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My expertise is in solid mechanics and its computational aspects.

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A. Cemal Eringen Acoustic theory Antiplane shear Arruda–Boyce model Asymptotic homogenization Bending Bending moment Bending of plates Birch–Murnaghan equation of state Bresler Pister yield criterion Brillouin and Langevin functions Cauchy elastic material Clausius–Duhem inequality Compact tension specimen Compatibility (mechanics) Contact mechanics Continuum mechanics Critical state soil mechanics Curvilinear coordinates Deformation (mechanics) Drucker stability Drucker–Prager yield criterion Equation of state Eringen Medal Eshelby's inclusion Euler–Bernoulli beam theory Euler–Lagrange equation Failure theory (material) Finite strain theory Flamant solution Flow plasticity theory Fracture mechanics Fracture toughness Föppl–von Kármán equations Gent (hyperelastic model) Gerard Maugin Hill yield criterion Hoek–Brown failure criterion Hooke's law Hosford yield criterion Hugoniot elastic limit Hugoniot equation Hyperelastic material Hypoelastic material JWL equation of state J integral Johnson–Holmquist damage model Kirchhoff–Love plate theory Love wave Macaulay's method Material failure theory Michell solution Mie–Gruneisen equation of state Mindlin–Reissner plate theory Mohr's circle Mooney–Rivlin solid Murnaghan equation of state Neo-Hookean solid Objective stress rates Orthotropic material Peridynamics Plasticity (physics) Plate theory Polynomial (hyperelastic model) Principle of material objectivity Rankine–Hugoniot conditions Rayleigh line (shock) Representative elementary volume Representative volume element Rock mass plasticity Sandwich theory Shock Hugoniot Size effect Size effect on structural strength Strain energy density function Strain energy release rate Stress concentration Stress intensity factor Stress measures Stress resultants T-criterion Temperature dependence of liquid viscosity Tensor derivative (continuum mechanics) Tensors in curvilinear coordinates Three point flexural test Time–temperature superposition Timoshenko beam theory Transverse isotropy Tsai–Wu failure criterion Vibrating plate Vibration of plates Viscoelasticity Viscoplasticity Willam-Warnke yield criterion William Prager Medal Williams-Landel-Ferry equation Williams–Landel–Ferry equation Work hardening Yeoh (hyperelastic model) Yield surface

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