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Ben Discoe[edit]

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I generally live on the Big Island of Hawaii in an area called Ahualoa, doing software and agricultural consulting, as well as farming vegetables, chickens, and tea. I am the benevolent dictator of a open-source software project and information resource, the [Virtual Terrain Project]. I also maintain many websites for local non-profits, hosted on my server at

In October 2010, i moved to Berkeley to work as a geospatial visualization software engineer in the field of LIDAR mobile mapping. As of October 2011, i was at Google in Mountain View on the self-driving car team (which has its own article: Google driverless car).

My old personal website (from the dawn of the web) is

I enjoy contributing minor corrections and additions to a large number of extremely diverse wikipedia subjects. I have created some articles:

I have made some contributions to Romanian wikipedia, but since i am not a native speaker, i tend to limit myself to minor corrections and adding links.

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