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40px This user is a member of the species Homo Sapiens.
Bose Einstein condensate.png This user has donated $300 to the AAAS.
This user currently lives in the Orion Arm of the Galaxy. Milky Way IR Spitzer.jpg
O2 > CO2 This user uses oxygen to obtain energy.
5-Humor This user has no problem with laughing at everything, regardless of what others think.
3-Self This user has an average amount of empathy, and thinks both of him/her self and of others.
Moon nearside LRO 5000 (reflectance).jpg This user has claimed the front-bottom-left side of the Moon as his personal country.
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WikiProject Physics.
Wavy.gif This user is a participant of WikiProject Relativity.
Physicslogo.gif This user edits the Physics Portal.


This is not a encyclopedia page. It is an extremely cool userpage.
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