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The user, Ben1moreland

Hi, I'm Ben Kian Moreland, better known as Ben Moreland IX.

Mostly what I do is undo bad edits, but most are ones where the user doesn't look up the information, but that probably wouldn't reach 1 merit.

I live in: England, UK, Earth, Milky Way, In this universe

I was born on: July 30, 1999

My favorite Wikis: What, I have to pick? Too many to choose! Probably Minecraft and Walking Dead

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?: Canada

I am: Native-British

I come from: Wales

Do I have a YouTube account?: Asked so many times by random people, yes I do, DiamondEggBoss - ITS ABOUT TIME 300!.

If you wanna check out more about me, visit my sandbox User:Ben1moreland/sandbox