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The Bedford Portal

C. Bedford Crenshaw
Santa bedford.jpg
AKA: Bedford the Great, King Bedford I, General Bedford
Born (1972-03-01) March 1, 1972 (age 49)
OccupationCertified Genius/General Nuisance

He is a penguin. Born in the highlands of Louisville four decades ago. He is alone; there are no others like him. Always good, never evil. For decades he has battled the forces of stupidity, with reading his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his penguins, and with it his power. In the end there can be only one. He is Bedford, the Falklander.

Featured portals: Portal:Louisville, Portal:Kentucky, Portal:Indianapolis

Good articles: Basil W. Duke, Big Four Bridge, Thomas Hines, Indiana in the American Civil War, History of slavery in Indiana, Music of the American Civil War, Indianapolis in the American Civil War, Eisenhower National Historic Site, Old Jeffersonville Historic District, Clark State Forest, George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, Australia and the American Civil War, Kentucky Railway Museum, Fort Scott National Historic Site, Vic Aldridge, and My Old Kentucky Home State Park.

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." (Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting) -- Jonathan Swift

Your majesty, it gives me great pleasure to bestow these Imperial triple crown jewels upon Bedford for your contributions in the areas of WP:DYK, WP:GA, and WP:FC. Cirt (talk) 02:51, 15 February 2009 (UTC)
Coordinator of the
Military history Wikiproject,
October 2008 — March 2009

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Hi, well done. Its a lot of effort to create these articles and there are so many. A nice range of subjects centred on the subject of civil war. Well done. Victuallers (talk) 08:56, 20 August 2008 (UTC)


I have started the following pages:


Clark County

Jeff Township
Rest of Clark

Floyd County

State Parks:


Miscellaneous Indiana

  1. Beck's Mill
  2. Bell Ford Bridge
  3. Corydon Historic District
  4. Crawford-Gilpin House
  5. DeForest Skinner House
  6. Dr. Nelson Wilson House‎
  7. Friendship, Indiana
  8. Grand Lodge of Indiana‎
  9. Hardy Lake
  10. History of slavery in Indiana
  11. Huddleston Farmhouse
  12. Indiana's 9th congressional district
  13. Indiana in the American Civil War
  14. Indiana in the War of 1812
  15. Indiana Rangers
  16. Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures
  17. Interstate 65 in Indiana
  18. John Hay Center
  19. Kintner House Hotel
  20. Kintner-McGrain House
  21. Kintner-Withers House
  22. Lusk Home and Mill Site
  23. Madison Historic District
  24. Morgan-Monroe State Forest‎
  25. Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge
  26. Muscatatuck River
  27. New Harmony's Atheneum
  28. New Harmony Historic District
  29. Newburgh Raid
  30. Parke County Covered Bridges
  31. Paul Dresser Birthplace‎
  32. Potts Creek Rockshelter Archeological Site
  33. Pryor Brock Farmstead
  34. Rochester Downtown Historic District
  35. Salem Downtown Historic District
  36. Schofield House
  37. Scott County Home
  38. Scottish Rite Cathedral (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  39. Scottsburg Courthouse Square Historic District
  40. Scottsburg Depot
  41. Southern Indiana Railroad Freighthouse
  42. Stream Cliff Farm
  43. Swan's Landing Archeological Site
  44. Terminal Arcade‎
  45. Tippecanoe Twp. District No. 3 Schoolhouse and Cemetery
  46. Versailles School and Tyson Auditorium
  47. Vigo, Francis
  48. Yellowwood State Forest



  1. 32nd Indiana Monument
  2. American Civil War fortifications in Louisville
  3. Benjamin Anderson (soldier)
  4. Confederate Martyrs Monument in Jeffersontown
  5. Eleven Jones Cave
  6. Great Steamboat Race
  7. Historic Firehouses of Louisville
  8. History of the French in Louisville
  9. History of the Germans in Louisville
  10. History of the Irish in Louisville
  11. John B. Castleman Monument
  12. Tom Jurich
  13. Kentucky Irish American
  14. Little Loomhouse
  15. Louisville and Nashville Railroad Office Building
  16. Louisville Legion
  17. Louisville Metro Hall
  18. Louisville Stoneware
  19. Louisville Water Tower
  20. Lynn's Paradise Cafe
  21. Mann's Lick
  22. Masonic Widows and Orphans Home
  23. Nicola Marschall
  24. Mary Millicent Miller
  25. Mayor Andrew Broaddus
  26. Media of Louisville, Kentucky
  27. Naval Ordnance Station Louisville
  28. Old Bank of Louisville‎
  29. St. James-Belgravia Historic District
  30. St. Paul's German Evangelical Church
  31. Senning's Park
  32. Southern Bivouac
  33. Richard Taylor (colonel)
  34. Thorntons Inc.‎
  35. Union Monument in Louisville
  36. United States Marine Hospital of Louisville
  37. Von Allmen Dairy Farm House

War of Northern Aggression (KY)

