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Quantum Algebra and Symmetry, Third Edition
Quantum Algebraic Topology, Quantum Field Theories
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Quantum Algebra and Symmetry, Third Edition[edit]

Quantum Algebraic Topology, Quantum Field Theories and Higher Dimensional Algebra[edit]

I.C.Baianu,Ph.D.,M.Inst.P,Editor (with listed contributors) Copyright©2010 by I.C. Baianu
Quantum Theories Fundamentals V15
Quantum mechanics
Schrödinger equation
Dirac equation
Klein-Gordon equation
Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations
Kaluza–Klein theory
Rigged Hilbert space
Quantum inverse scattering method
Quasi-Hopf algebra
Quasitriangular Hopf algebra
Ribbon Hopf algebra
Quasi-triangular Quasi-Hopf algebra
Grassmann algebra
Nuclear physics
Fourier transform
2D-FT NMRI and Spectroscopy
Strong interaction
Electroweak interaction
Quantum statistical mechanics
Quantum thermodynamics
Quantum Algebra
Quantum algebra
Lie algebra
Lie group
Special unitary groups
Hopf algebra
Quantum group
Affine quantum group
Affine Lie algebra
Quantum affine algebra
Operator algebra
Clifford algebra
Distribution Theory
Hilbert space
Von Neumann algebra
Kac-Moody algebra
Spectral theory
Group Representations and Symmetry
Representation theory
Representations of the symmetric group
Representations of a finite group
Representations of Lie groups
Representations of Lie algebras
Representations of the Poincaré group
Representation theory of the Lorentz group
Double group
Symmetry in Physics
Noether's Theorem
Goldstone theorem
Stone-von Neumann theorem
Peter-Weyl theorem
Invariance mechanics
Wigner's theorem
Wigner's classification
Quantum hydrodynamics
Quantum magnetodynamics
Nonabelian group
Quantum Field Theory, SUSY, and Quantum Algebraic Topology
Quantum electrodynamics
Quantum field theory
Scalar field theory
Quantum spacetime
Introduction to gauge theory
Quantum gauge theory
Yang-Mills theory
Formulation of Standard model
Topological quantum field theory
Quantum Chromodynamics
Quantum Geometry
Loop Quantum Gravity
Quantum Algebraic Topology
Noncommutative quantum field theory
Noncommutative standard model
Gauge theory
Noncommutative geometry
Quantum gravity
List of quantum field theories
Higher Dimensional Algebra
Algebraic Topology
Category Theory
Double Groupoid
Higher dimensional algebra
Higher category theory
Anabelian geometry
Noncommutative geometry
Algebraic Logic, Quantum Logics and Quantum Computers
Boolean logic
Quantum information
Quantum computer
Algebraic logic
Mathematical logic
Symbolic logic
Intuitionistic logic
Heyting arithmetic
Quantum Biographies
Niels Bohr
Max Planck
Louis de Broglie
The Lord Rutherford of Nelson
Albert Einstein
Erwin Schrödinger
John von Neumann
John van Vleck
Paul Dirac
Werner Heisenberg
Eugene Wigner
Alexandru Proca
Hideki Yukawa
Neville Mott
Philip Warren Anderson
Ronald Brown
George Karreman
Richard Feynman
Murray Gell-Mann
Stephen Weinberg
Ionel Solomon
Stefan Procopiu
Alberte Pullman