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Rouleau Records was founded in Marin County California in the late 1970s when a group of girls led by Heidi Knopp wrote a song about female orgasms titled "I'm There." The song was produced by Alex Call and his band in Wetnurse Studios and the label was formed by Boom Boom Heaux of Wetnurse. Rouleau was mainly a production company recording many local acts including Heidi and the Pets, Wetnurse, Mud from Marz, Marcelo Pradas, Marz Midnightango, Barbara Snow and the Downtown Band, Big Frank Hawkins, Pat Maffei, Danny Montana and Ewi Bebe. Producers included Alex Call, Huey Lewis, John O'Hara, Jimmy Jacobs and John Kahn. Rouleau Records released one 45rpm single, "Toots and Hot Tubs" b-side "Bar Wars" by Wetnurse and one EP, "Rouleau Sampler" with two songs by Heidi and the Pets, "Sorry and Sad" and "Read Me My Rights," one song by Mud From Marz, with Marcelo Pradas and Boom Boom Heaux "You Never Brought Me Roses," and one song by Wetnurse, "Beautiful White Girl." Rouleau Records went dormant in 1984 and it was revived in the 1990's by Heidi Knopp and Boom Boom Heaux, recording five songs with Mark Springer producing and one more cut with Alex Call. A CD was released with previously released and unreleased material as well as the new songs titled " Call Me a Bitch Just Don't Call Me" by Heidi and the Pets.

 Editorial note: Rouleau Records is currently in the making of a new project, re-editing four unreleased  songs recorded back in 1982 by Mud From Marz with Boom Boom Haux and Marcelo Pradas. The idea is to present it only in vinyl, and to distribute it throug specialized “vinyl only” record stores.