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Hi, I'm a physicist and a lover of wikipedia. I generally make pretty trivial grammar, spelling, and anti-vandal edits, but hopefully I'll get to making some more serious contributions sometime soon.

Request: beastin@global

I have the user name beastin on MediaWiki (and now on WikiMedia) and the user name beastinwith on Wikipedia. I tried to unify my accounts on my own, but it doesn't seem that I can. Ideally I would like both my beastinwith account on Wikipedia and my beastin account on MediaWiki merged into a global account under the name beastin. Unfortunately, the name beastin was registered to someone else on Wikipedia in 2007. That person appears to have used the account only once (for what appears to have been an act of vandalism) in 2007, so I'm hoping to usurp the name. -- (talk) 04:26, 24 March 2015 (UTC)