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Notable Algebraic Topologists v.2, p.229, Edited by Bci2
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Notable Algebraic Topologists v.2, p.229, Edited by Bci2[edit]

Algebraic Topology
Algebraic topology
Glossary of topology
Algebraic Topologists
Frank Adams
Michael Atiyah(Sir Michael Francis Atiyah, OM, FRS, FRSE)
Ronald Brown (mathematician)
Karol Borsuk
Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer
William Browder
Nicolas Bourbaki
Henri Cartan
Samuel Eilenberg
Peter Freyd
Mikhail Gromov
Alexander Grothendieck
Heinz Hopf
Michael J. Hopkins
Witold Hurewicz
Maxim Kontsevich
Otto Hermann Künneth
Saunders Mac Lane
J.P. May
John Coleman Moore
Sergei Petrovich Novikov
Daniel Quillen
Jean-Pierre Serre
Dennis Sullivan
René Thom
Hassler Whitney
J. H. C. Whitehead
Important Theorems in Algebraic Topology
Borsuk-Ulam theorem
Brouwer fixed point theorem
Cellular approximation theorem
Eilenberg–Zilber theorem
Hurewicz theorem
Kunneth theorem
Poincaré duality theorem
Universal coefficient theorem
Van Kampen's theorem
Whitehead's theorem
Important publications in algebraic topology
List of publications in mathematics#Algebraic topology
See also
Higher dimensional algebra
Higher category theory
Van Kampen's theorem
Lie groupoid
Lie algebroid
Grothendieck topology
Serre spectral sequence
Homotopy theory
Fundamental group
Fundamental groupoid
Homology theory
Homological algebra
Cohomology theory
Algebraic K-theory
Homotopy quantum field theory(HQFT)

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