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I'm Space-Age Meat. (It's spelled "Space-Age Meat", but it's pronounced "Ben".) I live in Cadillac, Michigan, USA.

That's not very exciting, is it?

So I wrote some haiku about Cadillac (originally for my Wikivoyage account):

Cadillac is north.
Where snow falls nine months a year.
I am so chilly.

Here it's very white.
Bright white snow covers the ground.
Sunglasses needed.

Summer brings us golf.
We chase the white spheres on grass.
Better than snowballs.

Warmth departs quickly.
Leaves soon turn quite colorful.
Then snow flies once more.

(Because nothing says "exciting" quite like Japanese poetry.)

I spend most of my time here trying to make things better by repairing things done by people trying to make things worse. I always try to do the right thing, but sometimes I mess up. Sorry about that.