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Huỳnh Thị Bảo Hòa[edit]


Huỳnh Thị Bảo Hòa was born in 1896 in Da Phuoc, a northern province in Vietnam and died in 1982.

She is a modern vietnamese artist and according to some researchers, she was one of the first woman to write novels in Quoc Ngu, which is a phonetic writing. She learned to read and write chinese characters thanks to teachers member of his family.

She is considered like the pioneer of the anti colonialist movement against French, call « Duy Tan ».

She was married with a commercial official named Vuong Kha Lam who had a lead with occidental studies which permit to Huynh Thi Bao Ho to be familiar with this modern world. In this way, she would have been the firts lady to do bycicle or apply science in everyday life.

In 1927 she created and became the president of an association dedicated to working women in Da Nang, lead to female science academy. She also worked as a journalist in collaboration with a magazine named Nam Phong in Hanoi.

His writtings had different forms from poems to novels or archeologic writtens.

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