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Active (some more than others)[edit]

Task # Task Status Brief Description Last Run
2 Remove {{Orphan}} from articles with more than two incoming links Approved Run against articles in the monthly subcategories of Category:Orphaned articles. Skip if no auto tag changes or contains "orphan" after changes. Full:Aug 15

Partial:Nov 2015

3 Remove {{Dead end}} from articles with at least one wikilink Approved Dead-end pages are defined as those that have "no internal links to other Wikipedia articles." Run against articles in Category:All dead-end pages. Skip if no auto tag changes or contains "dead end" after changes. November 2015
4 Change {{Unreferenced}} to {{Refimprove}} from articles with at least one reference Approved Run against articles in the monthly subcategories of Category:Articles lacking sources. November 2013
7 Remove {{Multiple issues}} Approved Remove Multiple issues template if has no parameters, convert it to the original template if it has only one parameter (e.g. this edit) November 2015
8 Change {{Unreferenced}} to {{BLP unsourced}} for articles in Category:Living people Approved Run against articles in the monthly subcategories of Category:Articles lacking sources and Category:Living people November 2015
9 Remove article categories from user pages per WP:USERNOCAT Approved On user pages, change any article categories from [[Category:Foo]] to [[:Category:Foo]] (e.g. this edit) Does not change any categories beginning with "Wikipedia" or "WikiProject". See Wikipedia:Database reports/Polluted categories. October 2015
13 Add parameter to {{Notability}} templates Approved For all articles with an infobox, add the appropriate parameter to {{Notability}}. For example, for articles with {{Infobox film}}, change {{Notability|date=October 2012}} to {{Notability|Films|date=October 2012}}. See more examples at User:BattyBot/Notability. September 2015
17 Fix {{Infobox company}} |num_employees= number format Approved Per WP:MOSNUM, replace full stop with comma (e.g. "7.000" → "7,000") November 2015
21 Update talk pages per Wikipedia:Talk page layout Approved If there are three or more WikiProject templates, add {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}. Perform any other talk page general fixes at the same time. See this edit for an example. See User:Magioladitis/WikiProjects for a list of rules and User:BattyBot/WikiProject groups for a list of groups to use. Full 2013, partial November 2015
23 Fix citation templates to add http:// to start of www URL when missing Approved Go through Category:Pages with URL errors and use AWB's general fixes to add http:// to the start of the URL when missing. November 2015
24 Remove invalid |author= parameters from citation templates Approved When Reflinks suggests citation templates to be added to articles, users sometimes save the suggestions without first removing/fixing incorrect |author= parameters, such as "Log in om een reactie te plaatsen." for YouTube. This bot removes/fixes those incorrect values (e.g. this edit) September 2015
25 Fix articles in Category:CS1 errors: dates Approved Find and replace incorrect date formats in citation templates (per MOS:DATEFORMAT) to remove Check date values in: |date= messages displayed to readers and/or remove articles from Category:CS1 errors: dates. User:BattyBot/CS1 errors-dates contains the AWB module used for this task. See Help:Citation Style 1 for more information, and Help talk:Citation Style 1 for discussion. November 2015
28 Fix incorrect wikilinks in citation templates Approved Fix incorrect wikilinks in the work/journal/magazine/newspaper/publisher parameters of citation templates. For example: [[Billboard]][[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]] (e.g. this diff) November 2015
29 Fix incorrect wikilinks in the |genre= parameter of music-related infoboxes Approved In the |genre= parameter of music-related infoboxes, fix incorrect wikilinks such as [[country]] to [[country music|country]] or [[metal]] to [[heavy metal music|metal]] (e.g. this edit). See User:BattyBot/Music genres for details. November 2015
30 Add |living=yes or |living=no to {{WikiProject Biography}} Approved For article talk pages in Category:Biography articles without living parameter, update {{WikiProject Biography}} for living people with |living=yes and dead people with |living=no. This would be determined as follows:
  • If the corresponding article contains [[Category:Living people]] or [[Category:Possibly living people]], add |living=yes (e.g. this edit)
  • If the talk page contains {{BLP}}, delete it and add add |living=yes (e.g. this edit)
  • If the corresponding article contains [[Category:#### deaths]], [[Category:####s deaths]], [[Category:### deaths]], [[Category:###s deaths]], [[Category:Year of death missing]], [[Category:Year of death uncertain]], [[Category:Year of death unknown]], [[Category:Date of death missing]], [[Category:Date of death unknown]], or [[Category:1?#(st|nd|rd|th)-century *]], add |living=no (e.g. this edit)
July 2015
31 Remove language icon templates from citation templates Approved Change |language={{se icon}} to |language=se so the value is displayed properly. See list at User:BattyBot/Language icon templates August 2015
32 Fix Category:Pages which use a template in place of a magic word Approved Uses WP:AWB/GF and find/replace rules November 2015
33 Remove article categories from pages in the Draft namespace Approved Expanded task 9 to pages in the Draft namespace October 2015
34 Add {{WikiProject Disambiguation}} to existing talk pages for all disambiguation pages Approved Per Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation#Templates, this bot would NOT create talk pages that have no discussion. February 2015
37 Categorize articles with video clips Approved Add to Category:Articles containing video clips to articles listed here August 2015
38 Fix wikilinks in {{Album ratings}} Approved Expands BattyBot 28 to also fix wikilinks in {{Album ratings}}, such as this edit. November 2015
39 Fix incorrect piped wikilinks Approved The pipe trick doesn't work in some places (such as within <ref> and <gallery> tags), which leaves code such as [[Subject (disambiguator)|]] visible to the readers. This bot would change these to [[Subject (disambiguator)|Subject]] so the intended wikilinks will be displayed properly. (e.g. this edit) September 2015
40 When adding {{WikiProject Disambiguation}} (task 34), also update |class=, |importance= and |auto= in other WikiProject templates Approved
  • If another WikiProject template has |class= stub, start, redirect, list, C, B, blank, etc., then change it to |class=dab.
  • If another WikiProject template has |importance= with any value other than NA, then remove the parameter.
  • If another WikiProject template has |auto= yes, stub, length, then remove the parameter.
February 2015
43 Remove maintenance templates from redirect pages Approved Remove stub templates and other maintenance templates (e.g. {{notability}}, {{unreferenced}}, {{refimprove}} from redirect pages.

