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Some info about me
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Central Asia[edit]

Living in Central Asia is something that Americans and Europeans can't really imagine. There is a lack of information about this part of the world outside its bounds, and I, as a local native, would like to share any unique knowledge I have got.

Loving the music of 60s is great, isn't it?[edit]

I hope my dream to become a rock music specialist will come true. Whenever.

The Beatles are my first and biggest passion in music.

I didn't have any choice whether to listen to their music or not: my parents were both (and still both) Beatlemaniacs.

That is fanatism, for sure. I am not shy about that.

I don't have any favourite album.

I have several songs that I dislike: Yesterday, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da and Let It Be. The taste issues are not discussed.

Blogging and citizen journalism[edit]

I am proud to be one of the creators of the Kloop news website, virtual community and blogs platform. Besides creating an article about Kloop in Wikipedia, I have also written about myself, which was rated by Wikipedia administrators as a conflict of interests.

Formula One[edit]

I have been watching Formula One races since 1992.

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