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iss 4k tour 3D 6500 dolls

emplate:Infobox spacefligh

programm cost LHC,hubble,iss,

launch cost factoring in program cost

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saturn V


Ares V

falcon 9 as of 2011


iss excluding launch cost

Space economy article : iss:150 - fixed recurrent lhc : ? commercial launch market revenue : 6 sat market revenue : 200 space mrket rev : 300 apollo : 150 ? orion ? : few b ba330 : 15 mil , launch free dragon

new source for arm

economic nobel laureates by school

to do

history of nasa program costs, over one billion and other of interest (dcx and co)

walter williams picture, plus french translate

dcx, cost , dcy, vs venture star

add sat launcher cost from sat study (fr)

infobox rocket, developpment or program cost, cost per launch, cost per kg

same for iss and ressuply vehicules

launch market size 2013 : 6 billion commercial, sei tauri group , sat building 200