Search database dump with Singleline checked and Ignore redirects unchecked for:

  • #REDIRECT\s*\[\[.+\]\].+{{[\w\d-]+stubs?}}
  • #REDIRECT\s*\[\[.+\]\].+\[\[Category\:[\w\s]+stubs\]\] (should be done manually)
  • #REDIRECT\s*\[\[.+\]\].+{{(?:notability|orphan|refimprove|unreferenced|unsourced)
September 2015
46 Fix citations to remove articles from Category:CS1 maint: Extra text Approved To remove articles from Category:CS1 maint: Extra text, this bot task will fix citations that have parameters that contain text that duplicates static text provided by the template. (e.g. this edit) November 2015
48 Fix |lastauthoramp= parameters in citation templates Approved To remove articles from Category:CS1 errors: invalid parameter value, this bot task will change the value of |lastauthoramp= from "1" or "&" to "y", and remove the parameter if the value is "n" or "no". October 2015

Future ideas[edit]

Task # Task Status Brief Description
?? Change {{unreferenced}} to {{unreferenced section}} if under section header Concept stage Avoid edits like this
?? Change {{refimprove}} to {{BLP sources}} Concept stage Run against articles in {{refimprove}} and Category:Living people
?? Change {{primary sources}} to {{BLP primary sources}} Concept stage Run against articles in {{primary sources}} and Category:Living people
?? Change {{cleanup}} to {{cleanup-film}} Concept stage Run against articles in {{cleanup}} and {{Infobox film}} and varieties
?? Remove |date=1970-01-01 from {{cite web}} Concept stage Added incorrectly from tools such as WP:REFLINKS
?? Fixed capitalization in section headers Concept stage e.g. "External Links" or "see also"
?? More safe deletions of {{Persondata}} Concept stage ONLY delete those templates where ALL of the {{Persondata}} values are found elsewhere in the article, such as an infobox, the lead, and/or categories. See User:BattyBot/Persondata for a custom module


Task # Task Status Brief Description
1 Merge supported templates into {{Multiple issues}} Approved
Run against articles that have {{Multiple issues}} and another supported template, such as {{no footnotes}}. However, the new format of {{Multiple issues}} makes it more challenging to create a list and skip when no changes are made. More thought needed...
5 Diffuse the very large category Category:American novels Approved
Change to the appropriate sub-category of Category:American novels by century by using other categories on the same article (e.g. For all articles in Category:1987 novels, Category:American novels will be changed to Category:20th-century American novels.)
6 Fix the links to the online version of Encyclopædia Iranica Approved
Replace with (e.g. this edit)
10 Change {{No footnotes}} to {{More footnotes}} if an article has at least one inline citation Approved Will only make automated edits if <ref> contains a citation template or an external link, or if the article contains {{sfn}}. Will make manual edits when <ref> tags contain a reference. - Needs manual review
11 Change {{Cleanup}} to {{Cleanup-university}} or {{Cleanup-school}}. Approved
For all articles with {{Infobox university}}, change {{Cleanup}} to {{Cleanup-university}}.

