakenham 5550.Charles Roderick ‎ 5551.John Lambe (priest) ‎ 5552.William Jennings (priest) 5553.Griffith Lewis 5554.Knightley Chetwood John Bell (priest) 5555.Daniel Newcombe 5556.Charles Lancelot Shadwell 5557.Lancelot Ridley Phelps 5558.Henry Sampson (provost) ‎ 5559.George Royse 5560.Henry Joliffe 5561.John Whiteheare 5562.William Snow (dean) ‎ 5563.Richard Thompson (priest) 5564.Simon Robson (priest) ‎ 5565.Cutts Barton ‎ 5566.Wilfred Kissack 5567.Frederick Quick 5568.Arthur Gwyther 5569.Vincent Armstrong 5570.Francis Elliott 5571.Walter Heard 5572.John Fothergill (priest) ‎ 5573.Thomas Farrar 5574.Charles Davidson (bishop) 5575.Nicholas Penny (priest) ‎ 5576.William Walmesley 5577.Jonathan Kimberley 5578.Matthew Smallwood 5579.James Curthroppe 5580.Samuel Freeman (priest) ‎ 5581.Gerard Carleton 5582.Francis Leycester 5583.Francis Lockier 5584.Wednesfield Grammar School 5585.John Berney ‎ 5586.William Yonge (priest) ‎ 5587.Robert Hankinson (priest) ‎ 5588.Augustus Hopper ‎ 5589.George Bower (priest) 5590.Anthony Hamilton (Archdeacon of Taunton) ‎ 5591.John Turner (Archdeacon of Taunton) 5592.James Phillott ‎ 5593.William Vyse (priest) ‎ 5594.William Vyse ‎ 5595.Charles Buckeridge (priest) ‎ 5596.Claude Thornton ‎ 5597.Arthur Watson (priest) 5598.Armstrong Hall ‎ 5599.Edwards Cust ‎ 5600.Carol Coslett ‎ 5601.William Stonehouse (priest) 5602.John Giles (priest) ‎ 5603.Watson Hand 5604.Leveson Venables-Vernon-Harcourt ‎ 5605.Robert Peirson (priest) ‎ 5606.William Lea (priest) 5607.William Walters (priest) 5608.Charles Long (priest) 5609.James Palmes ‎ 5610.Robert Markham (priest) ‎ 5611.Stephen Creyke 5612.Phineas Pett (priest) ‎ 5613.John Strachey (priest) ‎ 5614.Philip Jennings (priest) ‎ 5615.William Bouverie (priest) ‎ 5616.Ralph Blakelock (priest) 5617.William Pelham-Burn 5618.William Mylrea 5619.Daniel Mylrea ‎ 5620.Benjamin Philpot ‎ 5621.Joseph Moore (priest) 5622.Philip Jacob (priest) 5623.John Law (priest) ‎ 5624.Tetley Rowe 5625.Donald Tait ‎ 626.Lawrence Harland ‎ 5627.Derek Palmer (priest) ‎ 5628.Jean Burgess (priest) ‎ 5629.Robert Harris (priest) 5630.Henry Smyth (Master of Magdalene College) ‎ 5631.Degory Nicholls 5632.William Pollard (priest) ‎ 5633.Robert Evans (Dean of Bangor) 5634.Richard Carre 5635.Henry Honore ‎ 5636.George Fleury ‎ 5637.Kilgobinet ‎ 5638.Richard Hobson ‎ 5639.James Kennedy (priest) ‎ 5640.John Alcock (Archdeacon of Waterford) ‎ 5641.David Clarke (priest) 5642.Charles Wolfe (priest) ‎ 5643.Hugh Gray (priest) ‎ 5644.John Murray (Archdeacon of Cashel) ‎ 5645.David Woodworth ‎ 5646.Philip Knowles 5647.Gerald Field ‎ 5648.Francis Higgins (priest) ‎ 5649.William Williams (Archdeacon of Cashel) ‎ 5650.Samuel Adams (priest) ‎ 5651.Joseph Palmer (priest) ‎ 5652.John Jebb (Dean of Cashel) 5653.John Glandie 5654.Caesar Williamson 5655.Richard Howlett ‎ 5656.Barnabas Long ‎ 5657.John Burton (Archdeacon of Cleveland) ‎ 5658.James Fall (priest) ‎ 5659.Jaques Sterne ‎ 5660.John Richardson (Archdeacon of Cleveland) ‎ 5661.Robert Oliver (priest) ‎ 5662.Thomas Constable ‎ 5663.Moses Fowler ‎ 5664.Anthony Higgin ‎ 5665.John Wilson (Dean of Ripon) ‎ 5666.Thomas Dod ‎ 5667.John Neile ‎ 5668.Christopher Wyvill (priest) ‎ 5669.Heneage Dering 5670.Francis Wanley ‎ 5671.William Haighton Chappell ‎ 5672.John Norman Stopford ‎ 5673.Ernest Aldington Hunt ‎ 5674.Ernest Gardner Harker 5675.Alan Moultrie Mylne ‎ 5676.Edward Wood (priest) ‎ 5677.Samuel James Christelow 5678.James Hay Upcher ‎ 5679.Bill Colthurst ‎ 5680.Frederick Gowing ‎ 5681.Robert Dixon (priest) ‎ 5682.James Pulling ‎ (←Created page with 'John PullingD.D. (b Devon 6 December 1814 - 5683.James Porter (Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge) ‎ 5684.Edward Anthony Beck ‎ 5685.Henry Bond (Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge) 5686.Henry Latham 5687.Donald Henry Northcote ‎ 5688.Charles Smith (mathematician) ‎ 5689.James Pulling 5690.George Weekes ‎ 5691.William Savage (Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge) ‎ 5692.‎Thomas Holbech, D.D. 5693.John Breton (Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge) ‎ 5694.William Dillingham (Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge) ‎ 5695.George John Archdall ‎ 5696.Samuel George Phear 5697.Thomas Shirley Hele ‎ 5698.Henry Thirkill 5699.Edward Abbott (Master of Magdalene College) ‎ 5700.Gabriel Quadring ‎ 5701.Helen Horton ‎ 5702.Rhys Powell 5703.Roland Thomas 5704.Robert Lambert (Master of St John's College, Cambridge) ‎ 5705.William Craven (Master of St John's College, Cambridge) ‎ 5706.John Sandwith Boys Smith ‎ 5707.John Howorth ‎ 5708.Coldharbour, Surrey 5709.George Sandby ‎ 5710.Barton Wallop 5711.John Jones (Dean of Bangor) ‎ 5712.Peter Maurice (Dean of Bangor) ‎ 5713.Hughe Hughes ‎ 5714.Arthur Brown (bishop) ‎ 5715.Douglas Blackwell (bishop) ‎ 5716.James Taylor Pryce ‎ 5717.George Elliott (bishop) ‎ 5718.Michael Bedford-Jones ‎ 5719.Harry James Dawson 5720.Joachim Fricker 5721.Patricia Drummond 5722.Wadlyn Snelgrove 5723.Obadiah Samuel Newnham ‎ 5724.Peter Wall (priest) ‎ 5725.George Warren (priest) ‎ 5726.John Cheyne Davidson ‎ 5727.William George Osborne Thompson ‎ 5728.George Fred Scovil 5729.Gilbert Farquhar Davidson ‎ 5730.George Augustus Forneret 5731.Nigel Shaw (bishop) ‎ 5732.Jenny Andison ‎ 5733.Riscylla Shaw ‎ 5734.Kevin Robertson (bishop) 5735.Frederick Homer Wase 5736.Archibald Cameron MacIntosh ‎ 5737.Robert Blagrave ‎ 5738.Edward Rigby (priest) 5739.Harold Robert Bagnall 5740.John Gamble Geddes ‎ 5741.William Ernest Jackson ‎ 5742.Harold Dawe Cleverdon 5743.Herbert Reginald Howden ‎ 5744.Frederick George Ongley 5745.Robert Keith McKean ‎ 5746.Robert Percival Walker ‎ 5747.Walter Joseph Gilling ‎ 5748.Charles Edward Riley ‎ 5749.William McMurray (priest) 5750.Stewart Houston (priest) ‎ 5751.Buxton Smith (priest) 5752.Cahirnarry 5753.Frederick Falkiner Goold ‎ 5754.Wyndham Goold ‎ 5755.Joseph Verschoyle ‎ 5756.John Gore (priest) ‎ 5757.James Hutchinson (Archdeacon of Achonry) ‎ 5758.Sir Francis Hutchinson, 1st Baronet ‎ 5759.Theophilus Landey 5760.William Colvin (priest) ‎ 5761.Daniel Croly ‎ 5762.William Jackson (Dean of Killala) ‎ 5763.William Jackson (Archdeacon of Killala) ‎ 5764.William Leahy (priest) ‎ 5765.John King (Archdeacon of Killala) 5766.Thomas Kingsbury 5767.George Trulock ‎ 5768.Thomas Carter (Dean of Tuam) ‎ 5769.Robert Plunket ‎ 5770.Francis Burke (Dean of Elphin) ‎ 5771.William Warburton (Dean of Elphin) ‎ 5772.John French (Dean of Elphin) ‎ 5773.Francis Browne (priest) ‎ 5774.Francis Hall (priest) ‎ 5775.Richard Vincent (priest) ‎ 5776.Robert King (priest) ‎ 5777.Arthur Johnston (priest) ‎ 5778.Henry Rooke (priest) ‎ 5779.Henry Galbraith ‎ 5780.Lewis Henry Streane ‎ 5781.Charles Strong (priest) ‎ 5782.Cadwallader Wolseley ‎ 5783.Thomas Smyth (archdeacon) ‎ 5784.Thomas Smyth (priest) ‎ 5785.Philip Ryan (priest) ‎ 5786.John Ryland (priest) ‎ 5787.Latham Warren ‎ 5788.John Eeles ‎ 5789.Hugh Bolton (priest) ‎ 5790.Cutts Harman ‎ 5791.Trevor Lester ‎ 5792.Maria Jannson ‎ 5793.Richard Underwood ‎ 5794.Robert Parry (priest) ‎ 5795.William Crosse ‎ 5796.John Francis (priest) ‎ 5797.John Ryder (priest) ‎ 5798.John Scott (Dean of Lismore) ‎ 5799.Robert Daborne (priest) ‎ 5800.Edward Brouncker 5801.Thomas Wilson (Dean of Lismore) ‎ 5802.John Prendergast (priest) ‎ ( 5803.Gerald FitzJames FitzGerald ‎ 5804.Peter Lewis (priest) ‎ 5805.Bill Bowder ‎ 5806.William Beare ‎ 5807.Robert Naylor (priest) 5808.Maurice Jones (principal) ‎ 5809.George William Gent ‎ 5810.Henry Lockwood 5811.Richard Wilkes ‎ 5812.Richard Wyot 5813.Thomas Thompson 5814.John Sickling ‎ 5815.William Taylor 5816.Edmund Barwell ‎ 5817.Chidley Coote ‎ 5818.Charles Coote (dean) ‎ 5819.William White (priest) ‎ 5820.Jonathan Bruce ‎ 5821.Charles Coote (priest) ‎ 5822.Latham Coddington ‎ 5823.William Stacpoole 5824.Robert Humphreys (priest) ‎ 5825.Robert Humphreys (priest)) 5826.George Henry Rooke ‎ 5827.Thomas Browne 5828.John Molles ‎ 5829.Newchapel, County Tipperary ‎ 5830.Christopher Isaack ‎ 5831.Charles Agar (Archdeacon of Emly) ‎ 5832.Garrett Wall ‎ 5833.Thomas Ruthall (MP) ‎ 5834.George van Kooten ‎ 5835.Thomas Cosyn ‎ 5836.John Edyman ‎ 5837.Peter Nobys ‎ 5838.William Sowode ‎ 5839.Lawrence Moptyd ‎ 5840.Thomas Aldrich (academic) ‎ 5841.Thomas Jegon ‎ 5842.Samuel Walsall ‎ 5843.Robert Norgate ‎ 5844.William Colman ‎ 5845.Philip Douglas ‎ 5846.William Somersham ‎ 5847.Edmund Sheriffe ‎ 5848.Henry Costessey ‎ 5849.Rushworth College 5850.John Barly ‎ 5851.Edmund Stubb ‎ 5852.William Buckenham ‎ 5853.Thomas Attwood 5854.John Styrmin ‎ 5855.Richard Fisher Belward ‎ 5856.Wendy Callan ‎ 5857.William Colvin (priest) ‎ 5858.Neptune Blood (junior) ‎ 5859.Neptune Blood ‎ 5860.Nigel Dunne ‎ 5861.Sam Wright (priest) ‎ 5862.Paul Bogle (priest) ‎ 5863.John Caulfeild 5864.William Cradock (dean) 5865.Kildrumsherdan ‎ 5866.Joseph Story (priest) 5867.Wettenhall Sneyd 5868.Matthew Handcock ‎ 5869.Richard Wyot 5870.Thomas Charles Geldart ‎ 5871.Thomas Le Blanc 5872.Edward Simpson (Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge) 5873.George Bramston ‎ 5874.Robert Braunch ‎ 5875.Henry Wells (Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge) ‎ 5876.Hugh