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Creative Bioinformatics Consultants, LLC
Privately held
Industry Bioinformatics
Founded 2013
Headquarters Gainesville, FL USA

Creative Bioinformatics Consultants, LLC is a fee-for-service bioinformatics research outsourcing and consulting company headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, USA. Creative Bioinformatics specializes in user-directed, customized data analysis, interpretation, and manuscript preparation across the fields of genomics, functional genomics, proteomics, systems biology, computational chemistry, and customized software development. Their main customers are academic laboratories and startup-stage biotechnology companies.


Creative Bioinformatics Consultants is a registered limited liability company in the State of Florida, USA.[1] [2] The company was founded in 2014 by University of Cambridge computational genomics researcher Mark N. Ziats.[3] Creative Bioinformatic's mission statement is "to provide high-quality, user-specified bioinformatics expertise to academic laboratories, biotechnology companies, and other organizations that do not have the expertise or resources to perform the work 'in-house.'"[4]

Company Organization[edit]

Creative Bioinformatics operates as a contract research organization delivering customized software and data analysis for all types of biomedical research projects on a one-on-one basis with each client.[5] They have a network of bioinformatics experts globally, with whom the management team works with based on the specific needs of each individual project.[6]

Services Provided[edit]

Creative Bioinformatics Consultants is best know for their customized data analysis services in the genomics and proteomics spaces.[7] [8] [9] They also provide custom bioinformatics analysis in computational chemistry, machine learning, and image processing. Their website also lists pages for software and downloadable scripts, but they appear empty as of this writing.[10]

Bioinformatics Education[edit]

Through their own blog, and a series of guest blog posts,[11] Creative Bioinformatics provides educational material to guide non-computational biologists on how to easily perform their own bioinformatics data analysis. They also host monthly educational webinars to teach basic bioinformatics techniques.[12]

See Also[edit]

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