For all articles with {{Infobox school}}, change {{Cleanup}} to {{Cleanup-school}}.

12 Change {{Cleanup}} to {{Video game cleanup}}. Approved
For all articles with {{Infobox video game}}, change {{Cleanup}} to {{Video game cleanup}}.
14 Change {{Cleanup}} to {{Cleanup-book}}. Approved
For all articles with either {{Infobox book}} or {{Infobox book series}}, change {{Cleanup}} to {{Cleanup-book}}.
15 Fix {{PGATour player}} Approved
Replace, e.g., {{PGATour player|02/23/71}} with {{PGATour player|22371}}
16 Fix {{Handbook of Texas}} templates and URLs Approved
Fix |id= parameter per Wikipedia:Bot requests/Archive 52#Handbook of Texas Online
18 Create sockpuppet categories Withdrawn Copy the list of categories from WP:Database reports/Red-linked categories with incoming links into AWB. Filter the list to only keep those that contain "sockpuppets of". If the category does not exist, create it with the template "{{Sockpuppet category}}"
19 Fix {{multiple issues}} |expert=, |rewrite= and |update= Approved
For all articles with {{multiple issues}} convert:
  • |expert= to {{expert-subject|date=mmmmm yyyy}}
  • |rewrite= to {{cleanup-rewrite|date=mmmmm yyyy}}
  • |update= to {{update|date=mmmmm yyyy}}

While making edits to articles containing these parameters, convert all other old style parameters into templates within {{multiple issues}} as well.

20 Remove invalid parameters in {{CongLinks}} Approved
{{CongLinks}}, used in External links, has a |washpo= parameter, for Washington Post. The Washington Post has changed their website, and now the link generated by this parameter in broken if the parameter value contains an underscore. This bot task will remove the invalid parameter value.

Also doing for invalid |votesmart= parameters, as values with a letter no longer work.

22 Remove invalid citation parameters Approved
Recent changes to the citation templates now display deprecated parameters as errors for all to see. This request is to be able to programatically remove those parameters as needed, such as 300+ instances of |curly=y from {{cite news}}. (Suggestions welcome for additional parameters to be removed.)
26 Convert {{multiple issues}} parameters to templates Denied Convert all of the deprecated parameters in {{multiple issues}} into templates (e.g. this edit). This work would be done in order to implement a simplified (possibly Lua) version of {{multiple issues}}, and allow the AWB developers to streamline some of their code.
27 Fix links to Approved
For all the instances of urls referencing Neil Brown's site to be changed from .htm to .html. The URLs to be changed are of the form followed by a variable part and then .htm, e.g.
35 Replace link to Portal:People's Republic of China with Portal:China Approved
Change {{Portal|People's Republic of China}} → {{Portal|China}}, and remove any duplicates created by this process (e.g. {{Portal|People's Republic of China|China}} → {{Portal|China|China}} → {{Portal|China}})
36 Fix links to "Outline of Ascomycota - 2007" Approved
Fix links for "Outline of Ascomycota - 2007" from to (e.g. this edit)
41 Remove deprecated |format= from {{Infobox television}} Approved For each page in Category:Articles passing format parameter to Infobox television, remove the |format= parameter and perform any AWB general fixes
42 Replace links with {{ForaDeJogo}} and {{ForaDeJogo manager}} Approved
Change external links to to {{ForaDeJogo}} and {{ForaDeJogo manager}} (e.g. this edit), and do not change links inside citation templates.
44 Replace links with {{Soccerway}} Approved
Change external links to to {{Soccerway}}, and do not change links inside citation templates.
45 Replace links with {{Zerozero profile}} and {{Zerozero manager}} Approved
Change external links to to {{Zerozero profile}} and {{Zerozero manager}}, and do not change links inside citation templates.
47 Remove deprecated {{Persondata}} template ONLY when the only value is in the |NAME= parameter Approved
This bot request is to ONLY delete those templates where the ONLY value in {{Persondata}} is in the |NAME= parameter. This bot runs in mainspace and the Draft namespace. If there are values in any other parameter, it will not make any edits. Uses User:BattyBot/Blank Persondata as custom module.

General fixes[edit]

When BattyBot is running one of the tasks above, you may notice it makes additional changes. These changes are part of AutoWikiBrowser's general fixes. Clicking on the "general fixes" link in the edit summary will take you to the list of these fixes. If you're concerned about edits made to a particular article, please let me know and I'll be happy to work with you to improve the article. To discuss these fixes with the AWB developers, you can start a discussion at Wikipedia talk:AutoWikiBrowser.