Drysdall ‎ 5877.Joseph Teate ‎ 5878.Gilbert Deane ‎ 5879.Henry Mainwaring (priest) ‎ 5880.Christopher Jenney ‎ John Hinton (priest) ‎ 5881.William Andrews (priest) ‎ 5882.Henry Candler ‎ 5883.William Cockburn (priest) ‎ 5884.Mayne, County Kilkenny ‎ 5885.Henry Palmer (priest) ‎ 5886.Paul Helsham ‎ 5887.Richard Balderston ‎ 5888.Thomas Green (master) ‎ 5889.Reginald Bainbrigge ‎ 5890.James Johnson (Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge) ‎ 5891.Bardsey Fisher ‎ 5892.Joseph Craven (Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge) ‎ 5893.John Frankland (Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge) 5894.William Elliston ‎ 5895.Christopher Wordsworth (liturgiologist) ‎ 5896.John Davie (Master of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge) ‎ 5897.Wesley Daly ‎ 5898.Nicholas Hewetson ‎ 5899.Edward Synge (priest) ‎ 5900.Sir Samuel Synge-Hutchinson, 3rd Baronet ‎ 5901.Edward Price (priest) ‎ 5902.Edmond Knox ‎ 5903.Lynford Caryl ‎ 5904.Henry Morgan (Master of Jesus) ‎ 5905.Arthur Gray (Master of Jesus) ‎ 5906.Edmund Hownde ‎ 5907.John Hills (master) ‎ 5908.Edward Hubbard (master) ‎ 5909.Kenrick Prescot ‎ 5910.Lowther Yates ‎ 5911.Arthur M'Gynd ‎ 5912.Donald O'Morrey ‎ 5913.Henry Sharpe (priest) ‎ 5914.George Wright (priest) ‎ 5915.Francis Reddington ‎ 5916.Roger Waring ‎ 5917.Andreas (bishop of Dromore) ‎ 5918.John Scott (Archdeacon of Dromore) ‎ 5919.William Neill (priest) ‎ 5920.Edward Dupré Atkinson ‎ 5921.Jonathan Harding ‎ 5922.Donald Portway ‎ 5923.Samita Sen ‎ 5924.Edwin Ernest Rich ‎ 5925.William Stack (priest) 5926.Nicholas Averie ‎ 5927.Daniel Lysacht ‎ 5928.John Ducey (priest) ‎ 5929.John (Bishop of Ardfert) ‎ 5930.Thomas Parsons (priest) ‎ 5931.Edward Morgan (Archdeacon of Ardfert) ‎ 5932.Richard Leslie ‎ 5933.Perkins Crofton ‎ 5934.Edward Sampson (priest) ‎ 5935.Zachary Ormsby ‎ 5936.Thomas Hynde ‎ 5937.Ezechiel Webbe ‎ 5938.Maurice Crosbie ‎ 5939.Arthur Preston (priest) ‎ 5940.Dixie Blundell ‎ 5941.Robert King (Dean of Kildare) ‎ 5942.Thomas Page (King's) ‎ 5943.John Coplestone ‎ 5944.John Sumner (vice-chancellor) ‎ 5945.Humphrey Sumner 5946.Richard Okes ‎ 5947.Walter Durnford ‎ 5948.James Moorcraft ‎ 5949.George Lewis (priest) 5950.William Smyth (priest) 5951.James Smyth (priest) ‎ 5952.Charles Stone (priest) ‎ 5953.Thomas de Lacy ‎ 5954.Roland Swynbourne ‎ 5955.William Smith (Master of Clare College, Cambridge) ‎ 5956.Robert Wilson (Dean of Ferns) ‎ 5957.Anthony Proctor ‎ 5958.John Watson (Dean of Ferns) ‎ 5959.John Creighton (priest) ‎ 5960.Benjamin Phipps ‎ 5961.Thomas Cox (priest) ‎ 5962.William Lee (priest) ‎ 5963.John Torrens 5964.Samuel Blythe ‎ 5965.William Grigg (Master of Clare College, Cambridge) ‎ 5966.Peter Godard ‎ 5967.John Torkington ‎ 5968.William Webb (Master of Clare College, Cambridge) ‎ 5969.Edward Atkinson (Master of Clare College, Cambridge) ‎ 5970.William Mollison (Master of Clare College, Cambridge) ‎ 5971.Alexander Spicer ‎ 5972.Jasper Pheasant 5973.Giles Eyre (priest) ‎ 5974.Charles Talbot Blayney, 8th Baron Blayney ‎ 5975.James