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e-Mail / Contact[edit]

I no longer permit e-Mail. The privilege was abused by participants, identifying themselves as Wikipedia administrators. I have found that most of these individuals did not have that role, credentials or the academic qualification to hold such a role.


As you can see from my topics - my interests are largely historical: History during the initial Space race (1950 - 1975); scientific history - both developments and biographies of noted scientists; national and international scientific awards, college radio stations, western Illinois history, and railroads (largely the CB&Q "The Burlington Route" -- now part of BNSF railroad).


The FIRST pillar of Wikipedia states: Wikipedia is not the place to insert your own opinions, experiences, or arguments — all editors must follow our no original research policy and strive for accuracy.

This is weakest link or "crumbling" pillar of Wikipedia. After 3 or 4 WikiBots edited well researched and documented original entries in early 2006, it appears that this is a losing battle at Wikipedia. Between frustrated 'Spin Doctors', these automated bots -- that seem to have their own censorship -- and frustrated writers attempting to script "new versions of history" seem to be running throughout Wikipedia.


I have made contributions, edits, and content corrections (with references) to these Wiki subjects or topics:


I created these Wikipedia entires through experiential knowledge on the subject, research and external reference sources (e.g. published books, articles or verified web references). Many of these entires are historical in nature, while other subjects may be considered, by some, to be trivial in nature.


Wiki Projects that I am currently assisting:

I am constantly amazed by the number of Wikipedia editors / writing critics versus the number of actual writers, researchers, and contributors. This lopsided ratio IS the contributing factor of the chaos on Wikipedia. Critics and editors are routinely praised, BUT far fewer recognitions for writers. Sounds like Wikipedia has "Gone Hollywood. In addition, it has finally been revealed that corporations and organizations are paying full-time editors, under their "social media" departments to "sanitize" entries like press releases.

No further plans for additional entries, here on Wikipedia.

Wiki losing neutrality and reduced interest[edit]

This web article by Larry Sanger, one of the Wikipedia co-founders, Wikipedia credibility & management problems-- summarizes the current Wikipedia operational problems very well. Some respectable institutions have informed their students -- that they now discourage Wikipedia for sole source material. Before Wikipedia Mr. Sanger and Jimmy Wales worked on Nupedia --- Richard Matthew Stallman well known GNU founder created his early vision in GNUPedia. Richard Stallman's initial proposal Mr. Sanger is now focused on Citizendium.

You may see Jimmy "Jimbo" Donal Wales on the public relations / television circuit in Fall 2006. Make your own assessment and judgments from what you hear, read and see - that is what democracy is all about. Charlie Rose interview

Gel 2005 speech

December 2005 Wired article

Recent Midwest business interview with Jimmy Wales You Can Be Bold, Beautiful; Just Don’t Be Reckless Great points, maybe Wikipedia editors should actually read his statements.

I have significantly reduced my volunteer contribution time to Wikipedia - and do not intend to provide financial support. IMHO (2007) Wikipedia's governance and operational structure requires review. My limited time can be better spent with more rewarding projects and initatives. Wikipedia seemed like a nice idea, but it attracted too many "Spin Control" and historical revisionist editors. The ultimate insult was an administrator here on Wikipedia, but lacked academic or experiential qualifications. The medium may have been new -- but people have not changed..


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