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bdesham in Paris in 2006.
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Hi there! My name is Benjamin ESHAM, but I go by bdesham here on Wikipedia. I am an administrator, although in the rare event that I use the associated powers it's just for maintenance work. Feel free to contact me for any Wikipedia-related questions, although honestly I'll probably just point you to the site's documentation :-)

Chat bubbles I'm bdesham128 on AIM and bdesham AT gmail DOT com on Google Talk (a.k.a. Jabber or XMPP).
E-mail You can e-mail me at bdesham AT gmail DOT com. I occasionally write things on my website.
Userboxes Visit /Userboxes to see my entire life summarized by a series of colorful boxes.
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Brag sheet[edit]

New article Articles I've started or contributed to heavily. There are probably others, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Adium, Alias (television), Armenian Dances (Part I), AWK programming language, B.Y.O.B. (song), Capriccio espagnol, Carly Patterson, DejaVu fonts, Epcot, footbag, Geneseo, New York, cellular respiration, Drum Corps International, genetic code, Jennifer Garner, mellophone, Moleskine, Odyssey of the Mind, pentaquark, Russian Christmas Music, Spaceship Earth (Disney), State University of New York at Geneseo, Taps, TI-89, Variations on a Korean Folk Song

Images Images: see commons:User:Bdesham/Images for my gallery.

Great quotes from Wikipedia articles[edit]

  • "These approximations [of pi] have so many digits that they are no longer of any practical use, except for testing new supercomputers." — Pi
  • "The reader may legitimately wonder if the author of the above joke gets invited to many parties." — Lightbulb joke
  • "...most of the campus contains a jumble of buildings with different architectural styles and all the charm and elegance of a typical run-down industrial park." — MIT
  • "Please remember that Wikipedia is offered for informational use only.... You are advised to contact your Commander-in-Chief for war-related decisions." — Wikipedia:WikiProject Ships
  • "Some have interpreted the parrot debate as a sixth level theological argument concerning the existence (or otherwise) of God. Others haven't." — Dead Parrot
  • "There need not be infinitely many monkeys; a single monkey who executes infinitely many keystrokes suffices." — Infinite monkey theorem
  • "Thanks. Yes I'm very lucky to have a number of very popular letters in my name." — Theresa knott
  • "Dildo, as you may know, has an unusual name." — Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • " is reasonable to assume someone is angry when they are hitting you." — Spanking
  • "Exa-annum, usually abbreviated as Ea, is a unit of time equal to 1018 years. It is an absurdly long unit of time." — Annum


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