Allen (Dean of Killaloe) 5976.Joseph Frederick Robbins ‎ 5977.Henry Gillespie ‎ 5978.John Murray (Dean of Killaloe) ‎ 5979.Allen Morgan (priest) ‎ 5980.Thomas Gough (priest) ‎ 5981.John Hume (priest) ‎ 5982.Samuel Rastall ‎ 5983.John Head (priest) ‎ 5984.Thomas Larke ‎ 5985.Walter Huke ‎ 5986.John Wright (Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge) ‎ 5987.Edward Shouldham 5988.William Dalling ‎ 5989.Simon Thornham ‎ 5990.George Howse ‎ 5991.Stewart Blacker (priest) ‎ 5992.Pierce Meade 5993.James Saurin (archdeacon) ‎ 5994.Henry Stewart (priest) 5995.Cornthwaite Hector ‎ 5996.Thomas Leche ‎ 5997.Charles Weston (priest) ‎ 5998.Richard Brickenden ‎ 5999.Thomas Henchman ‎ 6000.Seth Ward (priest) ‎ 6001.Robert Woodward (priest) ‎ 6002.Cornelius Yate ‎ 6003.Samuel Smith (priest) ‎ 6004.John Massey (priest) ‎ 6005.Joseph Hunt (Balliol College) ‎ 6006.William Burley (Dean of Clonmacnoise) ‎ 6007.Arthur Ware (priest) ‎ 6008.There Is a Green Hill Far Away ‎ 6009.John Kerdiffe ‎ 6010.Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge ‎ 6011.Sir John Frederick, 4th Baronet ‎ 6012.Stephen Handcock ‎ 6013.Henry Cottingham ‎ 6014.John Owen (Dean of Clonmacnoise) ‎ 6015.Richard Butler (Dean of Clonmacnoise) ‎ 6016.John Brownlow (Dean of Clonmacnoise) ‎ 6017.Francis Swift ‎ 6018.Richard Dowse (Dean of Clonmacnoise) ‎ 6019.Graham Craig ‎ 6020.Arthur Champagne ‎ 6021.John Crampton (priest) ‎ 6022.Thomas Thompson (priest) ‎ 6023.Thomas Vesey-Dawson ‎ 6024.John Brocas ‎ 6025.Peter Maturin ‎ 6026.Theophilus Brocas ‎ 6027.William Barker (Dean of Raphoe) ‎ 6028.Anthony Thompson (priest) ‎ 6029.Thomas Buttolph ‎ 6030.John Charles Horobin ‎ 6031.Mary Miller Allan ‎ 6032.Alan George Bamford ‎ 6033.Geoff Ward (academic) ‎ 6034.William Henry Marling ‎ 6035.Gordon Wakefield ‎ 6036.Jamie Walker (minister) 6037.Peter Fisher (priest) ‎ 6038.Herbert Raison ‎ 6039.Arthur Gribble ‎ 6040.Lawrence Edwin Pollard ‎ 6041.Hugh Anthony Arthur ‎ 6042.Milton Inniss ‎ 6043.John Wellwood (priest) 6044.Killymard ‎ 6045.Alexander Cunningham (priest) ‎ 6046.John Albright ‎ 6047.Dintoe Letloenyane ‎ 6048.Matthew Whinn ‎ 6049.James Tabor (Registrary) ‎ 6050.Thomas Smith (Registrary) ‎ 6051.Matthew Stokys ‎ 6052.John Mere ‎ 6053.Robert Hobys ‎ 6054.Francis George Howard ‎ 6055.William Sutherland Thatcher ‎ 6056.William Washington Williams ‎ 6057.Annie Austin ‎ 6058.Marianne Bernard ‎ 6059.Edith Helen Major ‎ 6060.Kathleen Teresa Blake Butler ‎ 6061.Stephen White (priest) ‎ 6062.John Hay (priest) ‎ 6063.Thomas Bruce (priest) ‎ 6064.James Hamilton (Archdeacon of Raphoe) ‎ 6065.Michael Bell Cox ‎ 6066.Edward Bowen (priest) ‎ 6067.Richard Allott ‎ 6068.Frederick Hamilton (Archdeacon of Raphoe) ‎ 6069.Charles Leslie (priest) ‎ 6070.John Alcock (Archdeacon of Raphoe) 6071.James Montgomery (Archdeacon of Raphoe) ‎ 6072.Inishmot ‎ 6073.Stackallan ‎ 6074.Siddan ‎ 6075.Thomas Browne (Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge) ‎ 6076.Nathaniel Coga ‎ 6077.Edward Lany ‎ 6078.Philip Hawkins (MP) ‎ 6079.Freasley ‎ 6080.William Sheldon Hadley ‎