  1. Battle of Dutton's Hill Monument
  2. Battle of Tebb's Bend Monument
  3. Ben Johnson House
  4. Beriah Magoffin Monument
  5. Bourbon County Confederate Monument
  6. James Carson Breckinridge
  7. Camp Beauregard Memorial in Water Valley
  8. Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park
  9. Captain Andrew Offutt Monument
  10. Civil War Museum (Bardstown)
  11. Colonel Robert A. Smith Monument
  12. Colored Soldiers Monument in Frankfort
  13. Confederate Mass Grave Monument in Somerset
  14. Confederate Memorial Fountain in Hopkinsville
  15. Confederate Memorial Gates in Mayfield
  16. Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman‎
  17. Confederate Memorial in Fulton‎
  18. Confederate Memorial in Mayfield
  19. Confederate Memorial in Nicholasville
  20. Confederate Monument at Crab Orchard
  21. Confederate Monument in Augusta
  22. Confederate Monument in Cynthiana
  23. Confederate Monument in Danville
  24. Confederate Monument in Georgetown
  25. Confederate Monument in Glasgow
  26. Confederate Monument in Harrodsburg
  27. Confederate Monument in Owensboro
  28. Confederate Monument in Owingsville
  29. Confederate Monument in Paducah
  30. Confederate Monument in Perryville‎
  31. Confederate Monument in Russellville
  32. Confederate Monument in Versailles
  33. Confederate Monument of Bardstown
  34. Confederate Monument of Bowling Green
  35. Confederate Monument of Morganfield
  36. Confederate Monument of Mt. Sterling
  37. Confederate Soldiers Martyrs Monument in Eminence
  38. Confederate Soldier Monument in Caldwell
  39. Confederate Soldier Monument in Lexington
  40. Confederate-Union Veterans' Monument in Morgantown
  41. Fort DeWolf
  42. Fort Duffield
  43. GAR Monument in Covington
  44. General Felix K. Zollicoffer Monument
  45. Hines, Thomas
  46. Hines House
  47. John C. Breckinridge Memorial
  48. John Hunt Morgan Memorial
  49. Ladies' Confederate Memorial
  50. Latham Confederate Monument
  51. Lexington in the American Civil War
  52. List of Civil War Monuments of Kentucky MPS
  53. Lloyd Tilghman House
  54. Lloyd Tilghman Memorial
  55. Martyrs Monument in Midway
  56. New Haven Battlefield Site
  57. Pewee Valley Confederate Cemetery‎
  58. Thompson and Powell Martyrs Monument
  59. Union Monument in Perryville‎
  60. Union Monument in Vanceburg
  61. Unknown Confederate Dead Monument in Perryville‎
  62. Unknown Confederate Soldier Monument in Horse Cave
  63. Veteran's Monument in Covington‎
  64. William F. Perry Monument
  65. William Forst House

Nelson County


  1. Abraham Lincoln Statue
  2. Bivouac of the Dead
  3. Bullitt's Lick
  4. Cherokee State Park (Kentucky)
  5. Cleveland House
  6. D. W. Griffith House
  7. Daniel Carter Beard Boyhood Home
  8. Doe Run Inn
  9. Downtown Greensburg Historic District (Kentucky)
  10. Frankfort and Cincinnati Railroad
  11. Ellsworth, George
  12. Grand Lodge of Kentucky
  13. Great Saltpetre Cave
  14. Hopkinsville Commercial Historic District
  15. Hopkinsville L & N Railroad Depot
  16. The Hunters of Kentucky‎
  17. Ice House on Little Muddy Creek
  18. Kentucky in the War of 1812
  19. Knob Creek Farm
  20. Licking Riverside Historic District
  21. List of Kentucky state parks
  22. Livermore Bridge
  23. Louisville and Nashville Railroad Station
  24. Masonic University‎
  25. Midway Historic District
  26. Mordecai Lincoln House
  27. Nancy Lincoln Inn
  28. Paducah Freight House
  29. Riverside Drive Historic District
  30. Rob Morris Home
  31. Rowan County War
  32. Royal Colonial Boundary of 1665
  33. Russellville Historic District
  34. Union County Courthouse
  35. Union Station (Owensboro)
  36. U.S. Route 31E in Kentucky
  37. Wickland (Shelbyville)
  38. Wooldridge Monuments
  39. Wooldridge-Rose House

War of Northern Aggression

  1. Alabama Confederate Soldiers Home
  2. Australia and the American Civil War
  3. Bahamas in the American Civil War
  4. Beefsteak Raid
  5. Cherokee in the American Civil War
  6. Christmas in the American Civil War
  7. Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial
  8. Ghosts of the American Civil War
  9. Idaho in the American Civil War‎
  10. Jim Limber‎
  11. Montana in the American Civil War‎
  12. Music of the American Civil War‎
  13. Nebraska in the American Civil War
  14. Nevada during the War of Secession
  15. Oklahoma in the American Civil War
  16. Persimmon regiment
  17. Prussia in the American Civil War
  18. Salt in the American Civil War
  19. Sex in the American Civil War‎
  20. St. Augustine in the American Civil War‎


And have been a huge influence on the following pages



Odds & Ends

and have these 200+ DYK contributions

Indiana DYKs

Kentucky DYKs

November 9, 2008


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2009 Wikipedia Resolutions

Wikipedia resolutions for 2009:

  • Have half of all Good articles relating to Louisville and the War of Northern Aggression.
  • Create articles for every NRHP in downtown Louisville and Bardstown.