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In line with the Wikimedia Foundation's updated Terms of Use as of June 16, 2014, this is to disclose that I am paid for some of the articles I create and/or edit, in most cases by the subject of the article. Whether paid or not, I always aim to contribute positively to Wikipedia and to edit within Wikipedia's guidelines, with properly sourced, neutral, constructive edits. I hope my work is judged based on those standards. I will add a paid editing disclosure to the talk page or in the edit summary of any article I am paid to create or edit as of June 16, 2014. To the right is a chart listing such pages.

Client Article
Perforce Perforce Software
Zealot Networks Zealot Networks
Zealot Networks Danny Zappin
Ben's Garden Ben's Garden (moved to Draft:Ben's Garden)
French Pastry School French Pastry School
French Pastry School Sébastien Canonne
French Pastry School Jacquy Pfeiffer
Amira Nature Foods ‎ Amira Nature Foods
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Mel Elias (moved to Draft:Mel Elias)
Seph Lawless Seph Lawless
Candescent Films Lilly Hartley
Candescent Films Candescent Films
Frequency Frequency (company) (moved to Draft:Frequency (company))
Getac Getac
Demandware Demandware
Billy McFarland Billy McFarland (entrepreneur)
Roger Thomas Roger Thomas (designer) (moved to Draft:Roger Thomas (designer))
Apprenda Apprenda
Apprenda Platform as a service
Erik Wachtmeister Erik Wachtmeister
Fisker Inc. Henrik Fisker
Fisker Inc. Fisker Inc.
Fisker Inc. Benetti Fisker 50
Urban One Urban One
Urban One Interactive One
SportsBlog SportsBlog
Viki Razmig Hovaghimian
Andon Artists BT (musician)
Stingray Digital ‎ Stingray Digital
Stingray Digital ‎ Eric Boyko
mSecure mSecure
Jump Media Olivia Somerlyn
Caster Communications UniKey
Caster Communications Z-Wave
Greg Natale Greg Natale
The Bitter Truth The Bitter Truth
STX Entertainment STX Entertainment
Ian Reisner Ian Reisner
16 Handles 16 Handles (moved to Draft:16 Handles)
The AstroTwins ‎ The AstroTwins (moved to The AstroTwins (authors)) ‎
Dingo Productions ‎ Jennifer Skiff
Fuze Fuze (company)
Pairpoint Glass Pairpoint Glass
StanCraft Boat Company StanCraft Boat Company
Green Flash Brewing Company Green Flash Brewing Company
Darcy Sterling Darcy Sterling
Lourdes Duarte Lourdes Duarte
Derrick Gragg Derrick Gragg
Michael J. Kelly Michael J. Kelly (moved to Draft:Michael J. Kelly)
Drchrono Drchrono
Juice Press Juice Press
Juice Press Marcus Antebi
Paribus Paribus
Protege Partners Jeffrey Tarrant
Hollywood Records Forever in Your Mind
Hollywood Records Jordan Fisher
Hollywood Records New Hope Club
Cleret Cleret
John Blumenthal John Blumenthal
The League The League (app)
Ning Cai Ning Cai (magician) (moved to
Swish Beverages Swish Beverages
Stash Stash (company)
Joel Gamoran Joel Gamoran
Texas Dow Employees Credit Union Texas Dow Employees Credit Union
Dos Toros Taqueria Dos Toros Taqueria (now at Dos Toros Taqueria (restaurant chain))
Camp Gladiator Camp Gladiator
Legacy West Legacy West
Erik Feig Erik Feig
Viking Cruises Viking Cruises
Viking Cruises Torstein Hagen
DTV Shredder DTV Shredder (moved to Draft:DTV Shredder)
Barry Golson Barry Golson


As a personal project over time, I have been creating and revising pages related to the author Henry Miller:

Major revisions

I also have cleaned up pages of other authors and books I admire: