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Wikiwisdom I've run across...

From RfA[edit]

User:Mark (aka Mark Ryan) (9/0); ends 23:07, 17 Mar 2004 (UTC)[edit]

Last night, during a 3-hour attack of a disgruntled user, Mark helped to revert mass graffiti posts. However, he could not help in blocking all the IPs being thrown at us. Mark cares deeply for the welfare of Wikipedia, and he should be given the kinds of powers to help fight vandalism. He should not be judged by his quanity (about 1000 lifetime edits, about 200 in 2004), but on his servitude (registered 8 Jan 2002) and character (never abusive, always caring). Kingturtle 23:07, 10 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I have spent some time considering whether I should accept this nomination. On one hand, it is very fashionable at the moment within Wikipedia to be promoted to administrator status, and it is very handy in quickly dealing with vandalism and performing the "chores" of wikipedia (like clearing out Votes for Deletion). On the other hand, in my opinion being an administrator places a very heavy burden of responsibility. Administrators become the brunt of all the misguided antagonism from disgruntled and problem users, and yet must always act with the utmost dignity and level-headedness. Whilst Kingturtle's words are quite kind, I do not believe that I would be a suitable Wikipedia administrator. I love Wikipedia; I've been coming back to it for so long now that it's almost in my blood. I have lost count of the times I have stayed up until 3am and 4am on university nights, watching for vandals. But I do not feel that I am worthy of adminship, or indeed ready for it. Plus, I have just returned to uni, so my time is more restricted than it was in the last few months. Wikipedia already has a great team of administrators who do their job with valour - I would add nothing good to this group. I would rather wait between 3 and 6 months before becoming an administrator. - Mark 13:38, 12 Mar 2004 (UTC)