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Hello, I am Benedict. My main goal is remove un-biased content which seems to be a lot around here. My secondary goal is to improve the vast commpendium of knowledge stored here. I am descended mainly from Scotland and Ireland. I am a Catholic of the roman rite. I am very rarely on the Latin Vicipedia. For those of you that wonder about my medical knowledge, I was diagnosed with a Ewing's sarcoma and I had a Limb salvage so I know quite a bit about medicine.



Pages made entirely by me[edit]

  • Mass card
  • Gregorian mass
  • Limb salvage surgery This one I am very proud of, however I need to rewrite some of it and add some more photographs.
  • Beads of courage This one got erased because supposedly it did not meet the wiki standard. However I think it os a notalbe charitible organisation.

Pages that I have rewritten/edited[edit]

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