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This user is an overseas Chinese.
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43,300+ This user has made more than 43,300 contributions to Wikipedia.
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This user does not understand American English and doesn't bloody well want to.
AU-5 This user believes that Australian English is the only real English, and will likely respond to any use of The Queen's or American English with disgust.
This user Singlish quite tzai leh.
cmn 這個用戶的母語官話
lzh-1 此士少解文言
This user does not understand the International Phonetic Alphabet.
BS-0 This person does not understand Bullshit (or understands it with considerable difficulties or does not wish to communicate in Bullshit).
LE-0 This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.
Lipsum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
sar-5 This user is an expert at picking up on sarcasm, as well as making sarcastic remarks.
nws-5 This user newspeaks doubleplusgoodwise.
This user has full understanding of the Katakana or Hiragana.
한글 This user can read Hangul.
이 使用者는 簡單漢字의 理解가 可能합니다.
less & fewer This user understands the difference between less & fewer.
ə This user is a Grammar Nazi.
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This user supports the Australian Crown.
Free software logos This user is interested in free software.
Chinaimg.png 這個用戶是華人
This user is of Chinese ethnicity.
Yellow Emperor.jpg 這個用戶是炎黃子孫
This user is a descendant of Shennong and Huang Di.
龍-caoshu.svg 這個用戶是龍的傳人
This user is a Descendant of the Dragon.
TempleofHeaven-HallofPrayer.jpg 這個用戶以作中國人而自豪。
This user is proud to be Chinese.
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg 這用戶堅決地反對台獨藏獨,和疆獨
This user strongly opposes Taiwan, Tibet, or East Turkestan independence
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This user has a basic understanding of the Cyrillic script.
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This user is interested in the history of the Cold War.
TerracottaOfficer.jpg This user is interested in Chinese history.
Hanzi.svg 這個用戶認為漢字簡化是好是壞取決於漢字本身。
This user believes that whether simplification made a character more or less beautiful depends on the character.
China-outline.png 這用戶支持和平的中國統一
This user supports the peaceful reunification of China.
Zhong.gif 這用戶對中華文化感興趣。
This user is interested in Chinese culture.
vn-3 This user page has been vandalized 3 times.
This Wikipedian joined Wikipedia on May 9, 2005 (12 years, 2 months, 1 week and 4 days ago).
1337-5 7|-|15 u$3r 15 4813 +* ([]|\|7|218u73
\/\/17|-| 4 |*r0f35510|\|@1 13\/31 ()f 1337.
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Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user has absolute pitch.
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Terra.png Actually, the Internet is serious business.
lol wut Obvious statement is obvious.
PT This user knows that to defeat the Cyberdemon, he must shoot at it until it dies.
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▒┘ě This user hates mojibake.
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This user loves the Metal Gear Solid series.
This user can divide by zero.
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Pi ≈ 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 06647 09384 46095 50582 23172 53594 08128 48111 74502 84102 70193 85211 05559 64462 29489 54930 38196 44288 10975 66593 34461 28475 64823 37867 83165 27120 19091 45648 56692 34603 86104 54326 64821 33936 07260 24914 12737 24587 00660 63155 81748 81520 92096 28292 54091 71536 43678 92590 36001 13305 30548 82046 65213 84146 95194 15116 09...
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You mess with this user, and he'll/she'll
denature your protein.
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Do you?
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Help fight The Axe Gang I'm with 周星馳
Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
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his anime subbed.
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Public Security Section 9.
藤原とうふ店(自家用) This user delivers for Fujiwara Tofu Shop when not racing and drives a panda Toyota Trueno.
NHK This user believes in a nationwide conspiracy to form a militia of zombified hikikomori.
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This user can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me.
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This space is for rent.
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ZAP! No user serviceable parts inside.
Face-surprise.svg Just because I think everyone is trying to kill me doesn't mean they aren't. You know what I mean?
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THIS USER'S HEAD ASPLODE. Hazard E no border.svg
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Wikipedia 维基百科 | 維基百科

I support the Chinese language Wikipedia with my contributions.
BlackHole.jpg This user helps the Internet not suck since 2005.
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Not advance the bias of sources.
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Hello, I'm benlisquare, a Wikipedia contributor since 2005 from Australia. I am active on both the English and Chinese Wikipedia projects. Welcome to my page.

My contributions

Significant Articles created by me

Insignificant Articles created by me

Works in progress

  • In the process of promoting Touhou Project to GA status, and eventually, zh:東方Project to featured article status. Welp, looks like it ain't happening for now. Indefinitely postponed.

Articles to which I have contributed to in significant proportions

Awesome box things that I have achieved

Notable uploaded media

I took this photo during the Olympic Torch Relay in Canberra during 2008. "Australia is a white country", they said. 
World War II era photograph, featuring Chiang Kai-shek and his two sons. 
Snow blizzard in Hefei, Anhui Province, China during 2008. Of particular interest are the military vehicles parked on the roadside. 
Back when I was 13 years old: "I can run CFW, am I cool yet?" 
Qing China and Japan in 1844, by John Nicaragua Dower. Published in 1844 World Atlas by Henry Teesdale and Co., London. 
Photograph of the South China Sea taken aboard the International Space Station, showing Taiping Island and surrounding features. 
"Meido" by Sai. 
/jp/ Themesong 2. ゆっくりしていってね!!! 
Natalia Poklonskaya illustration by As109. 
Seoul, Korea, in 1949. 
The Empire State Building ahead of the 60th National Day of China, lit up in commie colours. 
PCH-1000 model PlayStation Vita in "Sapphire Blue" colour. 
A halal sign above a Muslim meat shop in Hankow, Hupei Province, Republic of China (1935). 
Yang Kyoungjong, a Korean soldier of the Wehrmacht who was captured by US personnel and photographed at Normandy in 1944. 
Imperial Japanese Navy Special Landing Forces in Shanghai during 1937. 
A meeting of Western Australia secessionists in 1933. 
WWII-era United States propaganda poster. 
Taiwan and Japan coast guard vessels during 2012. 

Hell yeah links section (Wikipedia related, of course)

Heavily unsourced but informative articles at their peak

The following is a list of old article revisions before they were shrunken, prior to the introduction of new policies and guidelines countering unverifiable content and original research. This section represents a glimpse of Wikipedia's old historical past, as it stood years before.

Additional Links and Contact

Additional Links

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