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Welcome to my User page.
Ben Macdui's Inn.jpg

I prefer to edit articles about the wild and lonely places of North Britain and only rarely venture out to more civilised parts. Please note that 'Ben' is an honorific - my local friends call me 'MacDui'.

When visiting my part of the world please:

The local weather can be found here.

I am currently listening to Biffy Clyro.

Anyone wishing to offer a media opportunity should contact my agent, Am Fear Liath Mhor.

Suggestion for the Wiki-Stressed
Loch an Eilean castle - - 185698.jpg

"Come away, human child,

To the water and the wild,

With a faery hand-in-hand,

From a world more full of weeping

Than you can understand."

The ruins of Loch an Eilein Castle, Rothiemurchus. This user may be visible from here!

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